Acronis Backup and Recovery 11 Coupon Codes

Protecting your data 24-7 is easy now with the all new Acronis Backup and Recovery 11. But before you buy, see below for the latest Backup and Recovery 11 coupon codes and promotions. We update this page daily with our favorite deals so if you don’t see the perfect offer today, then be sure to come back to us for tomorrow. As soon as Acronis Backup and Recovery 12 is released later this year, we will also be bringing you the best coupons here at




Save up to $150 on Acronis Backup & Recovery 11. The discount depends on the version that you choose. Just be sure to use the proper coupon code listed below to activate your discount. This offer is set to expire at the end of the month.  Select one of these promo codes below:


  • Backup & Recovery 11 Advanced Server. Use coupon: 5OFFBR11AS
  • Backup & Recovery 11 Server for Windows. Use coupon: 5OFFBR11SW
  • Backup & Recovery 11 Advanced Server SBS Edition. Use coupon: 5OFFBR11SBS
  • Backup & Recovery 11 Advanced Workstation. Use coupon: 5OFFBR11AW
  • Backup & Recovery 11 Workstation. Use coupon: 5OFFBR11W\
  • Backup & Recovery 11 Server for Linux. Use coupon: 5OFFBR11SL
  • Backup & Recovery 11 Advanced Server Virtual Edition. Use coupon: 5OFFBR11VE


Save up to 40% on Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 upgrades. If you currently own an older qualifying version of Backup & Recovery, then can take advantage of the upgrade discount from Acronis. Be sure to have your existing serial/activation number as it will be required to show proof that you qualify. This is an ongoing promotion.


Download the free trial version of Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 at You will need to provide your contact info and email address to be able to access the download link for any of the trial versions. After the trial period, you the version will automatically expire unless you purchase the full license.



Our review of Acronis Backup and Recovery 11

If you worry about the external threats to your PC or a system malfunction and data loss, Acronis Backup and Recovery is a combination of tools that might give you a peace of mind. The software protects your computer from viruses and malware and backs up information. You can choose to have your files, music, video, or photos backed up locally with a use of Acronis True Image.

Let’s start with the antivirus. Acronis Internet Security is a simple way to block viruses, malware, phishing attacks, scan emails, etc. Just like all security products, this one too gives you the overall protection of your computer, immediately notifying you of any potential issues or actions required. There are four major sections related to online security: Security, Parental Control, File Vault, and Network. If the software indicates any issues i.e. parental control not active, click on the appropriate tab to make necessary adjustments. Depending on your level of expertise and familiarity with security issues, Acronis lets you choose between three different user interfaces: novice, intermediate, and expert. This is an excellent idea as anyone can find a right fit to what they need to see or not. The difference between the three versions is simply amount of information displayed on the main page when the Acronis Security is accessed. In expert mode this option can lead to immediate access to most features. The software lets you scan the computer anytime or set up automatic scans. If it finds a threat, it immediately alerts you and provides a one-click access to fix it. Assuming that an average user is not very computer savvy, this is a worry free option. For more advanced users, the software lets you investigate the source and type of the threat in more detail. The product can also be configured with the use of wizards. One such example is the initial set up where the wizard allows you to adjust settings based on how you use the computer most: as a typical user (browsing, multimedia), parent (kids use it too), gamer, or custom set up. I also like the fact that the security section has a vulnerability scan option. Acronis will look for weak points on your computer and make recommendations to make it less likely penetrated by malware. Some of the actions to increase security might be product updates or installation of the new drivers.

Acronis Backup will come handy if your computer crashes and restoration is needed. Once you launch Backup, you can immediately back up all your data, a step that is highly recommended. It doesn’t take long and you already have something to hang on to. You can then go to the main screen that gives you access to all the options and lists your backups. One of such options is Disk and Partition backup that sections piece of your hard drive specifically for saving the backups in case of a hardware failure. If you don’t even have time to think about running a back up or are working on a very important project, you can set up a nonstop backup and have all information secured at all times. There is an option to schedule periodic backups as well, and it’s up to you how often to do it. The software gives you total control in this regard. Another solution is to back up your data online. Depending on the software version you buy (regular or premium) you get either 5GB or 250GB of online storage. Just below the backup options you find a list of your backups (either system or nonstop). By clicking on Recover you can select a backup version you want to go to and restore your computer to the settings at that time. This software offers few more features such as startup recovery manager to recover data at boot time, drive cleanser (wipe out a drive or a partition), file shredder, secure zone to hold backups, or system clean up. There is one more feature worth mentioning, Try and Decide. Choosing this option activates virtualization and it’s very handy if you’re trying out new system options or installing new program. Everything you run in this virtual environment can be restored to a previous setting if you decide against installing it. If you are satisfied though, disable virtual mode and the changes will be permanent and fully operational.

Acronis Backup and Recovery also offers three additional features (for a fee) that were previously only available on corporate versions of its software. They are called Plus Pack and include: restore to dissimilar hardware, dynamic disk support, and Microsoft Windows Pre-instalation Environment Support (to make back up faster). All three components are supposed to make even the most difficult restore situation possible.
Acronis Backup and Recovery scored 3.5 out of 5, for a “Good” score from The biggest accolades were for the backup capabilities that are among the best on the market. The overall score is lowered by the security portion of this suite, especially somewhat unimpressive parental control and anti-spam. The backup portion was also selected as the best in the disk imaging software by TopTenReviews. That earned it 2012 Gold Award and the perfect 4 star score. Among the best features, ease of use and error-free backup.