Adobe CS5.5 Subscriptions – Coupon Codes, Review & FAQ

With most software solutions going to the “cloud”, Adobe CS5.5 Subscriptions are just to follow in this trend. Be sure to see  the Adobe Desktop Subscription FAQ page at for full details on this new offering.

The release of Adobe CS5.5 brings an interesting new set of purchase options on many of the popular Creative Suite products – The addition of new monthly and annual subscriptions.  Just like with your Norton or McAfee antivirus annual subscription, you now have the choice to just pay monthly to use any of the Adobe CS5.5 Suites or individual products (at a substantially lower price vs. the full versions).  So for example, if your working on a project for a client or are bringing in a temporary contractor, you can now “rent” Master Collection for just a few months and use it without limits on any projects.  When you no longer need the subscription, then simply cancel it at any time.

What are the benefits of Adobe CS5.5 subscriptions?

  • The most compelling reason is the upfront price.   The monthly subscription will run you around 5% to 7% of the full price and will let you cancel anytime. So if Master Collection CS5.5 is $2599 for the full version, the subscription will run you as low as $129 per month.  The Photoshop subscription runs for $35/month.  And might we add, this is for the authentic Adobe version – not a crack or keygen.
  • You never need to pay for an upgrade again. Because you’re subscribing to the latest version of Adobe’s software, anytime that there is update or upgrade you get it for free.  So when CS6 is released (expected in early 2012), you don’t need to worry about purchasing an upgrade.
  • CS5.5 subscriptions are the exact save versions as the full boxed versions.
  • CS Live is included as part of the subscription offering.

So which Adobe products are now offered as subscriptions?

For the CS5.5 release, these are the only products that are included as part of the subscription download offering:

How does the Adobe CS5.5 subscription signup and renewal work?

  1. Select you CS5.5 Subscription Edition on and signup for your desired subscription.  You will have a choice between a monthly or annual contract with the annual commitment being slightly cheaper than the monthly price.
  2. During the installation of your order, you will be asked to login with your Adobe ID and enter a subscription S/N to activate the order.
  3. Every 30 days (monthly), the Adobe software will automatically check the status of the subscription and bill your credit card on file for the next month.
  4. If your credit card has expired, you will get a notification to update the card on file.  You will have a 5 day grace period to upgrade the card.  If you do not upgrade it, you access to the subscription will turnoff.

Why might you want to hold off on buying Adobe CS5.5 subscriptions?

  • If you own CS3 or CS4, the upgrade pricing to CS5.5 is a better deal in the long run. The upgrade price is usually about 1/3 of the full price.  So just in just a few months the upgrade will pay for itself.
  • If you don’t need to always have newest edition of Adobe software (are a version skipper), then in the long run the onetime purchase is cheaper.
  • If you are a college, high school, or primary student and have a student ID, you may be eligible for Adobe’s academic student discounts. This can get you up to 80% off the full version price. See our full post on Adobe’s student discounts for offer details and qualifications.