Adobe CS6 Student Discounts & Eligibility Requirements

Adobe Student Discounts save you 80% off the retail price on CS6!


Adobe Student Software is sold exclusively in the here at the Education Store at This is by far the best deal on and quite honestly, it’s very easy to qualify for this deal.  As long as you’re a full or part-time student of ANY AGE, you can be eligible for the discounted pricing. This offer is also open to most professors, teachers, and educators (see site for full details). Qualification is pretty easy as all you need to do is to show your a photocopy of a valid, current school ID that includes your name, date, and a photo.  So in theory, you can run down to your local community college, sign up for a yoga class, get your student ID, and save $1,700 on Master Collection (not that we recommend using/beating the system).  Yes!  Don’t have a college, university, or high school ID?  Then see details on student eligibility.

Keep in mind, Adobe student software is the EXACT SAME software as the regular full editions. You don’t get anything less or a stripped down versions vs. the regular versions as you might expect at up to an 80% discount. Plus, once you graduate your software does not expire and once the future CS7 versions come out, you can upgrade at the discounted “upgrade” price. Downloading your CS6 order directly from will also cut the shipping and handling cost from your order.

So how much do you save with discounted Adobe student pricing?  The most is obviously on Master Collection CS6 at $1700 off the retail price.  But paying almost $900 for the suite is still a bit pricey.  Depending on your needs, usually one of the Design or Production Premium suites will suffice – Each priced at a cool $449.

Here is the latest discount chart and savings:


Product Retail Student Price Discount
Acrobat X Pro Student Discount $449 $119 $330
Acrobat X Pro Extended Student Discount $699 $229 $470
After Effects CS6 Student Discount $999 $349 $650
Contribute CS6 Student Discount $199 $99 $100
Design & Web Premium CS6 Student Discount $1,899 $449 $1,450
Design Standard CS6 Student Discount $1,299 $299 $1,000
Master Collection CS6 Student Discount $2,599 $899 $1,700
Production Premium CS6 Student Discount $1,699 $449 $1,250
Web Premium CS6 Student Discount N/A N/A N/A
Director 11.5 Student Discount $999 $299 $700
Dreamweaver CS6 Student Discount $399 $149 $250
Fireworks CS6 Student Discount $299 $99 $200
Flash Builder 4 Premium Student Discount $699 $349 $350
Flash Catalyst CS6 Student Discount $399 $149 $250
Flash Pro CS6 Student Discount $699 $179 $520
Font Folio Education Student Discount N/A $149 N/A
FrameMaker 10 Student Discount $999 $399 $600
Illustrator CS6 Student Discount $599 $199 $400
InDesign CS6 Student Discount $699 $199 $500
Photoshop CS6 Extended Student Discount $999 $199 $800
Photoshop Elements 10 Student Discount $100 $69 $31
Premiere Elements 10 Student Discount $100 $69 $31
Premiere Pro CS6 Student Discount $799 $349 $450


Discounted Adobe student pricing is also available in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), France (FR), Germany (DE), Spain (ES), Italy (IT), Norway (NO), Netherlands (NE), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (DK), and across other parts of Europe. See for full student pricing details.

Because Adobe student software CS6 is already so heavily discounted, you will be hard pressed to find any additional Adobe coupon codes or promos to use (these are almost nonexistent).  But either way, be sure to take a look at our coupon code page where we list all the latest offers from Adobe Systems. If you still can’t afford the Adobe students edition discounts, then consider downloading the free trials instead.  You can use these up to 30 days for free.

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