Adobe CS7 Release Date & Rumors – No CS7?!

Adobe Systems has just abounded that they will no longer be updating their Creative Suite line.  This means that there won’t be a CS7 release for any of their products. Instead, they have re-branded into “Adobe CC” (short for Adobe Creative Cloud) and all future updates will only come to those that are on their subscription plan.  No more perpetual licenses after CS6, so if you’re not a fan paying up to $50.00/month for your Adobe software, then we recommend that you get a copy of CS6 while it’s still available.


  • CS7 – Expected to be released in May 2013.  May 6, 2013: It’s official, Adobe will not be updating their CS line, now all products go into the “cloud” with a monthly subscription plan as your only option.
  • CS6 – This is the current version.  It become available in May 2012.
  • CS6 Beta – The Photoshop CS6 beta was posted in March 2012.
  • CS5.5 – The current version, released in April 2011.
  • CS5 – Released in April 2010 (18 months after CS4).
  • CS4 – Released in October 2008 (18 months after CS3).
  • CS3 – Released April 2007 (24 months after CS2).
  • CS1 – Released in October 2003.
  • CS2 – Released in April 2005 (18 months after CS).
  • CS1 – Released in October 2003.


With Adobe’s new release date cycle announced, we will continue to track rumors as they begin to appear for CC2, and post the latest new features as soon as we get them here on

With Adobe, it’s good to keep in mind that you can only upgrade to the latest version if your current copy in no more than two versions back (upgrades save up to 60% off the retail price!).  If you don’t have a qualifying upgradable version of Adobe Creative Suite CS6 software, then you should try to take advantage of Adobe’s discounted student pricing (tip: If you are not a student, signup for gym access or for a tennis class at your local community college and in most cases this should be enough). The Adobe student versions are the same exact versions as regular editions but discounted from 60% to 80% off the retail price.  So for example, Photoshop CS6 Extended is $199 for the student price vs. $999 for the full retail price.  Not a bad deal!

Our full list of deals can be found on our Adobe coupons page.  To learn more about Adobe’s release schedule, see this page about Photoshop’s history on Wikipedia.

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  1. I currently have CS3. Really thinking hard before upgrading to CS5.5 or waiting a year for CS6 to come out. I’d like to see more digital painting brushes and traditional art media implementations – much like corel painter. Looking forward to it.

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