Autotrader Promo Codes & Coupons for 2013

autotrader coupon codesWinter is a perfect time to get a new car and some good deals. But forget taking a loss when trading-in at your dealer; we have some of the best Autotrader promo codes and coupons of the season to help you sell your car!


Get 16% off on any Autotrader with this instant discount code. This code is automatically applied to your order when you follow the discount link.  However, if it doesn’t work for any reason, try entering “CJ16” in the promotional code box in the last step in the order checkout process. Just keep in mind that this offer is not open on any Autotrader Classics ads. This discount will expire on October 30, 2013.


Get 20% off on any of the Autotrader VIP Listings when you use coupon code SAVE20 at order checkout. VIP listings let you take the pain out of selling your car. The package includes special VIP consultants to help you sell your car, as well as premium listings, spotlight ads, Run ’til It Sells, and more. Regular price of VIP Standard is $159 (now $128), VIP Enhanced is normally $259 (now $207), and VIP Deluxe is $359 (now $388). Offer expires October 29, 2013.


No Risk! Get Run ’til It Sells & a Money Back Guarantee at on all Deluxe listings. So if your car does not sell within the 90 day period, you’ll can request for a full refund of the price you paid to post your ad.  Just keep in mind that you will need to send in this official Money-Back Guarantee Refund Request form within 3 weeks of your eligibility date to be able to receive the refund.  This offer expires at the end of the month.


Get 15% off at with promo code:  E15.  This offer works on any of the packages – Just enter the code into the coupon box at the time you complete your listing. Autotrader Classics is the perfect place when listing anything from a 1957 Chevy Bel Air to a vintage Mercedes SL230. The expiration date of this offer is unknown.


See the special AutoTrader discount offers and promotions available exclusively for your city. Some discounts tend to vary depending on the city you live in so be sure to see the “sell your car” section on AutoTrader and enter your ZIP code to see all the selling options in your area. Here they list any available coupons or deals, and all the selling available packages – including Trade In and VIP service is select cities.


Remember that certain Autotrader coupon codes are automatically applied to your order when you follow our available deals links or by purchasing directly from their special offers page.  This means that you are not required to enter any additional codes into the “coupon code” box at order checkout.  So don’t get caught up at this point as you’ll get the lowest listed price shown automatically.

When browsing through the available discounts, including those you’ll find on our YouTube channel, the Standard listing package maybe tempting to buy because it only costs $25.99, but take a look at the “list it until it sells” option. In this economy where it takes a lot longer to sell a vehicle unless you’re pricing it below the market price, this may be a good option (especially if your car is not very popular or your looking to start high). The Deluxe option lets you “Run ‘til it sells” for only $69.99.   The Deluxe listing also provides you with premium listing spots, room to upload up to 18 photos, and thumbnail photo capabilities.

Autotrader also has a new (and free) trade-in marketplace program available is select cities in the US. The way this program works is that you enter the details of your car into the online form and Autotrader automatically spits out a quote for your car. If the quote is about how much you were expecting for your car, simply take it to the authorized dealer near you and if it passes inspection, you get a check for your car.  Although the dealer will usually low-ball in their quotes, for those that don’t want to hassle will selling to a private party, it may be a good option.  Because this is a free service, this is a good starting point to see what the minimum your car is worth before listing it.

Where else can you find Autotrader coupon codes and promotions?  Whenever we come across additional promotions for, we will list them here on  To find these other auto trader promo codes, we recommend that you take a moment to search our site using the above search box.  Here you will be able to see if we have posted other related coupons.   Often these deals are exclusive, meaning that you cannot combine them is a single offer so be sure to choose your offer wisely. You can also visit for other coupons or test your luck and post your car for sale for free on Craigslist (which is a 100% free service to list your car, motorcycle, RV or any of the other junk you’re looking to get rid of).

If you own a classic car, AutoTrader also a special website exclusively dedicated to vintage cars called AutoTrader Classics (also found under the brand if you reside in the United Kingdom).  We’ve done a few searches here on some of our favorite cars and we are still not quite sure if this is the best place to find a good deal classic car.  Most of these that we came across, for example the Mercedes-Benz 280SL models from 1968 to 1971, were well into the $30k to $60k price ranges. On the other had, many similar cars are selling on eBay already in the low $20k range. So as a seller, you many have more luck selling your vintage car quickly on eBay Motors where you don’t need a coupon code vs. trying your luck on AutoTrader.

Some of these offers may expire early or not have a specified expiration date listed, so please let us know if any coupons on this page have expired or are no longer valid.