Autotrader Coupon Code 2012

Selling your old car doesn’t have to be difficult. has made it easy with their specialized listings and new VIP service options. But whichever package you choose, we now have the latest 2012 Autotrader promo codes to help you save up to 20% off on your order. See below for our best deals this week!


Get 16% off your ad instantly when this instant coupon. As one of the best coupon codes that we’ve seen this season from Autotrader, this deal will save 16% instantly on any ad that you choose. If you happen to not get the discount automatically with our link, just enter CJ16 are checkout. Just act fast as this promotion only lasts through October 31, 2012.


Save 20% on any VIP listing when you use coupon SAVE20.  You need to enter this coupon to your order near the end of the checkout process.  You will be able to choose from three different VIP listing options depending on the level of service you need.  Although it’s more expensive than the regular packages, it’s by far the easiest way to sell your car quickly without the hassle and can make you more than trading it in at the dealer.


See all the special offers available in your city.  Autotrader often has local promo codes and discounts depending on the city that you live in. Just enter your zip code into the box and you will see the specials that are available this week near your home. Be sure to also see the available Money Back Guarantee.


One of the most common questions we get from folks looking to use an Autotrader promo code is “where do you enter it to apply the discount?”  Well, unlike most other online stores that have the coupon code box right at the first step of the order checkout process, Autotrader strangely puts it near the end after you enter all the info about your car.

So here you go, first you choose the listing that you want to go with.  You have the option of choosing Standard, Enhanced, Deluxe, and VIP Service. Quite honestly, unless you don’t have time to answer the phone yourself or take any photos (an option that the VIP service goes for you), we like the Deluxe listing the best. We know it’s a little bit more than the other two options, but it’s the only one that will list your car for as long as you need to sell it and will give you your money back if it eventually doesn’t. In this economy where selling a car takes longer than usual, this is almost a risk-free option.

Then in the next step you will need to enter all the info about your car, including the mileage, VIN number (optional),  features, and your contact info.  The next page will let you upload all your photos.  Depending on the package that choose, you will be able to upload between 3 and 18 photos. After this step, you will reach the confirmation page that will have a quick summary of your order.  This will be the area where you will enter your promo code (as shown below).  When it’s applied correctly, then you will see a green validation that your promo code was successfully applied.


Do you have  coupons for Auto Trader that are not listed here on uCouponCode?  Or do we have an offer listed that doesn’t work for you? Then please let us know in the comments section below.