Autotrader VIP Service Review & Coupon 2012

Selling a used car was once a huge hassle and often took up a lot of time to finally get the right buyer. That’s why it’s no wonder that many people choose to just take the loss and trade their vehicle in at the dealer when buying a new car. Posting a car on Craigslist attracts all kinds of strangers to your home and can take weeks of re-posting of your ad’s to get your car to sell. You can list your car on Ebay Motors, but unless you have a one-of-a-kind classic and don’t mind arranging from shipping, then don’t expect to sell your car for anywhere near Blue Book price.

There is now an easy alternative way to sell your car with AutoTrader’s VIP Service (which is currently on sale for 20% off). Now you can get an AutoTrader photographer to come to your home and take photos of your car. They also list it for you on The Deluxe listings will include a detailed description, a vehicle history report from Carfax, and in most cases includes an inspection report of your car. They also suggest the best selling price based on other similar cars on the market. Then when any prospective buyers call or email, they are first connected to an Autotrader VIP consultant and are pre-screened based on your defined criteria. Only the serous buyers make it through and are connected with you to check out the car.

You’ll notice that there are three VIP Service options to choose from on the site.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • VIP Standard – For $159 (for about $100 more than AutoTrader’s sell it yourself Deluxe option) you get a VIP consultant that helps you put your ad together and come up with the best selling price. You also receive the premium listing and spotlight as options which show your ad at the top of their search engine results. Other features include run it ‘til it sells and multiple site listings (your ad will be listed on partner sites as well).
  • VIP Enhanced – For $259 you receive all that’s included in the Standard listing, but also AutoTrader pre-screens all potential applications. This is our favorite option as all the calls are handpicked and you only get to talk with potential buyers that are seriously interested in your car and not those out looking for a joy-ride.
  • VIP Deluxe – For $359 you get all of the above, plus a condition report and Carfax. This option is the best if your car is a bit older and out of warranty. The conditions report will check most of the main points of your car and list out any potential problems to your prospective buyers. This really helps close the deal as most of the underlying issues are checked and the report fully disclosed. With the Carfax, they will also be able to see the owner history, any accidents or repairs, and mileage reported.

All three options include premium ad listing (as shown below).

So which option should you go with? If you are selling a newer car that is still under factory warranty, you probably don’t need the more expensive VIP Deluxe package and can stick with the Standard or Enhanced options. If you have an older car, most likely any potential buyers will want to see the Carfax report and if you choose the Deluxe listings, the included expert inspection report will make your car an easier sell (assuming there are no hidden issues). Whichever one you go with, be sure to check out our main Autotrader or Autotrader Classics coupon and discounts pages for the latest 2012 discounts when listing your car or truck for sale.