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When upgrading your to Windows 7 or switching to a different operating system, one of the biggest problems is getting all your drivers to work properly or finding those old drivers that are no longer posted online. Avanquest Driver Genius Professional 10 solves this problem by giving you access to their database containing over 30,000+ different drivers and automatically updating all your existing drivers.  The good thing is that you don’t need to pay full price to get your hands on a copy Driver Genius Professional 10.  See below for the latest 2011 Driver Genius 10 coupon codes and promos to help you save up to 25% at Avanquest.com.  Plus if there is ever a rebate or upgrade offer available, we’ll list it here. Check with us when Avanquest Driver Genius 11 is released  in late 2012.


Get 10% off instantly on Driver Genius 10 at Avanquest.com with coupon code: SAVE10. This coupon also works on just about all of the software products sold at avanquest.com.  This includes SystemSuite 12, Web Easy Professional 8, Fix-It Utilities 12, and others.   Be sure to enter the coupon code at the time of order checkout to active the promotion. This offer will expire at the end of this month.


Download and try the free 30-day trial version of Avanquest Driver Genius Professional 10. Avanquest.com offers free 30-day trial versions of just about all of their current products sold at their official store.  The 30-day countdown starts the day you first open the program  After the trial period you can purchase and enter the serial number to keep your license active, or you uninstall the trial copy.


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Our review or Driver Genius Pro 10

Driver Genius Professional 10 is a very helpful tool to make sure all the necessary drivers on your computer are up to date. Why bother with drivers, you might ask? For once, they are programs that help run all the devices connected to the computer so any errors in the drivers or outdated drivers might cause those devices not operating optimally, i.e. not responding or not working up to desired speed.

First step in improving the functionality of your computer is having Driver Genius Professional 10 scan your PC for driver problems and updates. The result will be a list of all drivers the program found on your computer but you will have a choice to update and backup only the ones that are currently used. You can also select individual drivers that apart from update and back up can be restored (in case of reinstalling of the operating system) or uninstalled. During the scan you will be also asked for the operating system for which you need the drivers.

Driver Genius Professional 10 supports and recommends updates to over 30,000 drivers for devices such as digital and video cameras, printers, motherboards, MP3 players, modems and network cards, hard drives, mouse and keyboards. You can schedule an automatic scan for the new drivers and have them updated periodically or wait for the automatic updates of new drivers available and install them then.

Some other features that are new on Driver Genius Professional 10 include removal of outdated drivers, log of all the drivers downloaded on your PC, or creation of restore state of your computer before you install new drivers. There is no need to download drivers for devices no longer in use therefore Driver Genius Professional 10 does not send reminders regarding driver updates of those devices.

Having all the drivers up to date is not something exciting to do but rather necessary. With the help of Driver Genius Professional 10 this process can be programmed as “set it and forget it” which will make your PC maintenance less onerous and take less time than you think. Very user-friendly interface allows for easy search for new updates and doesn’t require any particular computer knowledge to perform this task. IT Reviews found the program “easy to use…and pretty much self-explanatory.”

As soon as the new Avanquest Driver Genius Professional 11 released, then we will post the available coupon codes and promotions here at uCouponCode.com.