Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8.5 – Coupon Codes & Promotions

Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8.5, the ultimate Windows file manager for your PC.  While it’s new for 2012, we were already able to pull together some of the best promotions.  See below for all the most popular PowerDesk Pro 8 coupon codes and discounts to help you get up to 25% off on your order.  We also have the official free trial links and list here any other rebates or upgrade coupons when available.  As soon as Avanquest releases PowerDesk Pro 9, we will list all the new discounts here at uCouponCode.com.




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Download and try the official version of PowerDesk Pro 8.5 for free at Avanquest.com. Just like most software companies, Avanquest offers full 30-day free trials of most of their software. After the free trial period you will have the option to upgrade to the full paid version or simply uninstall the trial copy. No credit card needed to take advantage of this free PowerDesk Pro 8.5 trial.


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Our review of Avanquest PowerDesk 8.5 Pro

The age of information can overwhelm everyone. There is so much information out there that it’s impossible to handle all of it. Even personal data we store is getting bigger and bigger. Any bank statement or a cable bill can be saved on your computer, digital cameras allow for taking hundreds of photos, music has become cheaper to acquire and computer is a primary storage destination. Not to mention if your computer is a source of your income. The chances are you keep files all over your computer and to manage it, you might need professional software to handle the multitude of different files and folders. Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8.5 is a simple solution to bring some order and manage information more efficiently.

What’s so special and different about Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8.5? When you launch the software, your window will be automatically divided into two parts. This is quite useful when exchanging files between catalogs and sharing them between computers connected to the same network. Simply drag-and-drop and it’s done. This allows a group of people working on the same project to synchronize information they have and serve as a back up in case someone loses some files. If you happen to look into a folder containing pictures, the software has great preview functions (File Viewer) that enable you to rotate pictures, see their priorities and even to zoom in and out before opening the file.

Another feature that makes Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8.5 an excellent file manager is its File Finder option. We usually can’t find a file because we forgot its name, otherwise no fancy search product would be necessary. Just like children who go to Disneyland and remember that the car was parked in the “Goofy” section, adults might focus on some other details of the file that was saved. PowerDesk Pro 8.5 allows searching files by several criteria’s, some of them are: file type, size, date range, location (disk, folder, email), and contents. It also permits to search within zip files and archives.

I would like to mention few other features of Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8.5 that make my life easier while navigating the information maze of my computer:

  • Back up your information without quickly running out of space by compressing and decompressing files form several formats; choose files and location where to zip them, create a password if you wish protect them, include sub-folders.  All this in just minutes; you can even make changes to the zipped files without unzipping them.  You can also view FTP sites as folders.
  • Size Manager – A graphic display of how space is allotted on your computer, which files or folders take up most space; sort them from biggest to smallest.
  • Sync Manager – One of the most useful features for those having more than one computer or collaborating on a project; this function compares the content of two folders and synchronizes the information between them; you can synchronize by file type.
  • Tag file folders or system files with colors to categorize them and find the most important information faster

Finally, with Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8.5 you can encrypt files to make sure your information is well protected and File Shredder allows for a complete removal of files from your computer not only emptying Recycle Bin but also not allowing for the information to be retrieved.

Be sure to come back to us as soon as Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 9 coupon codes and discounts are available!