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The all new Battlefield 3 by Electronic Arts is a first player shooter game, where you’re a U.S. Marine soldier engaging in urban and open spaces warfare in Europe, Middle East, and North America. The game allows for co-op missions, multiplayer matches, built-in blog and voice communication to stay in touch with other members of a squad, and taking on different roles. To your disposal you have one of the biggest maps that makes the game fresh and interesting.

The game takes place in Iraq in 2014 where the American soldiers are supposed to disrupt People’s Liberation Resistance (PLR) operations. PLR later gets involved with the Russians and portable nuclear devices. The action switches to Paris and New York where the two missing nuclear devices are supposed to be detonated. Along the way there are Russian arms dealers and CIA agents, but in the end, the goal is to prevent the nukes from being deployed. All together, there are 13 different maps to enjoy, most of them in the Middle East.

DICE Team created vast range of guns you can use as well as army vehicles you can control. In your arsenal, you’ll find: assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, personal defense weapons, machine guns, carbines, pistols, and rocket/grenade launchers. During numerous missions you can fly jets, helicopters and get on and steer tanks, naval transports, Jeeps and Buggies and Armored Vehicles.

At the heart of Battlefield 3 is team play and the game allows for several ways to engage in it:

  • Team up with friends – up to 64 players in your squad (on a PC) and 24 players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; form platoons with them and work towards the stats you are later compared to other teams.
  • Take on different roles: Assault (frontline combat medic), Support (heavy suppressive fire), Engineer (RPG and repairs), and Recon (intelligence and sniping).
  • Co-op campaigns.
  • Tactical communications – use a new battlelog to chat and strategize with friends, plan missions and exchange sensitive information; this new social platform also keeps vital statistics about your play and displays rankings, keeps the scores you receive for different roles you take on, shows your ranking and compares it to others; all this information can be accessed through the console, web, or a mobile device.
  • Team support by defending bases, assisting your team with provision of ammunition and vehicle repairs, or spotting and attacking the enemy.

Battlefield 3 is powered by Frostbite 2 that has further improved audio and visual effects. The technology has impacted areas such as animation, scale, destruction, rendering, and audio. Thanks to Frostbite 2, soldiers and their movements are more natural and smooth, designers are able to create bigger maps to open up the battlefield even more, effects that accompany destruction’s are more precise and detailed, displaying larger objects coming down as well as their smaller parts falling into pieces. Finally new lighting effects combined with supreme sound effects makes Battlefield 3 a top notch product.

The game received very warm reception and is already topping the charts with its high scores. There are few negative comments about the game and they mostly focus on a single player experience where the missions feel like a different game. On the flipside, the biggest accolades came from the multiplayer missions, which are great delivering a whole new level of excitement. has a current 89% score for Battlefield 3, gives it 90 (out of 100), and calls it “Amazing” with a 9.0 (out of 10) score mainly for the sound and lasting appeal.