Becker CPA Review Discount Codes & Coupons 2012

Thinking about taking your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam?  Or do you work at Ernst & Young, Deloitte, or another accounting firm that requires you to become a CPA? Then you know that you a good set of study material and practice exams.  But forget paying full price as we pulled together some of the most popular Becker CPA Review discount codes and promotions. We also have deals from Wiley, Kaplan, and Roger CPA DVD courses.


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Find 2011 full course used Roger CPA Reviews $100 now on eBay. You can also pick up just the individual BEC, Regulation, Financial, or Audit courses for even less if you don’t need the set.  Not all sellers have the CD’s so be sure to check the description for what’s included before you buy.


Becker CPA Review Exam:

The sample questions released by AICPA are simply not enough to help you pass CPA exams.  There are many online, real-time, or self study (CD) – courses on the market that provide a CPA candidate with materials for studying.  But the most known and reputable is the Becker CPA.  This course worked out pretty well for me and overall I’m pretty satisfied.  Let’s take a look at the pluses and minuses when using the program.


Since I’m working full time, the best option for me was a self study, CD-course type to allow me to study whenever I had a free time.  The Becker CPA course provides you with a set of lectures for each part of the exams and related questions on the discussed topic.  With the CD course option, you can watch lectures as many times as you want at a time convenient for you.  Each section (Regulations, Financial, Audit, and Business and Environmental Concepts) has several chapters (usually from 5 to 9).  On average, each chapter is about 3.5 to 4 hours long.  I know it sounds pretty intense, and truly, it is!  But imagine if you didn’t go through all this preparation and tried to sit for the exam.  Unless you are superstar, chances are that you won’t do so great without a proper training.

Along with the lectures and related questions (there are many questions for each topic to test your understanding of the subject), you will receive the textbooks for each lecture.  Some people find unnecessary to watch the lectures (per each part all together about 20 to 35 hours) as the instructors go through the material in the book, almost page by page.  In my case I really benefitted from watching them because for one, it was easier to review the pages once I listened to the material, and for two, the instructors often emphasize the importance of the specific subject matter and help you remember the most important testing material.  I guess you can try the lectures for one section and see what style works best for you.

Another very beneficial aspect of this review course is that you have all the questions in the same interface you will see on the real exam.  This gives you an advantage of saving a time on the test.  The most frustrating thing during the test is the fact that you need to use the embedded in the interface calculator that is quite annoying.  So if you can practice using it at home, you will be grateful for it on the day of your exam.  Additionally, the review course gives you sample exams (all timed) and sample simulations.


The Becker CPA review exam course isn’t cheap.  If you’re a student you will receive a lower price but otherwise expect to pay $3,245.  Of course, if you use one of our coupon codes or discounts listed above then you’ll save quite a lot from the full retail price.

You might find some of the instructors annoying.  They will try to motivate you by saying that all those Friday nights you’re studying hard while all your friends are partying in the clubs, will pay off by making tons of money as a CPA in the future.  Yes, that all hard work you put into studying will pay off eventually, but when you are at home on that Friday night and Peter Olinto (one of the instructors) is rubbing it into your face, you just want to shut down the computer and join your friends.

Additionally, simulations could be improved.  Three out of four CPA exam parts have simulations.  Simulations are task-based testlets.  Often the examiners provide you with some situations for which you either need to choose a correct response or on the other occasion you need to solve a mathematical/financial inquiry.  I found Becker simulations shorter and easier than the ones on the exam.

Overall I am happy to say that I already passed 3 exams and took my last one 2 weeks ago.  Now I need to wait for the results!  If I had to do it again, I would definitely go with Becker one more time.  Good luck on your CPA exam!