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The all new Canon PowerShot G1X is on sale at Amazon! See the details posted at


The Canon G-Series is one of the most successful lines of premium professional compact digital cameras ever made; the next Canon G1X, the predecessor to the super popular G12 (with a new name taking over what was expected to be the G13).

Known for having the performance of a “DSLR” without the weight, the G-Series is the ideal travel digital camera. The G1-X continues the tradition by being one of the most sought after cameras on the market. This includes the quick-to-use top dials (letting you almost instantly customize shooting setting and video modes), a 14-megapixel or more high sensitivity DIGIC 4 image processor, HD video, and the matchless RAW shooting capabilities.

Less lens correction noise is now expected (almost none at iso 1600 and minimal noise at iso 3200), but there are a few other things we would love to see in the new release of the Canon G1X. An optical view finder that covers more than the 77% viewing area would be a big plus.  On top of that, if Canon could add a micro LCD screen at the bottom of the viewfinder that gives you real-time Aperture, ISO readings, and Shutter speed as found in the higher-end Canon DSLRs (like the 8D and 60D). Not to mention 5-7 frames-per-second speed (fps).  Also a lens filter on the G13 would be a great help for the average armature photographer.

When you purchase your G1X at Amazon, you’re getting one of the best deals online.   Amazon almost always has the G-Series cameras on sale with free ground shipping and no sales tax in most States.   Because of the hefty retail price, this already can save you between $50 and $100 vs. purchasing at your local Fry’s, Costco, or camera store.  Best of all, Amazon does not require the use of any additional coupon codes on the G13 (in fact, they usually never offer ANY extra coupons).  Just keep your eyes open as Amazon’s sale prices on the G-Series cameras tend to change daily without notice. You can usually also enjoy free shipping if you’re buying an extra lithium-ion battery pack, case, tripod, or other Canon accessories within the same order checkout. Older accessories from official distributors can also be found for the older Canon G12, G11 and G10 digital cameras.

So what’s typically included in the box?

  • The PowerShot G1X camera body (with built-in lens).
  • One standard-life lithium battery pack.
  • Universal battery charger and USD adapter.
  • Canon neck strap.
  • USB Interface Cable.
  • AV Cable (Audio/Video).

Some Canon G1X will be also available in a combo package shortly after the expected release date.  These extra accessories usually include the most popular add-on for a much cheaper bundle price.  Be sure to check the details of these kits before purchasing and each reseller may have different accessories in the pack.

If you’re looking for all the latest rumors and reviews of the new Canon G1X digital powershot camera, we recommend you check out the reviews posted on  You can also find the differences between Canon G1X vs. G12 vs. G11 in their online forum (or between other cameras like the Powershot S95).  And remember, having one of the best Canon digital cameras is only the first step in creating the perfect photographs. Nothing goes better with your new G1X than Lightroom 4 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 on your Mac or PC (with Photoshop also found in the popular Design Premium CS5.5).

Be sure to also see all our Canon Store coupon codes for any Canon G1X coupon codes before you complete your order. You can also wait the buy around Black Friday 2012 or Cyber Monday 2012 which has traditionally had some of the best deals on Canon digital cameras.

3 thoughts on “Canon G1X on Sale at Amazon”

  1. In the new G13, I would love to see:
    1. (5-7) frames-per-second speed, fps- or more:)
    2. The use of lens front dial rotating ring (as in S95).
    3. Less in size and weight.
    4. Lens filter.
    5. Manual Focus ..”Please get it to work”. To enhance the use of manual focus (possibly using two half circles to focus as in old cameras).
    6. Variable focus mode in video recording.

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