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QuickBooks Contractor 2013 Special Offer Coupon Codes

QuickBooks Contractor 2013 in now on sale!  But forget about paying full retail price as we put together some of the best coupons and special offer codes for the newest version of QuickBooks Contractor 2013.  See below for the top rated discount offers to help you get up to $160.00 off the full version. With QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2013, you get all the features of Pro, plus advanced tools that are specifically tailored to the contracting industry (general contractors and subcontractors rejoice).  Many of our Contractor coupon codes are available to those that are upgrading from other Quickbooks versions as well.  As soon as the new QuickBooks Contractor 2014 is released in late September 2013, we’ll be adding the best deals to


FREE QUICKBOOKS 2013 UPGRADE and save $80.00 instantly with this QuickBooks Contractor instant deal at This coupon is automatically applied to your order when you follow the discount link.  No additional promo codes are needed at order checkout at to take advantage of the $80.00 off sale price. Then once the 2013 version is released, just follow these instructions to get your 2013 version for free. This promotion is set to expire on September 30.


Save $160.00 instantly on QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2012 now on sale at Amazon. This is also an instant savings that is reflected by following our special offer code link. You can also get free shipping and pay no sales tax in most states depending on where and how you ship your order to (you will see $0 listed in your shopping basket if you qualify for no tax or free ground shipping). Just keep in mind that Amazon’s prices change daily and may vary.


Save $40.00 on your QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2012 upgrades. To receive the special upgrade discount price, you will need to provide your current QuickBooks 15-digit product license number before you complete the order checkout. This offer is only available at


Receive a risk-free 60 day money-back guarantee on QuickBooks Contractor 2012. does not offer any QuickBooks Contractor free trial downloads, but instead they give you a full satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can request a full refund on your order.


Save up to $53.00 CAD on QuickBooks Contractor 2012 on sale at Amazon Canada. There are several versions to choose from that are now on sale, just make sure it says that it is shipped and sold by  Most regions can also qualify for free ground shipping. No additional coupons are needed to take advantage of this discounted sale price.


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Our review of QuickBooks Accountant 2013:

The new QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2013 is specially made with customized features for the contracting industry. Contractor 2013 is an accounting software package designed to help run a company with many useful features for individuals in this line of business. The product is based on QuickBooks premiere package that facilitates operating every stage of a business process. With all the features found in Quickbooks Pro 2013, use the Contractor version to make ‘Job Costs by Vendor’ and ‘Cost to Complete Job’ reports, and analyze your profitability for both large and small jobs. If you are new to Quickbooks then don’t worry – It’s easy to use.  If you get stuck, then use the built-in learning center to guide you through.


QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2013 is pretty easy easy to use and with just a few hours of poking around you will get a grasp of how it works and links transactions together. The software offers much more and as you get to use it more you can discover all the options it has built it. It is a very suitable small business program at reasonable cost that manages money coming in and out. With every new client and job, it gets more overwhelming to remember details of the transactions and the software can lead you from creating an initial estimate, converting it to invoice, tracking time when the payment is due, reminding clients of payments and finally receiving the payment. In a similar fashion you can manage your cash flow more effectively by budgeting and forecasting to be more aware of major cash outlays.

You can set up the software to receive any type of payment and link it to your bank account (you can have several accounts if necessary) and the credit card payments are posted in your account the next business day. Keep in mind that your bank will charge you for credit card or wire transfer transactions and they can easily add up. Nevertheless these features allow you to provide numerous payment options to your clients.

If you like to keep a tight control over what’s going on in your business, you will appreciate QuickBooks reporting tools. Starting from very general snapshot comparing your company performance between two periods of time, to creating reports related to all major aspects of business: your clients, suppliers, employees, inventories, etc. Unfortunately QuickBooks is not powerful enough to help make those reports more presentable, but it’s not the objective of the program in the first place. If you need to present the reports in more professional way and really craft them to your requirements, all QuickBooks generated reports can be exported into Excel that will allow you to make them more aesthetic.

What characterizes QuickBooks Premiere Contractor 2013 and separates it from other versions is the generation of reports intended to better run a construction business. You might find the following features helpful in your daily activities:

  • Create “jobs by vendor” report – if you manage more that one project at the time at purchase supplies from a particular vendor, it can get challenging to sort out what cost attribute to each project; with this function, you select a project you’re currently working on and QuickBooks lists all the vendors from which you bought supplies; this allows you to define the exact cost of each of the projects.
  • Create job estimates and track change orders – estimates often change and QuickBooks Contractor helps you track those changes as it records them on the estimate
  • Run “cost to complete job” report – stay on top of your expenses by monitoring them and comparing to the estimated cost; this tool will help you to see how much more you’ll need to spend to complete a project and whether or not you costs are in line with the estimates (pinpoint areas where you’re overspending)
  • Analyze profitability – by better controlling costs you will be able to determine which jobs are more profitable and focus on them; less profitable areas might prompt you to find alternative suppliers and try to cut costs there
  • Bill clients progressively by job phase – constructions projects are often lengthy and billing your clients based on the percentage of completion of a project can help you to service your obligations to your employees and suppliers
  • Track expenses that are not assigned to jobs – a quick report will identify expenses that have not been linked to a particular project, simply select an incurred cost and choose the job it belongs to

All the additional features might add to your learning curve but they offer a very compelling product. QuickBooks has been known for it’s user friendly interface, which will make learning easy and hopefully provide you with a software adequate for your construction business needs.


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QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale 2013 Special Offer Coupon Codes

QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale 2013 is all new and easier than ever to help you track product inventory, run per-unit profitability analysis, create Bill of Materials and to do all your other accounting work for your small or medium-sized business.  But you don’t have to pay full price to buy a new or upgrade copy as we’ve pulled together some of the most popular QuickBooks special offer codes and promotions to help save you up to $160.00 off the retail price. With QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale 2013, you get all the features of Pro, plus the tailored tools specifically made to support you your specific businesses. Upgrade discounts are also sometimes available.  As soon as QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale 2014 versions are released, we will post all the available deals here on


FREE UPGRADE TO 2013 + save $80.00 instantly (20% off) on QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale 2012 with coupon. This promotion is automatically applied to your shopping cart when you follow our discount link. There are no additional QuickBooks discount codes that need to be entered at checkout to take advantage of the sale price. Learn more how to take advantage of this free upgrade offer to the 2013 version.


Save $160.00 instantly on QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale 2012 now on sale at Amazon. That’s about 40% off! It’s also eligible for free shipping and no sales tax in most states when ordered at No coupon code needed to activate the sale price. Discounts may vary across versions.


Save $40.00 instantly on upgrades of QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale 2012. You can sometimes stack this upgrade promotion along with any other available QuickBooks coupon codes or offers so be sure to see for details. To take advantage of this upgrade price, you will need to enter you current QuickBooks 15-digit product license number (located by opening the software) before you purchase.

Receive a risk-free 60 day money-back guarantee on QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale 2013. This offer applies to most QuickBooks software programs in lieu of offering free trial downloads. Now there is no need to download potentially harmful QuickBooks keygens, torrent, or cracks just to test out the new 2013 version.


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Our review of QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale 2013:

If you’re in the Manufacturing or Wholesale industry and are not using this new version of QuickBooks, then you’re putting on an unnecessary amount of extra work onto yourself. With QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale 2013, not only do you get all the tools found in QuickBooks Pro, but you get all the specifically customized tools to help you manage your inventory and costs.  Even if you are buying same unites at different quantities and costs throughout the year, you can easy manage your costs and calculate profitability. You can also keep track of complex builds, pending assemblies, and mange your shipped orders. Depending on your projects, you can easily increase or decrease price levels by item and then prepare customized reports. If you are new to QuickBooks and happen to need help with your customized reports, then use the built-in learning center to guide step-by-step through the process.


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As soon as the new Quickbooks Manufacturing or Wholesale 2013/2014 versions will be released by Intuit, we will post all the available offers here on!

Intuit GoPayment – Coupon Codes & Promotions

Processing credit cards from just about anywhere has become easy!  With Intuit GoPayment Merchant Service for Mobile Cell Phones, you can do it remotely from wherever you’re doing business (like at a your clients office or job-site).  But don’t even think about paying full price as with our Intuit GoPayment coupon codes and promotional discount offers you can save on your fist order. Plus, you can get your first two months free of charge when purchasing GoPayment at  We also put together some of the best deals on cell phone credit card readers from Mophie that let you accept credit cards using your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.  GoPayment is available through any mobile phone with Internet access so wherever you run your business, you can quickly process payments.




Try Intuit GoPayment for free for two months. This special offer is available only on the official site at  Your monthly fees are waived for 2 months with coupon (this coupon is automatically applied to your order through our link). Just act fast as this offer will expire at the end of this month.


Save up to 10% on Intuit Smart Phone Credit Card Readers/Scanners on sale at Amazon. Amazon carries some of the most popular mobile credit card scanners from Mophie that help you turn you Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, or other cell phone into a mobile credit card processor.  Most orders also receive free shipping. Discounts vary depending on the device.


Save $3.00/month and get your setup fee waived if you already have an Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service account. This offer is available by logging into you existing Quickbooks account and selecting the GoPayment processing option in the Manage Account tab in the Merchant Service Center.  The expiration date of this offer is unknown.


No long-term contracts with any of Intuit’s GoPayment services. With Intuit GoPayment there are no cancellation fees and no long term contracts that you need to signup for. If you are not satisfied or only need to use the service for a few months, you can cancel at any time.


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Quickbooks Online Basic & Plus – Coupon Codes & Promotions 2013

Quickbooks Online Coupon CodeQuickbooks 2013 Online Edition is the new way to do your finances in the cloud.  It lets you work from any internet-connected computer and never having to worry abut backing up your date or being stuck on just one computer.  But forget about paying full retail as we just added new QuickBooks Online Basic coupon codes and Quickbooks Online Plus you will be able to get one month free for both versions from Compare this to the traditional QuickBooks Pro 2013 and QuickBooks Simple Start 2013 versions and it’s a pretty good deal as you never need upgrade again.  The best benefit though is that QuickBooks Online editions, you can access all your accounting books from any computer connects to the internet.  So whether your on a business trip in Europe or just checking your financial books from home, you’re also connected and your data is also backed-up and safe.


Get 20% off QuickBooks Online Essentials with Payroll (with no annual contract). This offer is activated by the promo code link so no need to use any additional promo codes is to take advantage of this offer. This plan also lets you cancel your subscription or upgrade your plan anytime.  This offer will be valid until the end of the month.


Quickbooks Online FreeTry Quickbooks Online Basic or Plus, the 2013 editions, for free for 30 days. This offer is automatically activated so no special offer codes needed to take advantage of this deal but you do need to be a first-time customer of Quickbooks Online to be able to qualify for the offer. This promotion is open to both Mac and PC computer users.


Quickbooks Online Basic Coupon CodeGet Quickbooks Online Basic for $9.95/month with no contract to sign. This is an ongoing offer that lets you signup when you need it and then cancel when you don’t.   No need to worry about any long-term contracts with this plan.



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So how QuickBooks Online differ from traditional 2013 versions of QuickBooks?

The key benefit of using QuickBooks Online is that you can access all your finances from any computer (or smart phone), both PC and Mac, from anywhere in the world. Because your data is stored online, all you need is an internet connection.  Plus, there is no need to worry that your financial data and history will be lost as Quickbooks Online automatically daily backups of all your data. Use the Quickbooks Online Edition App for your iPhone 4 or 3g wand be connected with iCloud.  New apps also available for your Android powered smart phone or tablet.

As Quickbooks Online Basic and Pro is not a traditional software product, all your updates are free.  This means no need to pay for the upgrades every year to stay current. Customer support is included free of charge so no additional support plans are needed. Unlike with QuickBooks Online Basic, with QuickBooks Online Plus, you can easily transfer customers, vendors, and transactions from your QuickBooks file to Online Plus so you can stop using your old software.


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QuickBooks Online coupons come in various forms.  Some of the available offers will require you to enter a physical code at the time of checkout. When entering the discount code, be sure to enter it exactly how it appears.  Otherwise, it’s possible that the discounted price will not be applied correctly to your order.

Most of our QuickBooks Online Pro and Basic promotions do not require a physical code.  To activate these promotions just follow the listed coupon code link that will automatically apply the discount to your shopping cart.  Usually new customers can also benefit from a free 30-day trial of QuickBooks Online.

All of the products available at Intuit, including Quickbooks Online Pro & Basic 2013, many of these coupons listed here on uCouponCode can usually be redeemed outside of the USA. Other countries include Canada, Australia, UK, France (FR), Spain (ES), Italy (IT), Germany (DE), Sweden (SE), Norway (NO), and Finland (FI).  Although we do our best to keep this page updated with the latest deals, offers from Intuit can sometimes expire without warning. If you happen to find an expired coupon or special offer code, please contact us and we will update the codes.

Using online coupons and special offer codes has become the most popular way to save money in these difficult economic times. Now just about every online store, including, has a special section for you to enter a code. When searching for other QuickBooks Online discounts or voucher codes (including in Canada, UK, and Australia), we highly recommend you take a moment and try making a quick search using our site search box above for any other available special offer codes.

Other coupons from QuickBooks that we have on include,

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Coupon Codes & Discounts (POS)

All new of 2013!  QuickBooks Point of Sale software solutions are the most popular turn-key packages to manage your store front.  And although it’s one of the best selling cash register and inventory and sales packages out there, we were already able to find some great deals to help you save up to 25% off on your order. See below for the most popular QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 coupon codes and promotions that are now available at and their authorized resellers.  Besides our promo codes for QuickBooks Point of Sale, we also list any mail-in rebates or limited time discounts when we come across them.  As soon as the Quickbooks POS 2014 edition is released by Intuit (expected to be in January 2014), we will list all coupons and promos here on


Save up from 10% to 25% off on QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 now on sale at Amazon. Amazon carries the complete bundle package which includes the QuickBooks POS software, bar code scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer with key. You can also find the upgrade version if you qualify. Most orders qualify for free standard shipping and no sales tax (in most states). Discounts may vary across versions.


Get a free quote and recommendation from an Intuit Point of Sale adviser. No commitment is requited so after review your requirements and recommendations with the adviser, you can still buy your POS software from an authorized reseller that has the best price. also offers an “Intuit-HP Retail” solution that includes a full computer system for your inventory management and the QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Bundle for basic storefront needs.


Save up to $100 on QuickBooks Retail 2013 software now on sale. If you already have the necessary hardware (cash register, price scanner, credit card processor, etc.) you can order just the necessary software.  This page lists the deals that we now have on the new QuickBooks Retail 2013 suite.


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An overview of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) 2013:

Point of Sale software was designed for small retail business owners to process transactions and give computers capabilities of a cash register. It helps control inventory, manage your employees and customer information, and provides critical business statistics to make a better use of all the information businesses collects along the way. QuickBooks Point Of Sale software is integrated with QuickBooks accounting software and allows for easy transfer of data so you don’t have to retype any information and have your accounting up-to-date.

QuickBooks Point Of Sale software permits you to eliminate a regular cash register and replace it with a computer. The best possible scenario is to purchase hardware together with software: cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code scanner, and credit card reader. You can set it up and start using it immediately without any disruptions to your business.

So why purchase the QuickBooks Point Of Sale over a cash register? The software will help you spot some important trends related to your business i.e. best and worst selling items, most common returns, sales per department and over time, purchases from different vendors. You can access all this vital information in customer center and respond faster to your customer needs. You can create numerous reports related to your employees, customers, and the items you handle. All this can help you plan purchases ahead of time; for example, you notice that certain items sell better in a particular time of a year. With that information you can find and classify new vendors perhaps getting a better pricing on those products, and be proactive with your sales by contacting your customers that bought these goods in past. You can even create a rewards program for you customers (Pro version). This is not only helpful, but also critical and makes marketing fun and easier.

Point Of Sale gives you not only a long-term but also a short-term advantage. As it records sales, it updates you inventory automatically giving you time to stock up on hot-selling products and not disappoint your clientele. You can set up the software for automatic purchase orders (Pro version) so in a case of high demand for a particular item you will be on top of you distribution channel. Finally, by knowing exactly what you have and what you need you can manage your cash flow more efficiently without stockpiling the products you might not immediately need.

If your business has several locations, you can manage them from a single office. QuickBooks Point Of Sales allows you to manage up to 20 stores and compile information from all of them into a single file (think of the accounting benefits). This will allow you to compare the performance of each store and see whether or not a particular item sells better at some particular stores. If that’s a case, the software can account for the inventory transferees between the stores. writes that even though there are some less expensive choices of Point Of Sale software, the benefits of QuickBooks POS such as the ease of use and integration, outweigh its price. TechRepublic has a similar opinion and adds reliability and automatic backups of information as a major benefit of the program. Finally, TopTenReviews listed Hardware as it’s major weaknesses and Help and Support received the highest grades.


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As soon as Intuit releases QuickBooks Pont of Sale 2014 near the end of 2013, we will post any available offers here on!

Other coupons and discounts on QuickBooks software include:

QuickBooks Simple Start Coupon Codes & Discounts 2013

The all new QuickBooks Simple Start is now available and on sale.  Don’t pay full as we are now tracking the latest deals from the most popular resellers.  See below for all our favorite 2013 QuickBooks Simple Start coupon codes and promotional offers to save up to 60% on your order. We also have the links to find the official trial versions.  As soon as the new QuickBooks Simple Start 2014 will be released on in early 2014, we will post all the available offers here on





Save up to 60% on QuickBooks Simple Start now on sale at Amazon. This offer is only available at, an authorized Intuit distributor.  No additional coupons required to take advantage of this deal.  As Amazon’s prices change daily, the exact discount may vary. It’s available for immediate download so no additional shipping charges applied.


Get the online version of QuickBooks Simple Start for just $12.95 per month. In an effort to move more customers to the subscriptions, QuickBooks in now only offering SimpleStart Online at the official store at for $12.95 per month.  No long-term contracts so you can cancel any time.


QuickBooks Simple Start Free EditionTry QuickBooks Simple Start 2012 online for free. After the free trial, you can continue with QuickBooks Simple Start or upgrade to the pro/premier editions. A credit card is required for the free trial but will not be charged until you pass 30 days of use.  See for full offer details.


Save up to 40% off (£45.00) on QuickBooks Simple Start, the UK Edition at Amazon. This is an exclusive. You can also qualify for free postage. Amazon is an authorized QuickBooks reseller so trust that you are getting an incredible deal on an authentic version. No additional voucher codes are required.  This price is subject to change – See site for details.


Save up to 10% off on QuickBooks EasyStart in Canada. You can also save on the postage charges within Canada by choosing the super saver shipping option from  Amazon also offers bundle prices from time to time when you choose to purchase your order with TurboTax Premier. See site for complete offer details.


See all our Quickbooks Coupon Codes!


Our review of QuickBooks Simple Start:

Quickbooks Simple Start 2013 is the basic/standard edition of their small business financial software.  It lets you easily record sales revenue, expenses, taxes, and clients. Quickly print or email invoices using Adobe Acrobat, pay bills, or print employee checks. Once tax season rolls around, enjoy seamless integration with Quicken Premier or Quicken Deluxe 2013. This leaves you more time to grow your business and manage relationships, and not waiting time doing bookkeeping or paying an accountant to do it for you.

The current recession has caused many individuals to lose their jobs and forced them to look for alternative solutions to their employment needs. Many times, starting your own job is the only and often the best solution. According to the Small Business Administration, 65% of the jobs created in the US between 1993 and 2009 can be attributed to the small business sector. If you’re one of those people who decided to start your own business, you will need software that helps with billing, payment collection and tracking, and managing customers and suppliers. QuickBooks Online Simple Start 2011 does just that and it’s created to help individuals who are just getting started and need to organize basic functions of its business in order to focus on carrying out essential activities and grow.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start is a web-based program that you can access from your computer or a smart phone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android). It is similar to using a website so there is no need for any downloads or updates. Once you get started, you’ll go through a set up process where the program will guide you through linking your checking account to your company, setting up customers and suppliers. The basic set up is simple and not time consuming; it also doesn’t require any particular accounting knowledge. In fact, setting up the customer accounts and entering the products or services you offer, will give you a better understanding on how your business works from the accounting stand point. As with any new product, there will be questions about the features, what they do and how they work, that’s why Intuit provides free customer support. You will be able to ask all the questions related to functioning of the software, buying and billing, login issues, or payroll. If you feel your question is quite general, you can access a list of frequently asked questions that could also educate you on the topics you did not considered initially.

One of the biggest strengths of the program is its easy and well-designed interface. It is very similar to other QuickBooks software, but simpler. It divides your main screen into three sections: Money In, Your Business, and Money Out. This allows you to better understand how money flows between your customers and vendors. One of the first steps in your business process is to provide a customer with an estimate and later an invoice. Both can be designed in QuickBooks Online Simple Start and you can make necessary changes to those designs as your business grows. The software can also prepare a profit/loss statement so you can monitor how your business is doing. You can check your customers’ balances (you can breakdown this analysis by customer) to see who owes you money, which invoices were paid. In a similar fashion, you can receive different type of payments and make checks for products or services you purchased. If you’d like to know how your bank account has been affected by the recent activities, Bank Register will list all the recent transactions and display current balance. Your monthly account reconciliation will bring this account on par with your checking account. One more tool that many users check very often is the profit and loss column that, by default, displays each month’s current activity. You can easily adjust the dates for which you’d like the report and even compare it to the same period of last year.

There are many features designed to get you started in little time, some of them are:

  • Import your contacts from Excel, Outlook, or Gmail – this is especially useful as it allows you to set up right away one of the most important elements of your business.
  • Create and manage invoices – the software offers a template you can follow and enter your business info, logo, etc., but you can modify that template anyway you want it.
  • On-click business reports – to learn more about how your business is performing “Reports” section offers a look into several areas of your business, including your vendors, customers, employees, banking; you can also analyze the company’s cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement.
  • Create, print, and track checks – assign them into appropriate category, print whenever convenient.
  • Track sales and expenses – see who’s your best customer and where your business spends most of its money.
  • Track payments.
  • Customer center – summary of ever customer with a dose of interesting statistics related to payments or products sold.
  • Multiple users access online from a laptop/desktop computer or a mobile device – take advantage of the flexibility in accessing information form anywhere and allow other users access your company info.
  • Automatic backups and upgrades – your company data is updated daily and the software updated automatically as soon as the new update comes out.

By purchasing an Intuit product you also gain access to Intuit Community where you can ask questions to other members. You can sort the responses based on the questions that were answered but it’s missing the option to categorize questions in order. If your questions were not answered, you could read about similar and even the same situation that other members experience. Without questions being categorized, you have to go over all the questions stored by the program and in the end you might end up without any answer to your problem. ranked QuickBooks Online Simple Start 2013 the best software in the Billing and Invoice Software group. The product received the score of 3.5 out of 4, besting 11 other products. The weakest part of the product is its billing and payment. It is missing automatic billing and cannot manage monthly payments or subscriptions. But putting those worries aside, the software is able to perform anything else for one of the lowest prices comparing to its competitors. It earned highest marks for the ease of use and help and support functions. It is “the best billing and invoice software to simply start your business” and because of that it earned 2011 Gold Award in its category.

One or our favorite features of QuickBooks Simple Start 2013 is its ease of use. You can get started within minutes with the free included tutorials and online user forums. Once you learn the basics, you can import your existing data from Microsoft Excel with a few simple steps.  No accounting knowledge is needed and Quickbooks grows as your business grows: Upgrade from either edition of Simple Start to QuickBooks: Pro, Premier, or Online Edition.


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As you’ll notice, many offers for QuickBooks Simple Start do not require you to enter a physical coupon code to receive the discounted price.  This is because we include the discount already in the provided deal link.  Other offers will require you to copy and enter a physical coupon code to activate the promotional price.  To do so, just enter the coupon once you add QuickBooks Simple Start to your shopping cart in the field marked “Special Offer Code.”  This will be a 10 digit number and that cannot be combined with any other discount (including upgrade and student discounts). Please see below for an example:

QuickBooks Simple Start Special Offer Code

Several other resellers sometimes have specials on QuickBooks Simple Start, including Costco, Newegg, Fry’s, and Best Buy.
Although we do our best to keep this page updated with the latest deals, offers sometimes expire without warning. If you happen to find an expired coupon or special offer code, please contact us.

Using online coupons and special offer codes has become a way of life.  Now just about ever site, including, has a section for you to enter a code. When searching for other QuickBooks Simple Start discounts or voucher codes (including in Canada, UK, and Australia), we highly recommend you take a moment and try a quick search using our site search box above for any other available deals.   Other coupon code websites similar to include

Other popular discounts from QuickBooks include:

Intuit Online Terminal – Coupon Codes & Promotions

Processing credit cards for your small or medium size business has just become very easy.  Now with the new Intuit Online Terminal, you can cut your credit card processing costs in half and still have the flexibility of processing credit and debit cards from anywhere you have a cell phone connection. This includes instant processing of  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB.  Plus, with our Intuit Online Terminal coupon codes and promotions listed below, you can get up to two months free and save on your equipment.  If you need to process credit cards on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you can consider Intuit’s GoPayment option as well. When you compare Intuit Online Terminal to Paypal, you’ll be saving more than 50% off the monthly subscription price.




Try Intuit Online Terminal for free for two months, plus get free setup with your order (a $60.00 value). This special offer from Intuit is available only on orders made at  Your monthly fees are waived for 2 months when you use our instant coupon (it’s automatically applied to your online order when you follow the provided link). This offer is expected to expire at the end of the month.


Save up to 10% on Intuit Smart Phone Credit Card Scanners on sale at Amazon. With a credit card scanner, you do not need to enter the credit card numbers manually into your phone with every order but you can simply swipe the card at purchase.  Amazon carries some of the most popular mobile credit card scanners, most with free shipping and on sale to up to 10% off the retail price. Discounts tend to vary depending on the scanner chosen.


No long-term contracts necessary for Intuit’s Online Terminal credit card processing service. Unlike other services, Online Terminal is a month-by-month service that lets you cancel at any time; no cancellation fees and no long term contracts required.  When you no longer need the service, you can cancel at any time.

See all our Intuit Coupon Codes!


Our review of Intuit Online Terminal:

You can now take your business to any corner of the world. Intuit Online Terminal is a new tool in your business arsenal that allows you to process payments anywhere you have the Internet access. The basic concept behind Online Terminal is a point-of-sale ability that can be done with a small attachment to your smart phone that you use as a card reader. You might use it in brick-and-mortar businesses (Apple employees use it to process transactions as they roam a store) or on a street corner running your street cart business. It’s a great solution for people whose careers take them outdoors: artists, photographers, contractors, or salespeople. You don’t have to worry about receiving and carrying cash, as credit has become preferred payment method for its convenience and security. It might help you generate more business as it permits you to close a deal at a convention or a customer visit.

So how exactly does it work? First step is to sign up for an Intuit Merchant Account and download the GoPayment mobile app. It is the most important process and once completed you can start accepting credit cards. There are two options of accepting credit cards: attaching a card reader to your phone or manually entering credit card information using any mobile web browser. It is less expensive to have a card reader attached as it reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions. Over a period of time, that difference in rates can add up quickly as a difference in rates between payments processed by a card reader versus manually entering a transaction is a full percentage point.

There is large number of phones across all carriers that can be used for these purposes and the list is growing and is constantly updated. Customers have embraced mobile technology, which is set to become even bigger part of our daily lives. For these reasons majority of new devices come equipped with apps to handle money transactions.

If you opt for attaching a credit card reader to a smart phone or even an iPod touch, the process of charging a customer is pretty straightforward. Log into your GoPayment account and simply swipe a card and enter the transaction pertinent details. Your customer can vouch for the transaction on the spot with a finger and you can quickly craft an email with a sales receipt or send a text message with a transaction confirmation. You could even carry a small printer and hand your customer a hard copy of receipt on the spot.

Your account with GoPayments allows you to accept credit card payments on line so if you have an office you can combine the best of two worlds. If you already use QuickBooks (or consider using it) you should know that with GoPayments you could easily synchronize the transactions with the software and keep your bookkeeping up to date.

The biggest risk to this type of payment option is a loss or a phone being stolen. Nevertheless it is still protected with password and transactions are encrypted so you have time to act and alert you bank. You have to judge that risk versus the opportunity for new business.

The GoPayment offers very competitive rates to process transactions as the field is getting more crowded. Fortune magazine says that accepting credit cards with mobile devices is a “win-win for small businesses.” PC World calls GoPayment “a solid choice that’s ideal for business with a fixed price list.” It mentions the user-friendly interface and the fact that you can create price lists so you don’t have to key in the information on the products you sell most often. Some features that need improvement, according to PC World, are processing payments offline and making refund of the older transactions without having to use a computer.


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Intuit Checks for QuickBooks 2013 Coupons & Special Offer Codes

Intuit Checks for QuickBooks 2013 is one of the most popular add-on tools to help you scan, send, and deposit checks into your local bank account through your QuickBooks software (without having to waste your time standing in line at the bank). But no need to pay retail price as we have some of the most popular 2013 intuit checks coupons and special offer codes.  Besides our coupon codes for intuit checks, we also list the promotions for Intuit Checks forms and supplies whenever available.  If you’re new to Intuit Checks, you should qualify for special monthly subscription and offers on the scanner equipment.


Get 15% off the monthly fee on Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks with this automatic coupon. You can also receive 15% off the optional scanner if you don’t have one as well if you purchase it in the same order. This special coupon offer is automatically activated by following the provide link. This deal is set to expire at the end of this month.


Save up to 10% on Intuit QuickBooks 2012 compatible credit card scanners on sale at Amazon. With a QuickBooks compatible credit card scanner, you no longer need to enter the card numbers manually but can simply swipe the card automatically.  Amazon carries some of the most popular mobile credit card scanners on the market. Promotional prices tend to vary depending on the model chosen.


No long-term contracts necessary when you sign-up for Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks service plan. Because Intuit Checks is a monthly service, you can cancel any time when you no longer need to use it. No long term contracts required to sign-up and you can come back whenever you need to use their service again.


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More about Intuit Checks for QuickBooks:

Fraud is on the rise and the current economic conditions often make it the only alternative for many individuals.  Results of the studies conducted by Small Business Fraud Custom Study indicates that over a quarter of small businesses are victims of misappropriation of funds averaging $50,000. What might be hard to believe is that almost half of these cases are related to check fraud. Not every business needs additional layers of protection, but because of the frequency of this type of crime, Intuit now offers wide range of checks with extra security suitable for any small business environment.

Intuit offers five different types of checks, compare them and decide which one might be the best alternative for your business:

  • Voucher checks – most versatile checks as you can use them not only to pay your suppliers but great as payroll checks; one check per page as they come with stub where you can breakdown details of each check (earnings and withholding details for your employees)
  • Manual checks – if you prefer to write checks rather than printing them, this might be a product for you; they have a stub where you jot down transaction details that you can later input into QuickBooks for accurate record keeping.
  • Standard checks – the most common checks used to pay for goods and services; they also come three to a page and can be used to print from QuickBooks.
  • Office and away checks – do you travel a lot? If you’re in and out the office, you can use these checks to print or write on them depending where you are. They do not have a stub for record keeping, also they aren’t suitable for paying you employees as they don’t have space to print details of payroll.
  • Wallet checks – are suitable for Quickbooks or Quicken 2006 and newer versions; they allow you to print three checks per page and help keeping record by printing necessary information on the attached stubs

In order to beef up security, Intuit offers new security features in all the above checks, except for the manual checks: chemically reactive paper, colored background, warning band and Intuiut CheckLock border, paper / UV Dull, erasure evident, micro-printing, padlock icon, warning box, original document security screen, fraud sensitive ink, void indication, security weave.

There is one more product worth mentioning: secure plus voucher checks. These checks carry even more security features on top of the ones mentioned above. They include:

  • Controlled check paper stock (premium-grade security paper).  This is an exclusive product offering from Intuit!
  • Invisible fluorescent fibers randomly embedded in paper, visible under UV light.
  • Toner adhesion that makes any attempt to remove it visible by damaging paper.
  • Thermochromatic heat sensitive icon – breathe on it or touch it with your finger and the icon disappears allowing for immediate authentication and extremely hard to forge.
  • CheckLock custom true watermark technology.  This adds blue and red visible fibers of different length that are randomly implanted and visible on both sides of a check to enhance the security.
  • Prismatic multicolored background.
  • CheckLock custom pantograph.

Remember that sometimes even the best protection is futile without good business practices. Check Payment System Association suggests keeping your checks secure and split the accounting duties so that one person does not have a complete control over financial transactions. Get a shredder and make a use of it with cancelled checks or spare deposit slips. Purchase better quality checks, write or print with big letters that are harder to counterfeit and inspect the new batch of checks upon arrival. All these extra steps can help you focus on running your business without worrying about being a victim of fraud. Perhaps they can even eliminate a need to buy checks with many built-in protections. But if the cost-benefit of getting the high quality checks is reasonable, perhaps they are worth that extra peace of mind.


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QuickBooks Nonprofit 2014 – Special Offer Coupon Codes

If you run a nonprofit organization or other not-for-profit business, then QuickBooks Nonprofit 2013 is ideal software solution tailored specifically for your business expenses.   With the NonProfit edition from, you get all the features of Quickbooks Pro 2013, plus new advanced tools made for not for profit organizations to create end-of-year donation statements, 990 forms, and reports of financial accountability.  And with our QuickBooks NonProfit 2013 coupon codes and promotional discounts listed below, you can save up to $150.00 instantly from one of their authorized resellers. If you are upgrading from the 2011 or 2012 versions, Intuit offers existing customers special upgrade discount pricing as well. As always, please visit us as soon as QuickBooks NonProfit 2014 will be released by Intuit. for all the latest special offer codes.


Get a FREE UPGRADE TO 2014  and save $80.00 with this instant QuickBooks Nonprofit coupon code at This manufacturer’s coupon is automatically applied to your order when you follow the discount link so no need to enter any special offer codes at order checkout. You can also qualify for free shipping from on select versions. Then once Nonprofit 2014 is released, you can qualify for  a free upgrade.


Get up to $150 off on QuickBooks Nonprofit 2013 now on sale at Amazon. Most orders can also qualify for no sales tax charges (except in a few states) and free standard shipping on all boxed versions.  The digital download option is also available on this version. The discount price can vary across the versions that are available.


Save up to $70.00 on your QuickBooks Nonprofit upgrades or renewals. Intuit offers an upgrade discounts to qualifying owners of older versions of QuickBooks Nonprofit.   You will need to provide your current QuickBooks 10 or 15-digit product license number before you are able to complete the order checkout. This upgrade offer is only available from the manufacturer at


Receive a risk-free 60 day money-back guarantee on any version of QuickBooks 2014 software. Because does not offer any official free QuickBooks Nonprofit 2014 limited trial downloads, they instead offer a satisfaction guarantee on their products.  So if you are not happy with your purchase, you have up to 60-days to request your money back.


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Our review of QuickBooks Nonprofit 2014:

Running a nonprofit organization might be a daunting task especially in trying times. The backbone of your business, running the daily operations, shouldn’t be one of them. Perhaps you’re trying to set up a club or a scholarship fund? No matter what your interest is, you can set up a nonprofit organization and keep the donations you receive tax-free. QuickBooks Nonprofit 2014 can help organize your business so that you spend more time doing charitable work and less time worrying how to account for all the in and out flows of assets.

So what exactly can QuickBooks Nonprofit 2014 do? Here’s a short list of some of its most prominent features:

  • Breakdown of your assets and liabilities by types; you can also distinguish between assets and liabilities of different programs or locations.
  • See who your biggest donor is and what percentage of all donations he/she represents; set flexible timeframes for comparison and see when you can expect donations and when it’s time to ask for them a little louder, compare with the same time periods in the past.
  • Submit your tax reporting to IRS using Form 990 that Nonprofit helps you put together.
  • Easily create income statement with a breakdown of all assets and liabilities for a better control of money coming in and out of your organization.
  • Built-in statistical tools help you track each donor’s contribution by amount, frequency, type of donation, totals and subtotals.
  • Reach your goals with planning tools that can assist tracking your projects and prepare reports demonstrating your budgeted activity versus actual.
  • Getting started has never been easier as Nonprofit 2014 allows you to import donor categories to set up your chart of accounts that fits Form 990 requirements

Using QuickBooks is very intuitive, just click around to see what each category represents and how it affects the others. In fact, TopTenReviews calls it “…the easiest accounting software to learn to use…” thanks to the short time needed to get familiar with it. on the other hand, praises the software for its payroll options that range from calculating taxes and generating checks to having all taxes and filings done for you. It also mentions the ease of use and user friendly interface.

In my opinion one of the top benefits of QuickBooks Nonprofit 2014 is Intuit Community. Once you start hands-on operations, that’s when more specific questions come up and Intuit Community is where active users collaborate and corroborate on “bumps on the road” helping one another with solutions to keep your business speeding ahead. Here you’ll find help with general everyday problems or those more specific to your nonprofit business. Just reading some of the posted questions and solutions will give you a better idea of how to run the software.

As we always do here on, as soon as the Intuit releases QuickBooks Nonproft 2015 some time in late-September, we will post the latest coupons and promotions here on this page.


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QuickBooks Premier 2016 Coupon Codes, Promotions & Discounts

The new Quickbooks 2016 versions have just been released we have the deals for you! You can now get up to $150.00 off QuickBooks Premier by using one of the coupon codes or discount offers listed below.  Benefit from the substantial savings on the leading professional bookkeeping and accounting software solutions from Intuit.  And as soon as the new QuickBooks Premier 2016 special offer codes will be released by, we will post all of the best available deals here on


Get $80.00 off QuickBooks Premier with this instant coupon. This instant savings is reflected in your shopping cart when you follow our link. You should see the retail price of $399.95 cut down to $319.96. This offer runs through the end of this month and only at


Upgrade your older version of QuickBooks and save off $80.00 off the full retail price when you get Premier 2015. The same deal that’s available for new customers has been extended to existing customers as well.  Follow the coupon link to apply the discount.


Get up to 25% off QuickBooks Premier at Amazon. Amazon is an authorized reseller of Intuit products and one of the mot popular places to get a good deal on QuickBooks. If you choose the download version, not only do you avoid any shipping charges, but you can install it this immediately.  Amazon’s prices tend to vary daily and across the versions/years chosen.

Receive a risk-free 60 day guarantee on all 2016 QuickBooks Premier versions purchased from Although Intuit does not offer QuickBooks Premier 2016 free trials, you are covered with a full refund warranty for up to 60 days from the date purchased if you are not completely satisfied with your order. This is an ongoing guarantee that does not expire.

Receive 10% off (about £54.00) on QuickBooks Premier 2016 UK Edition with coupon. Plus get free standard shipping within the United Kingdom.  This QuickBooks voucher codes is automatically activated when you follow the provided link.  This voucher code is subject to change without notice (expiration date is unknown).


Get up to 40% off on QuickBooks Premier 2016 UK Edition on sale at Plus get free standard shipping within the United Kingdom.  Amazon is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks software retailer so you know that you are getting one of the best prices in the UK on an authentic version. No additional UK voucher codes are required to activate this discounted price.

Save as much as 10% (CAD $50.00) on QuickBooks Premier 2016 Canadian Edition. You can also qualify for free ground shipping within most parts of Canada.  You must follow the provided link to activate this automatic promo code.  The expiration date of this promotion is unknown – See for full offer and discount details.


Get up to 25% off on QuickBooks Premier 2016 Canadian Edition on sale at Most orders also qualify for free ground shipping within Canada.  Amazon is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks software retailer in Canada so you know that you are getting one of the best deals on an authentic version. No additional Canadian voucher codes are required to activate this discounted price.

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More details about QuickBooks Premier 2016:

QuickBooks Premier 2016 is an expanded version of QuickBooks Pro. It will assist you in running your business by organizing your customers and vendors, products, offers easy to understand cost and revenue control. You will have easy access to your inventory and other company metrics. It is a very solid software that helps your business operate smoothly.

It includes all the benefits of QuickBooks Pro plus the following features:

  • Customized sales and profitability reports – one of the biggest strengths of this program, create reports analyzing sales trends and focus on products and services you achieve the biggest profit margins.
  • Track changes made to orders and estimates which are recorded on the document.
  • Bill clients progressively depending on the percentage of completion or phase of a job; very useful when a project take long time to complete.
  • Track your balance sheet by class – this is particularly useful if you have different locations or assets are split between product lines.
  • Create “cost to complete job” reports – excellent control feature that allows you to spot when the cost are getting out of hand and address these situations immediately.
  • Track time and expenses by different categories and decide who to charge for goods and services provided

Some features that are new to QuickBooks Premier 2014 are:

  • Greater control and understanding of balance sheet by analyzing it by categories; you might have funds divided between locations or departments, this tool allows you look at the overall amount that belongs to a particular category.
  • Customer snapshot that displays important customer information on a single page.
  • Save time with batch invoicing by creating a single invoice that will be sent to all your customers that order the same product or service; save more time by creating a billing group of customers who purchase a particular product or service periodically
  • Search box that covers the entire QuickBooks.
  • Collection center helps to create a single payment reminder that can be sent to several clients; QuickBooks even attaches a copy of invoice.
  • Vendor balance is a snapshot of your vendors, review recent transactions, see notes.
  • Webmail allows you to contact vendors and clients directly form QuickBooks using your Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail account, no need for Outlook

With QuickBooks Premier 2016 you also have an option to Premier Plus Subscription. This is a paid service whose benefits include access to important company information from your smartphone and ability to create invoices (helpful if you travel or attend conventions and workshops). Once you send an invoice from your phone, it automatically syncs with your QuickBooks so your business data is up to date. All you company data is backed up so in case of computer failure or some other unforeseen circumstances you don’t lose everything. You decide how often to schedule an automatic backup and your company information is encrypted and store online. You also have the ability to attach any document related to a transaction. Those documents might include: invoices, receipts, or contracts for immediate access to them.

PCMag calls QuickBooks Premier “very good” and gives it 4.5 out of 5.0 rating. Even though it mentions weak Inventory and Preferences tools, the remaining options more than make up for those deficiencies and it says it “should be considered first” while deciding on what software to run your business on. Regarding preferences, argues that many problems that beginners run into could be easily resolved by adjusting preferences. Rather than that, QuickBooks helps the first time users get through the set up with wizards and tutorials. Transaction processing in QuickBooks is comparable with other products but it has the upper edge when it comes to interface and centralizing operations. The interface is not too cluttered and displays icons you will use most often. The rest of the functions are easily accessible from a drop down menu, or the customized toolbar.

Also new in the 2016 edition are over 150 industry tailored reports that can be fully customized to your business. Run “Cost to Complete Job” reports to better manage profit margins and ROI. Document and track change orders from your customers in just a few clicks. You can also keep track of your biggest clients or highest margin product line so you’ll know which products to promote and keep in stock, and which to scale back from your line.

QuickBooks Premier Screen Shot
Although QuickBooks Premier is about half the price of QuickBooks Pro, it’s a good upgrade if you need to create business plans or forecast sales and expenses.  With our coupon codes above, you can usually find a pretty good deal on both the full and upgrade versions of QuickBooks Premier 2016.

QuickBooks Premier iPhone

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You’ll notice that many if our offers for QuickBooks Premier 2016 do not require you to enter a physical coupon code at you add your order into the shopping cart.  This is because the following the coupon code provided will automatically apply the site-wide discount strike-through pricing.  This includes products that do not offer discounts such and student discount versions and upgrade offers.  Other offers may require you to cut and copy the code.  Just be sure you enter into the “special offer code” area (as indicated below) exactly how it appears.  Otherwise, you may not be able to take advantage of the special promotional pricing.

Quickbooks Premier Special Offer Code
Although we do our best to update this page anytime QuickBooks Premier deals change, sometimes these promotional codes can expire without warning.  Please contact us if you happen to see an invalid or expired offer posted here.  As soon as 2017 versions are released, we will be sure to post the new vouchers here on

Using online coupons and promo codes has become one of the most popular ways to save money in the recent economic downturn.  Just about every online store, including, has updated their shopping carts to include a “enter coupon code” section for entering a code. This has really only been to the benefit of the consumer. When searching for other QuickBooks Premier discounts or voucher codes (both for PC and Mac editions), we highly recommend you take a moment and try make a quick search using our website search box for all our available special offer codes.

As soon as we have promos for Intuit Quickbooks Premier 2016 editions, we will post any available promo code offers here on uCouponCode.  Other offers from Intuit include: