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Roxio Game Capture – Coupon Codes & Promotions

The all new Game Capture for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is now here and can help you capture all of your Xbox 360 and PS3 game plays and transfer them to your computer for editing and posting on YouTube. But you don’t need to pay full price to get your hands on a software copy for your PC/Mac or on the available device accessories (like the Component HD AV Cable).  See below for all our Roxio Game Capture coupon codes and promotions to help save you up to on your order from  We also have a review coming here soon so stay tuned for our review of Roxio Game Capture.



Get 15% off Roxio Game Capture when you use this coupon code at order checkout: ROXIOSTORE15. This offer is exclusively available at and works across all items store-wide.  This includes on any HD AV Cables that are not included in the box.  Be sure to enter the code exactly how it appears to activate the discount.  This deal is set to expire at the end of the month.


Get up to 20% off on Roxio Game Capture now on sale at Amazon carries several versions of Game Capture, with a few with a few versions that are now on sale for up to 20% off the listed retail price. Amazon also has extra cables on sale as well. Most addresses can also get free shipping and depending on the State where you live in, can also skip the sales tax charges.


Get 15% off on Roxio Game Capture with code ROXIOSTORE15 at the official UK store at This offer also works on any of the other Roxio products sold site wide.  Be sure to copy and paste this code exactly how it appears into the coupon code box at checkout to see the savings reflected in your order. This promotions iis expected to last through to the end of the month.


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Our review of Roxio Game Capture

With Roxio Game Capture you record your play directly on your computer. The video can be recorded in AVI, WMV, DivX, or MP4 format. On top of that you can edit your game play by adding sound effects (background audio, voice-over), text effects, or video effects. Some other interesting effects you can add to your videos are: blur effect, pixellate effect, replicator video (splitting the screen into smaller ones), speed up or slow down some scenes.  These tools allow for making a very elaborate product that will provide help to other co-gamers. The last step is to post it online on Youtube, Facebook, or WeGame.

Roxio Game Capture has become a popular product because it’s not complicated to use and the set up is quite rudimentary as well. In a nutshell, your gaming console connects directly to Roxio Game Capture that connects to a monitor with two cables and a UBS cable to your computer. You can play a game and still view it on the screen and your computer simultaneously. The set up directions are very comprehensible and you can run the first video capture test in minutes. In case you need any help related to the product, Roxio offers plenty of help. I was poking around on Roxio’s website and there are forums on all the products Roxio sells. The one for Game Capture contains tips and solutions to some problems the users ran into and judging by the statistics provided by the website, the members are quite active in helping one another.
Once you capture your production, it’s time to edit and share it. Your work area, if you will, consists of four major sections. On the left hand side you find your content and tools. This is where you decide to add videos or photos, audio, text, transitions, or overlay to your final product. The second area is on your right and consists of media and effect selections. Here you access your captured videos, pictures or music, and decide on transition, video, overlay and text effects. This is where personalization of your videos really takes shape thanks to the abundance of edit options provided by Roxio team. There are too many effects to try to list or explain them. The preview screen that displays what you’re currently working on occupies the central section of the screen. Finally, Production editor is right under the preview screen and that’s where you decide how things work.

In order to get started you have to access your media and decide which video you want to edit. Then simply drag it into the first available slot and this becomes your starting point. If there are parts of that video that you don’t want to show or don’t care about, you can make it shorter. In order to add audio or text to your video, highlight the video in the production editor and choose the effect you want to add from the content section. Every effect can be applied to the entire video or just a portion of it. Adding text, for example, you can choose font type and size, where the text appears and change its location by dragging the text box. If you decide to add another video to your production, you can add a transition between the two by dragging a transition effect to the transition box between the slots of the production editor. There are numerous effects to choose from, and if you are the first time user, you can click on each effect to preview how they look like and work. Uploading is very straightforward and the upload speed depends on the length of your video.

Thanks to its editing options, ease of use, and recording tools, Roxio Game Capture was awarded 2011 Gold Award by Although there were only three other products to compare with, it’s still worth mentioning that the reviewer explained the choice by saying the product “provides more gaming-specific features and tools than any other game recording device reviewed.” Apparently the only negative comment was related to the lack of compatibility with Mac computers. The reviews found in other sources are more divided on the quality of Roxio Game Capture. Cnet gave it 2.5 out of five and its users 3 out of 5. Again, ability to edit videos and the ease of use are the strongest parts of the program but at times editing isn’t “as easy as it should be.” PCWorld gave Roxio Game Capture 3 out of 5 score listing limited capture resolution and not perfect editing as the program’s cons. The 3 stars the program earned were credited to low cost and easy set up. The reviewer summed it up that once the editing issues he encountered are resolved “we’d have a solid contender on our hands.” Ohgizmo called it “a diamond in the rough” and even though it complained about the 480p video capture, it is “the ultimate package” for gamers.

For those who enjoy playing games and strive to reach ever-higher lever, there is now opportunity to record your play and share with the other fellow gamers. This directly leads to collaboration on solving difficult and tricky game tasks and missions, helping others get better, and perhaps most important, showing off your skills. Roxio Game Capture is a simple device that allows recording your XBOX 360 and PS3 play, editing it, and later sharing with others.

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Roxio Easy VHS to DVD – Coupon Codes & Promotions

So what do you do with that old pile of home videos and classics movies stuck on old VHS tapes?  Well Roxio Easy VHS to DVD is the software solution for you to help preserve your family videos and old movies. Although it retails for just under $60.00 for the PC version (just a bit more for the Mac version), we able to pull together some deals to help you save up to 40% off the retail price.  See below for all out favorite Roxio Easy VHS to DVD coupon codes and promotions when shopping at and other popular resellers. Although we update this page almost daily, please let us know if you find a better deal not posted here with us at



Get 15% instantly with coupon code ROXIOSTORE15 on Roxio Easy VHS to DVD. Plus, this code works across all the products sold store-wide at  Be sure to enter this promo code at the time of checkout to see the savings reflected in your cart. This offer will last through the end of the month.


Save up to 40% on Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, with both Mac and PC versions on sale at The Apple version is a few bucks more but both versions are cheaper than any other online store we checked. Plus, Amazon gives you free standard shipping and no sales tax in most states that you ship to.


Get 15% off with the code ROXIOSTORE15 at The same promo code as in the United States also works in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, German, and most of Europe. Just be sure to apply the code exactly how it appears at order checkout before you make your final order. This coupon expires at the end of the month.


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Our Review of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD:

As its name suggest, Roxio Easy VHS to DVD help you transfer you VHS library and store it on your computer or other portable device and share with friends and family. This product also allows you to convert LP’s and audiotapes to MP3. VHS technology isn’t all that old, some 10 years ago you could still rent movies on tapes, but today it is almost completely obsolete and for those who still hold memories on VHS, it’s a great opportunity to keep it in a safer format.

The product comes with software and a cable that allows you to connect a VCR (or LP player) to the computer and transfer the content. There is a guide on how to connect the hardware and if you were to run into some troubles, you can always refer to Roxio Community where you can post questions and seek answers to some common challenges other users experience. Live chat with Roxio representative is also a legitimate solution.

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD does two things for a user: helps transfer the content into digital media, and organizes it by helping to create menus and chapters. In the first step (once you connect VHS to the computer), all you have to do is to choose “Plug and Burn” option and the software will lead you through the entire process of transferring material from VHS to DVD. In the second step you will have to decide on the menu design of your DVD. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD offers many templates to choose from, and a template you decide on will make a title screen once you play a DVD. If you don’t care about menu, simply choose “No Menu” option and skip to the next step. Once you play the tape on your VCR and click on “Capture content” in Roxio software, the transfer process begins. Before you do that, you can preview your video by pressing “Play” it on the VCR and it will be displayed on the computer. This gives you the opportunity to make sure that you are satisfied with the quality of the material and if not, you can play around with “Enhance Picture” options. The default settings usually work the best but you can always adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, or sharpness.  You can transfer the entire material or just a portion of it, or set the timer for how much you’d like to transfer. This gives you plenty of options to eliminate any embarrassing parts you want to forget about or not share with the rest of the world.

In a similar fashion, you can transfer music from cassettes or LP albums, adjust the options for optimal results and enjoy it on several devices. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD helps you export this new content to iPhoe, iPad and numerous other devices. reviews of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD were mixed. Some users ranked it 4 or 5 stars (on a 5 star scale), others were quite disappointed with the product and mentioned running into problems with it (especially during the set up process) and little if any support from the company. Those who liked the product underscored easy installation and functionality, and good value for the money.

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD was also reviewed by some of the top review sites and earned Silver Award with a score of 3.5 out of 4 stars and came in second among nine products compared in its category. The product was praised for offering “fantastic user experience” and that it is a “versatile tool that can be used with a variety of software, operating systems, and for assortment of functions.” The product received the perfect score for Features and Compatibility and came very close to repeating the score for Ease of Use and Help & Support. Reviewers experienced some issues with the drivers needed for the software but were able to resolve the issues with the help through Roxio’s live chat.

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Roxio Video Lab HD with 3D Coupon Codes & Promotions

The new all-in-on DVD creation software from Roxio not only lets you edit and burn your HD Blu-ray videos, but now has full 3D recording capabilities on your PC. At only $69.99 it’s already much cheaper than competing software like Adobe Premier Elements 10 or Premier Pro CS5.5.  But we are here to help you save a bit more.  See below for all our favorite Roxio Video Lab HD with 3D coupon codes and promos that cut the price down by another 15% to 25%. We also have the links to the free trials when available as well as any upgrade discounts. As soon as the Apple Mac version is released, we will post the deals here on



Get 15% off Roxio Video Lab HD with 3D with coupon code ROXIOSTORE15. This is an exclusive coupon code that only works at and, the official online factory outlet store for US, Canada, and UK.  Plus they let you download your order so no need to wait for the box to arrive for you to begin using it. The code is universal so you can use it on any purchase made on between now and the end of the month.


Amazon now has Roxio Video Lab HD with 3D now on sale at 25% off. All orders within the United States qualify for free shipping and most States are not charged the sales tax. There are several versions to choose from so the price and discount may vary across products. No additional coupon codes are needed as the price you see it the price you get when shopping at Amazon.


Get up to 19% off (or more) on Roxio Video Lab HD plus free 2nd day shipping from This order lets you qualify for up to 57 Super Points if you are a member of their rewards program.  They also offer a 45 day return policy if you are not completely satisfied with your order. Similar to Amazon, does not charge sales tax in most states.


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Roxio Easy LP to MP3 – Coupon Codes & Promotions

Do you still have some classic old vinyl LP records and cassette tapes stored away somewhere in a box in the attic?  Well instead of buying the same music again on iTunes, you can now easily convert all that music into MP3’s for your iPod, iPhone, Android phone, or burn it straight to a CD with Roxio Easy LP to MP3. Best all it’s not too pricey to begin with and now we can help you save even more.  See below for all our Easy LP to MP3 coupon codes and promotions to help you save up to 15% off your purchase. We follow the major Roxio resellers and update these deals on a daily basis along with any available rebates, free trials, or upgrade offers.



Get 15% off with coupon code ROXIOSTORE15 and get free shipping on Easy LP to MP3 at Be sure to enter the coupon code ROXIOSTORE15 before you complete your order to activate the sale price. Box also includes bonus USB cable kit. This promo code is only valid at the official Roxio store at and is set to expire at the end of the month.


Get up to 10% off on Easy LP to MP3 now on sale at Amazon carries some of the best deals on all the official Roxio hardware and software, including version of Easy LP to MP3 at around 10% off. Plus you also get free shipping standard and most states can skip the sales tax (if you’re lucky and don’t live in one of the states where Amazon charges tax).


Save $10.00 on Digitope Cassette to CD and MP3. After you clean up all your old LP records, then take the stack of old cassettes out of the closet and convert them to MP3.  Digitope’s Cassette to CD and MP3 is now on sale for around $25.  Free shipping also applies to all orders with standard shipping.


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Some of the other promotions and coupons that we are tracking on 2012 Roxio software include:


Roxio Toast 11 – Coupon Codes & Promotions

Some of the best offers of the season have just been released on the all new Roxio Toast 11 Titanium.  Now you can capture, burn, convert, and share all your digital media and files on your Mac or PC without having to pay the full price to get a copy. See below for our favorite Roxio Toast 11 coupon codes and promotions, including links to the 30 day free trials and upgrade discounts for existing customers.  If we are missing any good offers then please let us know and we’ll add it here on this page.  As soon as Roxio releases Roxio Toast 12 Titanium (rumored to come in late-2012), then we will list all the available coupons here on


Get 15% off with coupon and an extra $20.00 off with mail-in rebate for a total of $30.00 off on Roxio Toast 11 Titanium Pro or Standard. You will need to enter this coupon code at order checkout to active the promo price: ROXIOSTORE15. You will also see the rebate form added to your order which will need to be completed and returned to get the extra $20.00 discount by mail. This deal expires at the end of the month.


Get 15% off, free shipping and no sales tax on most orders of Roxio 11 now on sale at Amazon, which is an authorized reseller of Roxio software, now has both the Standard and Pro versions on sale.  Plus, depending on which state you are shipping your order to, you can also avoid the sales tax in most cases.  They also carry some of the older versions for up to 50% off if you don’t need the newest features.


Upgrade to Roxio Toast 11 Titanium for Mac and get $50.00 off instantly and another 15% off with coupon ROXIOSTORE15. This deal at is one of the best deals for folks that already own a qualifying older version of Roxio Toast. See site for full offer qualifications, terms, and conditions.  The upgrade discount is ongoing but the promo code expires at the end of the month.


Go to to get a free trial version of Roxio Creator 11. Any available free trials of Roxio software will be located here.  Just be sure to avoid any downloads located at 3rd party websites as many of these copies contain spyware and viruses that can potentially harm your computer.


Get 15% off Roxio Toast 11 any other Roxio purchase with code ROXIOSTORE15 at All you need to do is to copy and paste this code into the coupon code box at the time you begin the checkout process. This discount code is set to expire at the end of the month.


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Our review of Roxio Toast 11:

Roxio Toast 11 is one of the most comprehensive programs to burn and make copies of any of your digital material. Roxio has a long history of creating quality products used for burning and the newest version offers conversions and coping of digital material for the newest tech devices. Currently, they offers two versions of its new product: Titanium for Mac users and Pro for PC.

Making copies of your data is very uncomplicated. From your user interface select Data tab and decide whether a disk you’re creating is a Mac only or Mac & PC disk. Name your disk and go to Media tab to specify the files to back up. You can browse for the files and once you locate them simply drag-and-drop them in the content area. You can also search for audio, video, or photos only to further narrow your search. If you happen to select several different file types to back up and they appear very unorganized, Roxio Toast allows to create new folders in the content area, shuffle the files around as you please, and then burn them. At this point you can choose options such as data compression, encryption, open a disk window right after mounting, and avoiding splitting files if more than one disk is needed for a back-up. When you are ready to burn files, specify what type of disk you use (CD, DVD, Blue Ray) and let Roxio do the rest. You can also burn several copies at once using multiple drives.

Similarly easy is a conversion of video, image, and audio files into several different media types. Once you select files (for example video files) to convert, you can preview and edit them making sure they meet your requirements. Roxio Toast gives you some neat tools to edit your video. You can trim the video and even create chapters. You also have access to several audio options and finally to video set up. Video set up options include: Apple hardware (Apple TV, iPad, iPhone), Video Game Systems (Play Station, Wii, Xbox 360), Mobile Devices (Android, BlackBerry), Internet Formats (Facebook, YouTube), File Formats (DivX, MPEG, MKV), and Custom Profile. With the latter option you can create your own profile to control for size, sample/aspect ratio and save it future use. Once you select all the video export options, you can preview a portion of your video to see how it will look. This is a useful tool, in case you’re not satisfied with the quality, you can change it before exporting it. You can also schedule a conversion for a specific time and date, this way it will not interfere with your current activities and can be done when you’re not using the coputer.

Roxio Toast Pro 11 (this version is more expensive than Titanium) offers some additional features you might find desirable:

  • A full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements – Edit your pictures, add effects, rate pictures, tag people, places events, geo tag people, stitch pictures and combine different styles, upload directly to Facebook, and filter pictures by keyword tags.
  • FotoMagico 3 RE – Put together your pictures and videos into a slide show, add music, text and transitions.
  • BIAS SoundSoap 2 SE – Tweak the quality of your file by removing all types of unwanted noise; simple interface for fast tune up.
  • SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 – Create your own soundtrack to accompany your video; adjust the length of songs, change moods as scenes change, align music with the events.
  • BD Plug-in for Toast 11 – Burn HD video into DVD or Blue-ray. awarded Roxio Toast 11 Gold Award 2011 and called it “the best Mac CD burning application.” The product excelled in all the judged categories: Feature Set, Supported Media, Disk Types, Ease of Use, and Help/Support. Although it is one of the most expensive products in its category on the market, the quality of the product makes up for the price. The reviewer ended up saying that “even the advanced features are easy to access and utilize.”

Macworld gave Roxio Toast 11 four out of five stars, underscoring the new easy-to-use interface, direct upload to major social and video websites, and support for multiple burners. On the negative side, the reviewer mentioned not-so-great Spin Doctor and somewhat basic tools to edit videos to be uploaded on the Internet. Nevertheless, with the new version of Roxio Toast “you’ll be rewarded with a better app and more included functionality.”

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Come back to us as soon as Roxio Toast 12 coupon codes and promotions are released.

Roxio Creator 2012 – Coupon Codes & Promotions

Roxio Creator Pro has become one of the most popular and affordable software programs to edit videos, burn DVD’s or Blu-Ray’s, and to enhance your digital photos.  But we’ve just found some pretty good deals to help you save on your purchase.  See below for the full list of Roxio Creator 2012 coupon codes and promotions as well as deals available on Roxio Creator 2012 upgrade discounts and free trials. Roxio usually releases a new version of Creator every year in August so be sure to come back for Roxio Creator 2013 coupons as soon as the new version is released next year.



Get Roxio Creator at Amazon for up to 25% off the retail price now on sale now at In addition, most orders qualify for free standard ground shipping and no sales tax (depending on the state that you are shipping your order to).  Amazon carries several versions of Roxio Creator so be sure to take a look at all the prices as they may vary across versions.


Get 15% off with coupon code + a $20.00 mail-in rebate on both Roxio Creator 2012 Standard and Pro editions. Be sure to enter coupon code ROXIOSTORE15 at order checkout to activate the sale price. The rebate form is automatically added to your cart. This offer is only valid at the official Roxio Store at This promo code expires will be valid until the end of the month.


Get $50.00 off instantly on the upgrade version, plus an additional 15% off when you use coupon ROXIOSTORE15. has upgrade discount for those that currently own a qualifying older version of Roxio Creator software. If you already own a Roxio product, this is the best way to go as the upgrade price allows you to also use the same coupon as the full-priced version.  This coupon code will expire at the end of the month.


Download and try the free 30-day trial of Roxio Creator 2012. has all the latest versions of all their software available for trial use.  Most versions work for 30 days after you first download the version.  After that, it automatically expires unless you purchase a license. No credit card is required to access the free download.


Get 15% off Roxio Creator 2012 Standard with voucher code ROXIOSTORE15 at the store. If you are looking to purchase the Pro version, then the same code works as well.  Be sure to enter the code at the time of order checkout to see the savings reflected in your cart. This discount code also expires at the end of the month but we expect a new one to come soon after to replace it.


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Our review of Roxio Creator 2012:

Roxio has always been one of the top products used to back up my digital content and data and you can expect the same from its latest product, Roxio Creator 2012. Technology continues to evolve and expend, surprising us with new possibilities and Creator 2012 is keeping pace with it by adding capabilities of not only coping media but create original content and sharing it with your friends and family through the Internet.

Roxio Creator 2012 is broken down into 5 sections: 3D, Video and Movies, Music and Audio, Photo and Sharing, and Data and Copy. The new 3D capabilities of the software allow you to create 3D movies and pictures and edit content in 3D. Creating 3D movies is arguably one of the highlights of Roxio Creator 2012. The process comes down to selecting an option that creates DVDs and indicating it’s a 3D project. After answering a few questions and choosing the content to be transformed into 3D, the software converts your 2D video into 3D. Once the conversion is complete, you can edit it by adding chapters. All the edit options are very easy to manage and they are organized in a very logical manner. Your 3D movies can be shared on YouTube or Facebook directly form Roxio Creator 2011 by choosing it form Output menu. Finally, you can also create 3D photos in a similar fashion as 3D movies. It requires more tweaking comparing to the movies and might be a bit more complicated, nevertheless, once you master the options provided by the software, creating 3D photos shouldn’t take more time than a regular editing of a picture.

Videos and Movies is another section equipped with lots of options that allow you to create and improve your existing videos. VideoWave allows you to create new projects that combine videos, pictures, and audio to produce new original content. Once you select the videos, you can trim them to fit your needs, add effects (text effects i.e. adding a title), transitions between the clips, and audio. All the edit options provide lots of additional choices allowing your creativity to effortlessly put together quality material. Keep in mind that all new material that you create in Roxio Creator 2012 does not affect the original video or audio files you use in your production so you can save your creation and use the original material over and over. You might also find web capturing function very useful (one of my favorite features). This function allows you to save videos seen on the web into numerous devices (DVD, smart phone, iPod, and many others). The interface is uncomplicated and walks you through the entire process. You can also transfer your Tivo content onto a DVD (even eliminate any unwanted parts) and save it for future use. New with the software is also the ability to eliminate often unavoidable shake in you footage and stabilize the video.

Aside from burning music, Roxio Creator 2012 comes with other great audio features.  Creating music CDs, you can decide on transition between songs and have them overlap, decide on length of a gap between them, or have Roxio match beats and create transitions similar to those made by DJs. You can also edit and mix audio tracks to fit them into your videos. You are able to fade audio in and out, adjust volume and balance, clean up audio, add sound effects, and even record audio and insert into existing song. If you have some old LP and tapes you can connect old equipment to your computer and record audio material on a new device. There are charts available to help you connect the equipment and once you finish recording audio from the old equipment, you can edit it further. Finally, you can even create your own ring tones for everyone you know if you wish and possibilities here are endless.

With Roxio Creator 2012 you can create fun photo slideshows, enhance and edit pictures, restore old photographs (with Roxio PhotoSuite), create panoramas by stitching pictures, and share them on your social portals. Bear in mind that this is not Photoshop but it takes care of some basic enhancements. Your options include: AutoFix (takes care of saturation, exposure, sharpness, red eye), rotate, flip, resize, special effects (black and white, sepia), rename, or convert photo into a different format. Restoring old photographs is a great feature of this software and presents you with many options to improve damaged pictures. You can go with AutoFix and have the software take care of the problems or do it on your own. If you like to make changes personally, you can straighten the photo, remove scratches, dust, wrinkles, and even turn sepia photographs into black and white.

Roxio Creator 2012 is still one of the easiest ways to back up or copy information. It takes as little as one click to burn a CD or just drag the files you want to back up and drop them on a disk icon for the process to begin. The back up can be done on a CD, DVD, or a Blu-ray Disc and you can simply follow the prompts on the screen. The software also enables you to copy any unprotected DVD and burn DVDs from ISO image files.

In the past I was mainly interested in burning music and backing up data on CDs but today Roxio Creator 2012 offers so many new options, it’s hard to even know all it can do without spending some time with it. It is a very comprehensive software, sort of a one-place stop for photos, audio, and video manipulation and enhancement, and luckily it comes with tutorials to understand how to use it and take advantage all of its capabilities.

Much has been commented on Roxio Creator 2012 and awarded it with Silver Award 2011 and the overall score of 3.5 out of 4 stars. One area that prevented the software from receiving the perfect score was the fact that installation process, although not complicated, is quite lengthy and much longer than any of the major competing products. If that doesn’t deter you though, you will enjoy industry-top quality features set, ease of use, and great help in its built-in user guide. Roxio Creator 2011 was ranked No. 2 because it “has solid features and help support and is easy to use.”

Roxio Creator 2012 received many accolades from several other sources, including,, Gizmodo, Forbes,, MediaBeat, and Technologizer. All of them have focused on the new 3D capabilities of the software but also mention how complete the the product is.


As soon Roxio Creator 2013 is released, we’ll post the latest deals here at Be sure to see all out other deals on Roxio software, including on: