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StuffIt Deluxe – Coupon Codes & Promotions

We’ve just added some of the best deals of the season for the latest version of StuffIt Deluxe.  Now available in both Mac and PC versions, StiffIt is one of the most popular software programs used for compression, file backup, and computer security.  But forget paying retail price as we got got hold of some new StuffIt coupon codes and promotions that you can use on and several other authorized resellers.   Besides the StuffIt coupons and promos, keep track of any available student discounts or upgrade promos. If you’re new to StuffIt Deluxe, you can also download a free trial before you buy and use it for a full 30 days without any commitment to buy. As we always do, we will update this page as soon as the next versions of StuffIt is released from Smith Micro.



Save 10% on StuffIt Deluxe 2012 when you use instant coupon. You can also receive free shipping if you chose the download option.  You must use the coupon code at the time of order checkout to activate the discount. Offer valid only at – See site for full details.  This coupon code is set to expire at the end of the month.


Save up to 50% on StuffIt Deluxe (Mac and PC versions) and get free shipping at Amazon has versions of StuffIt Deluxe 2012 now on sale for up to half off.  Most States can also avoid the sales tax. No coupon code required to activate the discounted price but discounts vary depending on version purchased. is an authorized reseller of Smith Micro software.


Save $20.00 on StuffIt Deluxe 2012 Mac or Windows upgrade versions. To take advantage of the StuffIt upgrade discount, you will need to enter a qualifying serial number and order checkout in order to purchase.  Some general StuffIt coupons can also be used on the upgrade versions.


Download and try StuffIt Deluxe, Expander, or Engine SDK for up to 30 days free. When the free StuffIt trial download expires, either upgrade to the full version or uninstall.  Now you can avoid the potentially harmful StuffIt cracks, torrents, or keygens to test it out for free.


Save up to 10% on the UK version of StuffIt Deluxe 2012 now on sale at No additional coupon codes are needed to take advantage of the sale price – However the exact discount does vary depending on the version and number of licenses selected. Most offers within the United Kingdom also qualify for free postage.



Our review of StuffIt Deluxe 2012:

The new StuffIt Deluxe 2012 is one of the most powerful Mac/PC all-in-one compression utility tools on the market. In the latest version, you receive everything you need to backup date, share your files, archive old documents, encrypt private data and shrink large files.  With most orders, Smith Micro also throws in a 3-month subscription of SendStuffNow Premium and lets you install on up to 3 computer systems.

There are several new and compelling features found in this release.  One of our favorites is the improved compression tool.  Unlike WinZIP and other free-ware compression tools, StuffIt Deluxe has a much better algorithm that cut’s most file types down to 98% of their original size without compromising quality.  This includes MP3 files, Microsoft Word documents, PDF’s, JPEG files, and others. This is especially useful when cleaning up your hard drive or other portable storage drives. In case of error, StuffIt includes built-in automatic archive repair abilities that help you save any old files.  Plus, any of the files you convert with StuffIt Deluxe 2011 can be encrypted with password protection.  Simply check the password box and you’re able to secure just about any file type.

Some of the other popular features include StuffIt Scheduler.  This tool allows you to schedule regular automatic backup cycles.  Once you schedule it (daily, weekly, or monthly), you don’t need to do anything else as StuffIt automatically backs up the data. The data can be backed up not only on a connected drive, but also on CDs, DVDs, your FTP servers, or on MobileMe iDisk. StuffIt Deluxe 2011 only backs up new and changed data so you won’t be clogging your internet connection every time it runs. Anytime you need to access your backup data, you can browse through folders without needing to expand the archives.  All you do is browse your StuffIt X, Zip, Tar, and RAR archives just like you would any other folder.

Other popular software products from VMware include:


Helpful Links:

Are you not sure what’s the best deal to use on StuffIt Deluxe 2012 from all those posted above?  Keep in mind that some the best coupons don’t necessarily require you to enter a physical code at the time of checkout and many deep discounts can often be found and authorized retailers (such as Amazon).  If you’re a student you may be able to get a lower price by ordering the academic version vs. getting the regular full version using one of our coupons or rebates. Most of the best deals are for those that are upgrading from any of the previous versions of StuffIt (ie: StuffIt Standard, DropStuff, DropTar, DropZip) and can provide a valid serial number at the time of purchase.

With that said some of the available coupon codes for StuffIt Deluxe 2012 can be stacked along with other limited time offers.  We’ve see Smith Micro offer mail-in rebates at coupon codes at the same time.  Whenever you need to use a physical coupon code at the time of checkout at, all you need to do to copy the code listed on this page at (usually highlighted in yellow) and enter it at time of order checkout.  Remember that if you enter the code wrong or change any of the characters, it’s possible that the code will no longer work for you. These coupon codes tend to expire without warning so if all else fails, please contact us so that we may remove it from the list.

Unlike other coupon and deals sites, we strive to help you find the best deals regardless where they came from.  That’s why, with the help of Google, we have a site search box that not only looks for other pages on with StuffIt coupons but also other websites that may offer other deals. Often this includes discounts from stores like Costco, Walmart, Best Buy, NewEgg, and Staples.

If you decide to continue your search for coupons outside of the, we recommend you try a few other coupon code websites similar to that carry the latest 2012 discount codes.  As soon as the new StuffIt Deluxe 2013 will be released and the trial available for free download, we will post all the latest coupon codes and promotional discount offers here on

Anime Studio 8 Pro & Debut – Coupon Codes & Promotions

The #1 best selling animation software program is now on sale!  We are tracking all of the most popular Anime Studio 8 coupon codes and promotions, as well as the available 30 day free trials and limited time mail-in rebates.  Along with the sale prices, all orders qualify for a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason.  As always, as soon as Anime Studio 9 is released and available for download, we will list any available Anime Studio 9 coupon codes here on





Save 20% on Anime Studio 8 Pro when you use coupon code: SAVE20. Included is free download of your order so no need to pay extra for any shipping and handling.  To activate this discount, simply enter the above coupon code at the time of order checkout. This coupon expires end of the month.


Save up to $60.00 on Anime Studio Debut or Pro versions now on sale at Amazon. Most orders can also skip the shipping charges and pay no sales tax (sales tax is charged depending on the State you ship to). No coupon code is needed to activate this deal, but the discount can vary across the different versions on sale.


Save up from 25% to 60% on the upgade discount available on Anime Studio Debut 6 or 7. Special direct discounted upgrade pricing help you save up to 60% vs. purchasing the full-version on both Anime Studio Debut 8 and Anime Studio Pro 8 versions. You will be required to enter a qualifying serial number in order to complete the purchase using the upgrade discount.


Download and try either the Pro or Debut versions of Anime Studio 8 for free. offers free 30-day trial versions on most of their software products. After the trial period, the license automatically expires if you do not upgrade to the full version. Now you can avoid the harmful cracks, keygens, and torrents by downloading the official free trial version of Anime Studio 8 at Smith Micro.


Save up to £35.00 on Anime Studio Pro 8 (PC/Mac) UK version now on sale at You can also save up to £20.00 on Anime Studio Debut.  Most orders also qualify for free standard dispatch within the United Kingdom.  Amazon UK is an authorized reseller of Smith Micro software.  No voucher code is needed but sale prices may vary across the different versions.



What’s new?  Our review of Anime Studio 8 Pro.

Remember all those funny and entertaining cartoons you watched as a kid? Now you have a chance to develop your own and feel like a youngster again. If you ever wanted to make a cartoon, movie, or anime for a living or for fun, maybe something based on your life or you just liked a unique way of telling stories, Anime Studio 8 Pro is for you.

If you are a beginner in creating animations, Anime Studio Debut 8 has many tutorial videos to get you on your feet right away. On top of that, it provides a library of graphics, characters, background images, videos, and sounds so you can get started immediately and develop your skills on the go.

PC World underscores ability of Anime Studio 8 of blending 2D and 3D designs, as well as pictures and video. Some of the features of Anime Studio 7 include option of recording your own sound and then adjusting a pitch depending on characteristics of the character you are developing. There is also built-in lip syncing and ability to import audio form your library and adjust it to the timeline of your story.
Quite impressive are some new features in Anime Studio 8 such as simulated physics, 3D shape design, and animation tools. Simulated physics make content creation easier as the software puts “logic” in motion. Just take a look at some free tutorials to realize how much time you can save with this new version.

My favorite option is sequencer, which facilitates fast arrangement of animation elements (video, audio, existing animation) and deciding at what point in time these elements should become active. At the bottom of the screen there is a horizontal time scale and each element can be adjusted independently against that scale. If you want to postpone it or speed it up a little, simply drag a particular element across the time scale. It doesn’t get any easier. Then save it (many options available) or export to Youtube or Facebook.


As soon as the new Anime Studio 9 Pro and Debut will be released and the trial available for free download (expected in late 2012), we will post all the latest coupon codes and promotional discount offers here on