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A new competitor to Adobe Acrobat X and Nuance PDF Converter has arrived with the 2012 release of Corel PDF Fusion.  It’s actually one of the more affordable alternatives. It lets you make robust PDF portfolios, save files to multiple formats (PDF, XPS, DOC, etc.), and a whole lot more with drag-and-drop capabilities. But even though PDF Fusion only retails for around $69.99, we were able to find some pretty good deals to help save you up to 50% off your order. See below for all our most popular Corel PDF Fusion coupon codes, promos, and student/upgrade discounts.




Corel PDF Fusion is now on sale at Amazon for up to 50% off the regular price. In additional, Amazon also adds free standard shipping to all orders.  Sale tax is only charged in a hand-full of states so if you’re lucky, you will also save an extra 5% to 9% with the State tax savings here as well.  The sale price varies across versions – See Amazon for full details. This deal is expected to last through until the end of the month.


Get $30.00 off instantly on Corel PDF Fusion now on sale at The sale price at Corel’s official online store is actavated when you follow our discount link. Just note that it can change daily so be sure to see their general coupon posted on their main PDF Fusion page.  This offer will be valid through this week only.



Download the free 30-day, fully functional trial Corel PDF Fusion now at Corel offers free trial versions just about all their software.  When you download PDF fusion, you will have 30 days from the date you installed the copy to fully use the test copy.  At 30 days it will automatically expire unless you purchase and enter the activation key.


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Our review of Corel PDF Fusion:

Microsoft Office is just one of many suites that offers word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation software. Apple has created its own version and as new ideas on how to make us more productive come to light all the time, so do new types of programs that most of the time are not compatible with one another. One way to open and manage them is to have the appropriate software, but few could afford that and would most likely not need all the programs all the time anyways (not to mention all the hard drive space required to support them and processor power to operate your computer). Corel came up with a better idea called PDF Fusion, which allows opening over 100 different file types and combining them into a single pdf document that can be shared with all your friends. What’s really outstanding about the software is that it doesn’t need any additional software to open the other file types, saving you money and time and allowing for a creation of simpler documents.

Below are some of the most important features of Corel PDF Fusion:

  • View many file types – Over 100 different file types; word processor (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Lotus WordPro, IBM Writing Assistant, OpenOffice Writer), spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, IBM Lotus Symphony, SuperCalc), presentation (PowerPoint, WordPerfect Presentations, Corel Presentations), bitmap image (GIF, JPEG, TIFF, WordPerfect Graphic, Windows Bitmap, MacPaint), vector image (Adobe PDF, Windows Metafile OpenOffice Draw, AutoCAD Drawing, Adobe Photoshop and Illustration) just to name some of the file types.
  • Edit and rearrange content – although somewhat limited, Corel PDF Fusion offers the following editing tools: bookmark, copy, comment, correct, redact, add hyperlink, underline, strikeout, highlight, watermark, crop.
  • Create new documents from all the files you open by easily dragging and dropping any desired pages and deciding on their order, it also permits to convert several documents at once with Corel PDF Batch Converter.
  • Create new files in the following formats: PDF, DOC, XPS

As already mentioned, Corel PDF Fusion allows to open over 100 different types of documents. You get started by choosing from three types of viewing: page view, assembly view, or Flick view. Page view allows you to open a document, go through it in detail, review it and with Flick view you are able to browse through documents as if they were pages in a book (not as detailed as page view). You can’t make changes to the document but it gives you a quick insight into a its content, a visual preview. Finally, Assembly view is where you combine different files to create one pdf type of document. You can open several documents and then drag-and-drop them in the assembly section. There you can shuffle them around, rotate, or crop. Once you decide on the final outcome of a document, Corel PDF Fusion will combine those documents into a single pdf package that can be shared with anyone. As you assemble the final product, you can pick individual pages from different documents that you opened and choose only those you need for the final outcome. You can make changes to the new document by adding or deleting text, adding bookmarks, highlighting text, or adding notes. It is also a good solution if you collaborate with others on a project because it allows you to share the document and add comments in order to reach your goal.

Corel PDF Fusion received many accolades from especially for the quality of editing. The fact that the software is able to open so many file types and easily manipulate them, earned Corel PDF Fusion the highest grades among convert PDF software. Another area that received praise was Ease of Use due to the fact that menus were easy to access and even the first time users would not be confused by them. Also, easy access to many popular features makes working in Corel PDF Fusion stress-free. Although the software was highly regarded by the reviewer, it wasn’t the best in its class, and was ranked 4 out of 11 products. One reason for not ranking higher was the fact that it lacks some of the more advanced multimedia features that competing products offer but the combination of all its features and very reasonable price makes it “one of our top convert PDF software choices and should not be quickly overlooked.”