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CorelCAD 2012, with its fully customizable 2D/3D design tools and cross-platform CAD industry-standard features (available for both Windows and Mac OS) , is quickly becoming one of  Corel’s best selling software programs.  But as we always do here at, we’ve already been able to find some great deals available at both at several other resellers.  See below for all the latest CorelCAD coupon codes and promotions to help you save up to $200 on your purchase. We also track any available upgrade and student discounts and post them here whenever available.




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Our review of CorelCAD

Now that you have a good deal for the new CorelCAD design software, let’s take a look at what’s inside.  CorelCAD offers a competitive solution to many design software used by architects, engineers, site designers, and industrial designers in general. It operates the industry standard DWG file format and allows collaboration between users and easy exchange of files. It provides opportunity to create professional and intricate 2D and 3D designs with wealth of options to make those ideas come to light.

The user interface is packed with multitude of options and can be personalized and saved so different users can tweak it to their needs and be more productive. As mentioned before, collaboration is smooth and easy and CorelCAD is compatible with other software like Corel DESIGNER and Corel DRAW. To share work, choose EXPORT from the FILE menu and pick one of the options presented (also PDF export is possible). If you happen to have several layouts in your project, you can send all of them or just the specified ones. Later, pick a file format (CDR or DES) and the export is complete.

Some of the features of CorelCAD are:

  • Option to save files is different formats; DWG is a native format, others include DXF, DWF, DWT; also save drawings to R12 DWG or DXF format.
  • Compatibility with other CAD programs through the same menus, commands, and tool bars making it relatively easy for experienced users.
  • 2D drafting tools such as entity grips, properties palette, custom coordinates.
  • 3D design tools including 3D viewing capabilities, 3D modeling, editing solids, and in in seconds help you make 2D to 3D transformations.  You have the option to simply choose a shape and then enter the coordinates/dimensions and 3D View form View menu will do the rest for you.
  • Create your own functions and routines with VSTA Manager.
  • Interface resembles that of AutoCAD so there is a smaller learning curve for experienced users (workspace, toolbox, creation tools, command bar).
  • Customize the entire product by assigning mouse actions, keyboard functions, commands, and user interface; on top of that, make changes to menu bar, toolbar to fit it to your needs, you can always go back to default settings.  The program is optimized for Windows and Mac users.

One feature that makes collaboration even more efficient is VoiceNotes that allows inserting recorded instructions or comments. It’s a simple insert function, once you determine where to place it, a voice-note window will appear where you record your message that you can later replay and even leave additional text instructions.

CorelCAD is an elaborate program and you might occasionally expect challenges using it. To help you move forward and finish your projects as scheduled, Corel has created CorelCAD Community filled with tutorials, idea exchange on forums, chats, among others. You will also gain access to Market for CorelCAD go further boost up your CorelCAD capabilities with the plug-in store where you can purchase third party enhancements.