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CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disk burning has gotten much easier with the new Cyberlink Power2Go 8.  But no need to pay the full retail price as we’ve pulled together some of the most popular deals on the web to help you  save a full or upgrade purchase of Cyberlink Power2Go software.  See below for our Power2Go 8 coupon codes, rebates and discounts available on the deluxe version. At times you can also find special student discounts as well as upgrade pricing. Once Power2Go 9 is released, we will also post any available coupon codes and discounts here on



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Get the upgrade discount on Power2Go 8. No additional Cyberlink coupon codes are needed to take advantage of the upgrade pricing, however you will need to meet certain qualifications before you can activate your order.  See site for full details and for help with upgrading your older version of Power2Go.


Save 50% on each license if you take advantage of Cyberlink’s volume license program. Only purchase as little as 5 licenses to take advantage of this deal.   To see all the available volume discounts, follow our link and select the “Volume Licensing” option that is listed on the page.  Here you will be able to use the calculator to determine your discount threshold.


Download and use the Cyberlink Power2Go 8 trial version for free for up to 30 days. You can find almost all the official Cyberlink trial versions available at  After the trial period you can come back to us and use one of our coupons to upgrade to the full version or uninstall the trial software.  Avoid the potentially harmful keygens and torrents by downloading the official licensed version.


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Our Cyberlink Power2Go Review:

Power2Go 8 Platinum edition is a one-stop solution for backing up your data and burning disk of numerous formats. The software is broken down into three categories: burning tools, protecting data, and DVD creation tools.

A very important part of every product is the ease of use and Power2Go does not disappoint. It is very easy to navigate between menus and it is self-explanatory. When it comes to burning discs, all you do is go over different media options and select one. You can choose from data, music, video, photo gallery, system recovery, disk utility, or a simple copy of a disc. Each of the mentioned categories offers more specific options to better assist your requirements. Burning data requires you to select what type of disc you want the data to be saved on, and then your screen splits into two: the upper one lets you browse for files, the lower one displays what will be copied. The program allows you to drag and drop files making the entire process fast, easy, and effortless. You can also organize your data on the new disk in files and even protect some of it by opting to create a secure area on the disk. That part is encrypted and the prompts let you to create a security level (128-bit or 256-bit) and password. Simply follow the wizard that takes you through the entire process in just few steps.

Equally simple is a creation of a music disc in one the following formats: Audio CD, VMA CD, MP3 CD, VMA DVD, and MP3 DVD. Once you select the desired format, the screen once again divides into two parts letting you browse and then drag and drop content to the bottom section of the screen. This section of the software also offers sound alteration technology, The Wave Editor. You can make changes to the tracks by manipulating Volume (Boost, Fade), Distortion (Change Speed, Pitch Shift), Adjustment (Equalizer), Generate (Reverb, Generate Silence/Noise), and Special (Noise Reduction, Radio, Phone). It is a simple and rudimentary addition to the program, one that doesn’t take much time to master, and can be an interesting learning experience.

Power2Go 8 Platinum lets you also create DVD menus for the newly created video discs. Your options include: Video CD, DVD Video, or DVD Folders. Deciding on video files and menu structure in done within the same interface, under Content tab. That is your starting point, browse for videos, decide on the menu categories, titles, etc. This time, your screen slits vertically into two: all the decisions are made on the left side, and the outcome is displayed on the right. That’s where you can format text (font style, size, etc), decide on background music, order in which the videos are played, and playback mode. The second tab is for Menu Preferences and allows you to change the background or eliminate menu all together. It offers few sample background themes, but more can be downloaded. You can access more than 5000 free templates from Finally, Disc Preferences gives you a chance to pick a disc and decide on video and audio settings. You can preview your new creation and then proceed with burning.
Here are few more features that Power2Go comes with:

  • Make a photo gallery disk – pick a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc; works just like backing up files by dragging and dropping your photos into appropriate folders.
  • System recovery disc – NEW feature that makes creation of such a disc very simple; the software walks you through the entire process step-by-step; you make a decision regarding the disc you want to use and the program even gives you an estimate number of particular type of discs needed; in case you ever have to use it again, just insert it in your computer and the recovery wizard will help you with that process.
  • Disc utilities – this feature include: Erase Disc, CD Extra, Rip Audio, Mixed Mode CD, Audio Converter, and Virtual Drive.
  • Create a photo slide show, decide which photos to include, sped of presentation, and background image and music.
  • Create disk image file as a virtual drive and access it like a real disc drive on your computer; it will appear as another drive in your system.

Power2Go 8 Platinum addresses many different categories and its quality helped it to get some positive reviews. PCauthority gave it 4 out of 6 stars noting that even though this product does not provide as many features as other suits, it offers the important ones at lower price. Power2Go was ranked No. 4 among 12 products by in CD Burning Software category. It was praised for the ease of use (maximum score); on the negative the reviewer mentioned relatively few features, as compared to the top three. Finally, it received the Gold award from HiTechLegion for the simplicity, drag and drop feature, and virtual drive and system recovery tool, among others.

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