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PowerDVD 12 is all new for 2012, but that doesn’t mean that you need to pay full price to get your hands on a copy.  We are tracking all of the latest deals of the season and can help you save up to 30% on your order.  See below for some of the most popular PowerDVD 12 coupon codes and promos to help you save when ordering from Besides our coupons, we also follow all of the special offers at our favorite resellers (like Amazon).  Before you buy, you also hae the opportunity to the official free trial version offered at  If your a student or own an older copy of PowerDVD, you may also qualify for upgrade discounts or rebates.  As soon as Cyberlink PowerDVD 13 is released (rumored to be in early 2014), we’ll post all the latest discounts here on


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What is included in the new PowerDVD 12?

PowerDVD 12 Ultra is a media player that allows you to play different files and different media formats, most notably Blu-ray. Even though this might be the most common description of the product you encounter, over the years PowerDVD has morphed into an all around digital experience enhancer. With the software you can enjoy you media content on a mobile device, enjoy videos and photos in better quality, and put together all you social media in one basket, so to speak, to have an easier and faster access to it.

The software is quite simple to navigate, as you choose media type by clicking on the main tabs: Movie, Video, Photo, Music, and Device. The Movie tab mostly offers some informational material. It displays the most popular/watched movies at the time, offers a handy access to movie reviews and preview video. It also allows you to write and share a review and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or MoovieLink. That’s how far this service goes, because if you happen to like any of the previews you saw, you have to go elsewhere to get the movie. Perhaps not the best feature, somewhat useful, and unfortunate that it doesn’t offer some type of connection with a service that would let you get the movie once you read a review and see a trailer.

Video tab displays all your video files found on your computer. PowerDVD 12 Ultra nicely breaks it down into the location of the files and even provides access to YouTube videos. Keep in mind that you cannot search for new YouTube videos from within PowerDVD 12 Ultra, you can watch the most popular posts and boost their video and audio quality. The software let’s you play many different video files, which is a clear benefit with so many currently out there; you can also create play lists. One feature worth trying (it will be up to you to decide its usefulness) is TrueTheater Effects. It allows you to make the video and audio experience better by adjusting lighting, smoothness of motion, noise reduction, image stabilization, or emulating HD experience by improving sharpness. Another quality of PowerDVD 12 Ultra is the fact that it is able to transform videos from 2D to 3D. You will need to buy glasses and adjust the settings to synchronize them with your glasses and get the most out of them.

Music tab is a very simple, helpful, and straightforward feature of Power DVD. It helps you organize and listen to music from different sources, combining it in one place. You can organize all you music by, track, album, or artist. You can create play lists of your favorite tracks, just click on “New Play list,” name it, and start selecting music. The easiest way to do it is to simply drag and drop a particular song to any play list you have, new or existing one. The great benefit here is that you can select single tracks from different internal and external drives, so rather than clicking back and forth, the software does it for you.

Photo tab, similar to other tabs, allows you to view all your pictures stored on different flash, hard internal and external drives, or Facebook (your pictures and those of your friends) and Flickr. With all your pictures in front of you it’s easy to create slide shows. Drag and drop pictures that you want to include and decide on parameters such as how log a picture is displayed, and transition effects. Under the same tab you will find an easy access to a very cool feature that will allow you to convert 2D pictures to 3D. You will most likely have to adjust some settings to better match your equipment, but the options are quite well described and even a novice can handle navigating them. Last but not least, Power DVD provides easy upload tool to Facebook and Flickr, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to do any editing to your pictures.

Device is another cool feature offered. You can convert your iPhone or Android device into a remote control; you will be able to navigate PowerDVD on your PC, turn your device into a touch pad to serve as a mouse, or access videos and photos you have stored on your device on a PC. With your phone, you will be able to navigate all the tabs found on Power DVD and create playlists, slideshows, etc.

PowerDVD comes in 3 versions: Ultra, Deluxe, and Standard. Only the Ultra contains all the features mentioned above, so before making a purchase see which version is for you.

PCmag gave it a score of 3.5 out of 5 ranking it “Good,” mainly for 3D Blu-ray, and ability to better the videos. It wasn’t quite impressed with the interface and questioned the utility of some of the sound options (True Theater). Overall, the product got a nod, especially if you’re curious about the 2D to 3D conversion. It was also the winner of 2012 Best Blu-ray Software Player at TechRadar. It received a Gold Award for the combination of features, intuitive nature, and clear interface. The reviewer called it the “apogee” of its category finding the only flaws in the fact that there is no free technical support.

Using our Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 coupon codes is a great way to save money on your purchase directly from You will notice that most of our coupons and offers do not require you to physically enter a promo code at checkout. This is because the discount is automatically activated once you go through the provided coupon code link. Other offers may require you to enter to discount code before you complete your order. Remember that you will need to enter the coupon code exactly how it appears otherwise it may not work. Although we do our best to update our pages with the most relevant deals, please let us know if any of these offers have expired. As soon as Cyberlink PowerDVD 13 is released, we will post any available promotions here on this page.

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