Dark Souls – Video Game Review & Coupon

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So what’s new? Dark Souls is a role-playing action-adventure game that takes you into a grim and dark fantasy world battling creatures and monsters, navigating through dungeons and mythical world to become the Dark Lord. Even though the game is very challenging, taking lots of time to master, it was very well received and got many positive reviews. The game is available as a single payer or multiplayer (online).

Your character is an immortal called Undead on his way to become a Hollow (not a desired outcome). In order to avoid that, you have to ring the Bells of Awakening. By ringing the bells, you become the Chosen Undead and learn that you now have to remove the curse of the Darksign that turns humans immortals, by bringing the souls of four Lords. In the final battle, you fight a dark lord, Gwyn, and by replacing him, you gain control over other creatures and can become the Dark Lord or choose death for the price of liberating the world from the Darksign.

Battling creatures in Dark Souls is intimidating and at times impossible to leave victorious. The bosses are the biggest enemies and oftentimes they are significantly greater in size than you, leaving you no option that scramble for safety. Facing variety of opponents requires constant adjustment to fighting strategy, which consists of switching weapons and armor. You can carry unlimited number of items and by switching weapons you also switch a character, from unarmored thief to heavily protected soldier. Aside from weapons, you can also cast spells that you receive at the bonfires.

Online option allows teaming up with other players and helping each other along the way by leaving messages on the game world floor or joining other worlds. You join other worlds as a phantom, which proves to be a very rewarding decision. It gives you a chance not only to gain souls but also experience that can later prove invaluable. Similarly, you can enter other players’ world and fight them for their souls. This online collaboration is also vital to get through many stages because you can share tips and trick with other gamers, becoming more skilled and being able to find different artifacts faster.

The intensity and focus required by the game as well as hours of practice to achieve respectable skills make this game addictive and earned it the highest grades. Gamespot.com gave it a score of 9.5 out of 10 mainly for its online capability as well as plenty of targets to face in high quality combat scenes. Ign.com ranked it as “Amazing” with a 9 out 10 score, grading it in all categories either 9 or 9.5. It especially praised the game for sound, lasting appeal, and presentation. To complete the reviews, metacritic.com gave it 89 out of 100 points and gamerankings.com ranked it at 89%. One final comment appearing among all the above reviewers was that Dark Souls is not much of a game enjoyed during leisure time because of the skill it requires. It is for serious players who are eventually rewarded by the overall quality the game presents.