David’s Bridal Wedding Gown Preservation Kit Coupons


Save you wedding gown and protect your investment for generations to come with the professional conservation service now offered at David’s Bridal.  All you need to do is to send it in, stains and all, and they will do the rest. Currently you can save up to 40% off the retail price on David’s Bridal wedding gown preservation kits now on sale (certain restrictions may apply).  These kits are made to let you you easily, safely, and professionally store your dress. Visit Davidsbridal.com to see to see the details on this offer (no printable coupons required).


So how does it work? These professional wedding gown preservation kits make it easy to save your dress. All you need to do is complete the service request form included in your kit, place your gown in the provided box, and either drop it off at one on 13,000 David’s Bridal locations in the United States or at your local UPS store along with the prepaid shipping label. In about two weeks, you receive your gown beautifully cleaned and sealed.  With your gown, you can also send in your veil, garter, gloves, and more to be preserved.  Don’t worry, this offer is not only open in the US, but Canada, UK, Australia, and many other countries can also take advantage of this discount.

What about stains? The best part of these kits from David’s Bridal is that the preservation process removes about 95% of most stains. So all those sugar stains, from cake, wine, champagne, strawberries to dirt picked up in all the chaos is almost completely removed in most cases. Plus they guarantee their work if yo are not satisfied for any reason. If at any time your preserved gown begins yellowing, just bring it back and they will restore it again free of charge.

Didn’t buy your dress at David’s Bridal? This is not a problem!  These wedding gown preservation kits are completely universal and work on just about for just about any dress.  That’s why these kits make the perfect gifts for bridal showers.

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