ESET Nod32 Free Trial – 2014

The official 2014 ESET Nod32 free 30 day trial downloads are available at  You can now download for free at:


Unlike some of the other anti virus companies, ESET doesn’t require you to enter a credit card to access the 30 day free trial.  After the free trail period, you can either choose to upgrade to the full version or simply uninstall the trial copy (or just let it expire automatically by itself). Just be sure to uninstall your old antivirus software before downloading this Nod32 free trial to avoid any issues with performance. If you are installing on a brand new computer or laptop, be sure any pre-installed is removed or deactivated.  This is important because running two or more antivirus products on the same computer at the same time can degrade performance and cause system instability.  Also, be sure you download the correct version; The newest free trial of ESET Nod32 antivirus software is available for 64 bit operating systems – Including Windows 7 on PC’s and Mountain Lion on Mac’s.

After the free trial, you can either purchase the full license or jump over and try some of ESET’s competitors like Norton, ZoneAlarm or Kaspersky.  They all offer 30 to 60 day free trial versions of their anti-virus computer software.


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