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See below for our favorite go to my pc coupon codes and discounts that are now available from Citrix.  With Go-to-my-PC or Go-to-my-Mac from Citrix, you can access all your files and programs on your Mac or PC from anywhere, including from your iPad or iPhone.


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Our review of GoToMyPC:

GoToMyPC is a pretty cool service provided by Citrix Online that helps you to remotely control and access your computer, with new support for your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry. The basic premises behind the technology are to facilitate access to your personal or corporate information from anywhere and any computer connected to the Internet.

First step in establishing remote connection is to download GoToMyPC from the website and install it on the computer you want to access. The next step is to log in to account from another computer and you will be presented with a view of your desktop. This makes the entire set up process last literally minutes. GoToMyPC also offers professional and corporate versions of the software. In a Pro version, an administrator can manage up to 50 computers while the Corporate version allows more than one administrator and access to over 10 computers. These users will have privileges to access the same computer allowing you to better manage resources.

While away, you still have the access to everything on your office computer: applications, files, network resources. Whatever work you do on a remote computer (creating files, pictures) can be simply dragged and dropped onto your office desktop and vice versa and it’s automatically saved there.

To keep up with new trends in technology, GoToMyPC is now available on iPad. The app gives you control of your computer from a tablet. underscores simple interface and easy set up but says the reaction on the desktop was slow at times, still earning it “Good” rating.

Some other features of GoToMyPC include:

  • Easy and quick installation that doesn’t require any IT skills.
  • Data transferred is encrypted with 128-bit AES.
  • Cut/copy/paste between any computers or operating systems.
  • Desktop shortcut allows you a faster access to the host computer from a remote device, this is particularly helpful if you use a remote computer on regular basis; with a click on the shortcut, you only have to provide log-in password and you’re connected.
  • Remote printing – you can open a document on a host computer (office) and print a document in your office or at the location from which you’re accessing the host computer –    you can now access you computer through iPad.
  • File transfer – let’s say you generated a new document at a remote location. File transfer is very intuitive as you can simply drag a new document between the two computers (remote and office) and the transfer is in process. You can also choose “File Transfer and Sync” and two windows display particular folders on both computers, you can transfer files back and forth or have the software sync the files between the two computers.
  • Sync files – go to a specific folder on both computers and sync them to make sure that you’re not missing any files; if you already have an older version of a particular file, you can have it replaced with a newer one or not overwrite it and keep both
  • Sounds – you can hear the sounds as they are configured on the computer you access.
  • Guest invite – you can invite someone to view your desktop, perhaps conducting a presentation; you can also grant full control over your desktop.
  • Multi-screen support – if you work on two computers at your office, you can access both of them from a remote location; if you have two monitors available away from your office you can maximize the view over the both monitors to have them just like in the office, otherwise switch back and forth between the windows.
  • Individual usage reports such as activity snapshot, host history, users activity, hours of access, connections; reports can be run for particular periods, also available are monthly reports and data is stored for 12 months.
  • Keyboard locking and screen blanking – lock host computer once disconnected, blank out screen while connected, or lock host keyboard and mouse

GoToMyPC currently offers 3 different plans: Individual, Pro, and Corporate. They differ by the number of users allowed to log in and some features available. All the plans allow for access from iPad, the Individual plan does not have any administrative functions, and only the Corporate plan offers advanced administration control and multiple users reporting.

GoToMyPC has a very broad industry appeal and has been commented on extensively. It received 4 stars (out of 4) and 2011 Gold Award from TopTenReviews excelling in all judged categories: Ease of Use, Remote Access Features, Security, Help & Support, and Pricing Options. TopTenReviews calls Citrix GoToMyPC support “incomparable” and the software’s features make it “number one among its users”.  For full reviews see or


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