Groupon for Nordstrom Rack 2012

As one of the most popular Groupon offers ever posted, you can now signup to Groupon’s email mailing list to receive news on the next Nordstrom Rack and other deals so you don’t miss the next one once it comes back.

Here is the list of the last cities that were included in the latest Nordstrom Rack promo.  These certificates were redeemable at any Nordstrom’s Rack store nationwide:

Second to the Groupon Amazon half-price offer, the Nordstrom Rack promotion on Groupon was by far our favorite offer. It let you buy a $50.00 in-store gift certificate for $25.00 that was valid at all Nordstrom Rack locations in America.  Because most of the stuff at Nordstrom Rack is already discounted by 50% or more, you can really score an amazing deal on a new pair of shoes, jeans, or anything else in the store.  They just won’t let you buy any gift certificates, combine the Groupon coupon with any other promotions, or buy more than 1 per person (aka. one per creditcard, account, and email address).

We’ve seen this offer come and go several times in several different cities. Although we don’t know when the Groupon for Nordstrom Rack will come back, we recommend that you sign up for their email list to help you keep your eyes open for the next 2012 offer.  Because this offer bounces around different cities, you can actually sign-up for several mailing lists for a few cities.  So for example, if you live in Los Angeles, consider signing up for the San Francisco, New York, and Miami Groupon daily email lists as well.

This Nordstrom Rack Groupon deal and other explosively popular offers are known to slow down the site.  So if you get bounced out, you should keep trying so you can still get the promotion before it expires.  Just be careful as other users have reported multiple purchases as the website slowed down so much that they didn’t realize that the purchase went through even though the page timed out.

To learn more about Nordstrom Rack Groupon coupon, see the Slickdeals forum.