H&R Block at Home Premium 2013 – Discounts, Coupon Codes & Promotions 2014

The all new H&R Block at Home Premium discounts are here!  See below for our favorite H&R Block at Home Premium coupon codes and promotions to help you save up to 58% on your order when doing your 2013 taxes. We also list any bundle deals whenever available. Be sure to come back to us here at uCouponCode.com next season when H&R Block 2014 is released next year to see the full list of coupon codes. Be sure to see our other deals for TurboTax 2013 versions as well!




Save up to 58% on H&R Block at Home Premium now on sale at Amazon.  Plus you can get free standard shipping on just about all tax software orders sold on Amazon. They also offer the Premium version in downloadable digital format so you can get your order downloaded today. The sale prices are expected to last through this week. Prices may vary across versions.


Save 15% with this instant coupon at HRBlock.com.  Get 15% off H&R Block at Home Premium 2013 or any of the other Home versions of H&R Block now on sale. This coupon is automatically activated when you follow the discount link so no need to enter any additional codes at order checkout. This early season offer is set to expire at the end of the month.


Try H&R Block at Home Premium 2013 for free before your order.  Just like TurboTax, H&R Block has all of their online versions available to test for free. Just start your tax return online and you’ll go through all the features that are included for this year. You don’t pay unless you decide to file your return.


Get a money-back guarantee on all H&R Block software orders.  If you buy the box from any of the authorized retailers (like Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, etc.) then you automatically have the guarantee.  It you’re not happy with the software for any reason, then complete the return process on HRblock.com.



Our review of H&R Block at Home Premium:

Is H&R Block at Home Premium 2013 really a better product than any other tax preparation software available on the market? Well, If you decided to prepare taxes on your own this time around but would like to have a cushion in case you make a mistake or looking for the peace of mind when someone goes over your return and certifies it, H&R Block might be the way to go. Established over 50 years ago, it counts with over 11,000 offices today, which situates a retail office within 5 miles of most Americans (according to the information on H&R Block website).

One of the H&R Block’s offerings worth reviewing is Best of Both. It is another solution for tax filers who run into difficulties with the return or want to assure the accuracy of the tax return. It combines the features of the premium version of the online tax product with the help of H&R Block tax professional who will review your return to make sure who are entitled to the maximum refund (or lowest liability) possible. By signing up for this product, you will choose a tax professional that will assist you in any step of the tax preparation process. You can continue working with the same person as in the past (assuming you’re a returning customer) or choose someone new. If you have a question, you can connect with him/her by email or phone and get the solutions you need. Once you complete your return, forward it to your H&R Block tax professional who will review it to make sure your tax return is correct and you didn’t miss any deductions. He/she will make changes to it, if necessary, and send it to you for approval and later e-file it for you.

Premium version includes all of Deluxe version features and goes a step further. It is designed for the self-employed and rental property owners and help to account for the following events:

  • How to account for the income generated from renting a property as well as providing a set of deductions and credits related to expenses incurred during that period.
  • Business owners / self-employed find help with Schedule C; you will find assistance how to handle income, expenses, and cost of goods sold (COGS); some of the topics it covers include sales, returns and allowances, other types of income, employees and their benefits, contract labor, commissions and fees, office, travel, advertising expenses, and various topics related to COGS.
  • Tax calculator will assist to accurately account for cost basis if you sold a house, received a dividend from your stock portfolio, or inherited assets.
  • One-on-one session with H&R Block tax professional; this might be especially beneficial based on the complexity of some of the above situations

All the mentioned features are seamlessly incorporated in the software as you move from one section to another. The filing process begins with the interview section that will establish overall frame for tax preparation. Deductions and Adjustments is where all the benefits of H&R Block at Home Premiere are utilized and produce the greatest benefits for its users. Credits, Taxes, and Federal Summary wrap up tax return process and are accompanied by easy-to-access help sections with plethora of tips and common questions related to a particular section. The software then checks the return one more time for any potential errors and you are ready to file your return. H&R Block even provides help in case of IRS audit and assumes liability (to a certain amount) for its errors.

The software has received one of the highest grades among the comparable products when reviewed by Macworld and PCmag. Some of the adjectives used by PCMag describing the product were simple interface, clean, excellent support. It received “Very Good” rating and 4 out of 5 score, falling short of excellent perhaps because of rigid interview and less that perfect review process. To wrap up, the reviewer said that “Premium’s Best of Both option provides beginning-to-end support that no one else has ever offered, at a reasonable price.” PCWorld.com ranked it similarly and summed it up as a “great value for small-business owners” underscoring great design, help with audits, and option to meet face-to-face with a tax professional. Finally, TopTenReviews ranked it second among competing software. The software earned the highest score for features, ease of use, tax instructions and guides, and help and support. For all these categories, it earned 2011 Silver Award mainly because it passed all the tests based on all the current laws and regulations. Also the fact that it offers access to a tax professional in so many locations makes it even more appealing to customers.

We also have special offer coupon codes and promotional discounts from TurboTax. Be sure to see the latest offers for the Premier, Deluxe, and Basic versions. There are also two free versions, including the Turbotax Freedom Edition and the free edition, for low-income families and those serving in the Military.



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