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Planning a wedding is no easy task.  But now you don’t need get an expensive wedding planner to help you plan the perfect wedding. Thanks to the folks at Elm Software, there is a new software program, called iDo Wedding Couple Edition, that does it all for you.  Just as Quickbooks is for finances, iDo Wedding software has your complete checklist to plan the perfect wedding (including the tedious stuff like budget, invitations, RSVP status, etc.). Although the software retails for just $34.95, we were able to get some exclusive deals directly from the manufacturer. See below for all the latest iDo Wedding coupon codes and promotions.



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Save up to 8.00% instantly on iDo Wedding Couple Edition software now on sale at Amazon. And if you’re on an Apple Mac and don’t have a program like Parallels, then see the alternative to the PC version like Perfect Table Plan that is also on sale. No coupon code needed to activate the sale price and discounts may vary across versions (Mac or PC). Free shipping available on most orders.


Download and try iDo Wedding Couple Edition for free for up to 30 days. The free trial version is available if you haven’t yet had a chance to try the new iDo Wedding software yet.  After 30 days, you will be given the option to purchase a full license or you can simply let the program expire if you don’t want it.


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Our review of the iDo Wedding Couple Edition Software:

iDo Wedding is a one-stop program dedicated to lend you a helping hand in planning of your wedding. It covers all details of a wedding: attendees’ contact information, invitations, RSVPs, gifts, budget and checklists, vendors, events, timelines, and many others. With all its features and simple design, it is one of the best and most comprehensive products in its category available.

As you are reading this report, know that there will be 44,230 weddings this week in the US attended by over 7 million people (according to That’s thousands of invitations to prepare, send and track, hundreds of gifts to receive and thank for, multiple vendors to keep in touch with, budget to follow, all this to plan and coordinate one event. If you factor in an average of $28,000 spent on a wedding, that comes up to well over a billion dollars every weekend. With this much money at stake, careful planning and budgeting is a logical step to make as it might help you spend it wiser.

iDo Wedding Couple Edition is packed with helpful features that are interconnected, making the entire organization of a wedding more palatable. The product is easy to navigate and doesn’t require any special computer knowledge. Think of it as a one big wedding app. When you install the software, you will have to provide some basic information such as names of the wedding couple, wedding budget, and the wedding date. That information will be displayed on top of the screen also serving as a countdown to the wedding day and letting you know which piece of the software you are currently using. Left section of the screen contains all the features related to your contacts: their information, RSVPs, invitations, attendees, and gifts. Right side of the screen is dedicated to planning or organization: checklist, budget, vendors, timelines, and notebook.

Once you open any of the mentioned categories, iDo Wedding Couple Edition displays all the related information and statistics. On the left pane you will also find links to all other sections of the program and well as filters to sort out information based on the parameters you choose. You also have some options regarding etiquette (formal vs. informal), choose the icons for bride and groom that will be displayed throughout the software (helpful when viewing seating arrangement), and even select your country (from a list of 8 countries). This will allow Google Maps to put guests, vendors, and events on one map.

The set of features provided by iDo Wedding Couple Edition is what makes is worth giving the product a chance. The first major job of the couple is to determine whom to invite. Contacts is a  section that deals with that and the software allows you to import that information from Outlook or a csv file. You can also enter contacts manually, and delete if necessary. Contacts page asks for name, nickname, address, email, and telephone. My experience with weddings is that the invitee’s list changes a lot. Here the software allows you to categorize someone as “A-list” or “B-list.” An A-list person is someone who you consider must be invited, a B-list contact might be omitted in case your list grows too much (it happens quite often). You can add few more details about each person, such as: what role do they play in a wedding, whether they’re a friend of a bride or a groom, or both, gender, child or not, out of town, and space for notes. Once the contact list is determined you can process with sending invitations. Initially, all your contacts are listed as “contacts to be invited” and simple drag and drop a name to “contacts on invitation.” You can add several contacts on each invitation; for single contact on each invitation you can opt for inviting that person with or without a guest. The software is also creating an automatic list of RSVPs, which makes it easier for you to track who has already confirmed the attendance. This gets you to the next step, managing the logistics of attendees. This part of the software combines flight and hotel details for your guests, permits to assign guests to tables (drag-and-drop), and create tent cards. Last section in the contacts portion of the software is Gifts. You’ll know what and when you received from each guest and whether or not a thank you note has been sent out.

Equally important is the organization and planning part of your wedding and budgeting is one of the most important tasks. Budget tool helps you put together a list of all the expenses associated with a wedding. You will decide on how much to assign to every category and the software will calculate the percentage of total expenses. It keeps track on any down payments, amount due, and whether you are within budget or not. iDo Wedding Couple Edition also provides space for vendor information. Chances are you’ll be in touch with them a lot so it’s important to know how to best get a hold of them and jot down any details you discussed with them. Because wedding is a collection of events, you can enter them into a timeline and be on top of all of them. Whether it’s an appointment, party, or a meeting, make sure you don’t forget about it.

One other option you will use is Widgets. It’s a compilation of less common but just as useful tools. This section helps in planning a bridal shower, engagement party, or a rehearsal dinner and creating invitation just for those events. It also contains samples of wedding vows and even aids you in creating a song list for different events. The software also works with Tabula Rasa Couple Edition (sold separately), a program that helps design a seating chart for any event related to your wedding.

For the combination of its features and ease of use, iDo Wedding Couple Edition is considered one of the best products to help couples plan and organize their wedding. TopTenReviews gave it Gold Award 2011 as the best product in Wedding Planning category (13 products all together). It received 3.5 out of 4 stars and the reviewers called it “the best software we could find.” Although it is missing printing options, the rest of its features more than make up for it.

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