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Intuit Checks for QuickBooks 2013 is one of the most popular add-on tools to help you scan, send, and deposit checks into your local bank account through your QuickBooks software (without having to waste your time standing in line at the bank). But no need to pay retail price as we have some of the most popular 2013 intuit checks coupons and special offer codes.  Besides our coupon codes for intuit checks, we also list the promotions for Intuit Checks forms and supplies whenever available.  If you’re new to Intuit Checks, you should qualify for special monthly subscription and offers on the scanner equipment.


Get 15% off the monthly fee on Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks with this automatic coupon. You can also receive 15% off the optional scanner if you don’t have one as well if you purchase it in the same order. This special coupon offer is automatically activated by following the provide link. This deal is set to expire at the end of this month.


Save up to 10% on Intuit QuickBooks 2012 compatible credit card scanners on sale at Amazon. With a QuickBooks compatible credit card scanner, you no longer need to enter the card numbers manually but can simply swipe the card automatically.  Amazon carries some of the most popular mobile credit card scanners on the market. Promotional prices tend to vary depending on the model chosen.


No long-term contracts necessary when you sign-up for Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks service plan. Because Intuit Checks is a monthly service, you can cancel any time when you no longer need to use it. No long term contracts required to sign-up and you can come back whenever you need to use their service again.


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More about Intuit Checks for QuickBooks:

Fraud is on the rise and the current economic conditions often make it the only alternative for many individuals.  Results of the studies conducted by Small Business Fraud Custom Study indicates that over a quarter of small businesses are victims of misappropriation of funds averaging $50,000. What might be hard to believe is that almost half of these cases are related to check fraud. Not every business needs additional layers of protection, but because of the frequency of this type of crime, Intuit now offers wide range of checks with extra security suitable for any small business environment.

Intuit offers five different types of checks, compare them and decide which one might be the best alternative for your business:

  • Voucher checks – most versatile checks as you can use them not only to pay your suppliers but great as payroll checks; one check per page as they come with stub where you can breakdown details of each check (earnings and withholding details for your employees)
  • Manual checks – if you prefer to write checks rather than printing them, this might be a product for you; they have a stub where you jot down transaction details that you can later input into QuickBooks for accurate record keeping.
  • Standard checks – the most common checks used to pay for goods and services; they also come three to a page and can be used to print from QuickBooks.
  • Office and away checks – do you travel a lot? If you’re in and out the office, you can use these checks to print or write on them depending where you are. They do not have a stub for record keeping, also they aren’t suitable for paying you employees as they don’t have space to print details of payroll.
  • Wallet checks – are suitable for Quickbooks or Quicken 2006 and newer versions; they allow you to print three checks per page and help keeping record by printing necessary information on the attached stubs

In order to beef up security, Intuit offers new security features in all the above checks, except for the manual checks: chemically reactive paper, colored background, warning band and Intuiut CheckLock border, paper / UV Dull, erasure evident, micro-printing, padlock icon, warning box, original document security screen, fraud sensitive ink, void indication, security weave.

There is one more product worth mentioning: secure plus voucher checks. These checks carry even more security features on top of the ones mentioned above. They include:

  • Controlled check paper stock (premium-grade security paper).  This is an exclusive product offering from Intuit!
  • Invisible fluorescent fibers randomly embedded in paper, visible under UV light.
  • Toner adhesion that makes any attempt to remove it visible by damaging paper.
  • Thermochromatic heat sensitive icon – breathe on it or touch it with your finger and the icon disappears allowing for immediate authentication and extremely hard to forge.
  • CheckLock custom true watermark technology.  This adds blue and red visible fibers of different length that are randomly implanted and visible on both sides of a check to enhance the security.
  • Prismatic multicolored background.
  • CheckLock custom pantograph.

Remember that sometimes even the best protection is futile without good business practices. Check Payment System Association suggests keeping your checks secure and split the accounting duties so that one person does not have a complete control over financial transactions. Get a shredder and make a use of it with cancelled checks or spare deposit slips. Purchase better quality checks, write or print with big letters that are harder to counterfeit and inspect the new batch of checks upon arrival. All these extra steps can help you focus on running your business without worrying about being a victim of fraud. Perhaps they can even eliminate a need to buy checks with many built-in protections. But if the cost-benefit of getting the high quality checks is reasonable, perhaps they are worth that extra peace of mind.


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