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Processing credit cards for your small or medium size business has just become very easy.  Now with the new Intuit Online Terminal, you can cut your credit card processing costs in half and still have the flexibility of processing credit and debit cards from anywhere you have a cell phone connection. This includes instant processing of  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB.  Plus, with our Intuit Online Terminal coupon codes and promotions listed below, you can get up to two months free and save on your equipment.  If you need to process credit cards on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you can consider Intuit’s GoPayment option as well. When you compare Intuit Online Terminal to Paypal, you’ll be saving more than 50% off the monthly subscription price.




Try Intuit Online Terminal for free for two months, plus get free setup with your order (a $60.00 value). This special offer from Intuit is available only on orders made at  Your monthly fees are waived for 2 months when you use our instant coupon (it’s automatically applied to your online order when you follow the provided link). This offer is expected to expire at the end of the month.


Save up to 10% on Intuit Smart Phone Credit Card Scanners on sale at Amazon. With a credit card scanner, you do not need to enter the credit card numbers manually into your phone with every order but you can simply swipe the card at purchase.  Amazon carries some of the most popular mobile credit card scanners, most with free shipping and on sale to up to 10% off the retail price. Discounts tend to vary depending on the scanner chosen.


No long-term contracts necessary for Intuit’s Online Terminal credit card processing service. Unlike other services, Online Terminal is a month-by-month service that lets you cancel at any time; no cancellation fees and no long term contracts required.  When you no longer need the service, you can cancel at any time.

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Our review of Intuit Online Terminal:

You can now take your business to any corner of the world. Intuit Online Terminal is a new tool in your business arsenal that allows you to process payments anywhere you have the Internet access. The basic concept behind Online Terminal is a point-of-sale ability that can be done with a small attachment to your smart phone that you use as a card reader. You might use it in brick-and-mortar businesses (Apple employees use it to process transactions as they roam a store) or on a street corner running your street cart business. It’s a great solution for people whose careers take them outdoors: artists, photographers, contractors, or salespeople. You don’t have to worry about receiving and carrying cash, as credit has become preferred payment method for its convenience and security. It might help you generate more business as it permits you to close a deal at a convention or a customer visit.

So how exactly does it work? First step is to sign up for an Intuit Merchant Account and download the GoPayment mobile app. It is the most important process and once completed you can start accepting credit cards. There are two options of accepting credit cards: attaching a card reader to your phone or manually entering credit card information using any mobile web browser. It is less expensive to have a card reader attached as it reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions. Over a period of time, that difference in rates can add up quickly as a difference in rates between payments processed by a card reader versus manually entering a transaction is a full percentage point.

There is large number of phones across all carriers that can be used for these purposes and the list is growing and is constantly updated. Customers have embraced mobile technology, which is set to become even bigger part of our daily lives. For these reasons majority of new devices come equipped with apps to handle money transactions.

If you opt for attaching a credit card reader to a smart phone or even an iPod touch, the process of charging a customer is pretty straightforward. Log into your GoPayment account and simply swipe a card and enter the transaction pertinent details. Your customer can vouch for the transaction on the spot with a finger and you can quickly craft an email with a sales receipt or send a text message with a transaction confirmation. You could even carry a small printer and hand your customer a hard copy of receipt on the spot.

Your account with GoPayments allows you to accept credit card payments on line so if you have an office you can combine the best of two worlds. If you already use QuickBooks (or consider using it) you should know that with GoPayments you could easily synchronize the transactions with the software and keep your bookkeeping up to date.

The biggest risk to this type of payment option is a loss or a phone being stolen. Nevertheless it is still protected with password and transactions are encrypted so you have time to act and alert you bank. You have to judge that risk versus the opportunity for new business.

The GoPayment offers very competitive rates to process transactions as the field is getting more crowded. Fortune magazine says that accepting credit cards with mobile devices is a “win-win for small businesses.” PC World calls GoPayment “a solid choice that’s ideal for business with a fixed price list.” It mentions the user-friendly interface and the fact that you can create price lists so you don’t have to key in the information on the products you sell most often. Some features that need improvement, according to PC World, are processing payments offline and making refund of the older transactions without having to use a computer.


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