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As one of the most popular turn-key website services, Intuit’s website building software and hosting will help you get your brand new website up and running in no time.  Here at uCouponCode, we are tracking the latest Intuit Websites promotions and coupon codes available to help you save on your purchase from  Plus, be sure to see below for the official links to the free trials.


Save $40.00 on your Professional Business Website. This includes any of the hundreds of available professional templates and easy drag-and-drop functionality (so no need to learn how to code to add pages or images to your website). This Intuit Website coupon is automatically applied to your order.  Offer expires at the end of the month.


Get the Intuit Websites Gold Package Free for 30 days. Then it’s just $19.99/month thereafter if you decide to continue with them. Included is a free business domain name, a number employee email addresses, and 24/7 customer service whenever you need help.



See the special offers for FaceBook Fans. Intuit often has special offers and contests for their FaceBook fans.  If anything is available, it will be listed on this page.




Our review of Intuit Website Services

Intuit has created a bundle of services geared towards small businesses with the objective of helping them in every step of the way. The bedrock of Intuit products is QuickBooks accounting software, accompanied by payroll and payment solutions, point of sale, and checks and other business supplies. Now Intuit Website Services provides necessary tools to create a website and further promote your business.

So what are the options and pricing plans available?  See the full pricing details below:

Who is the software for and what can it do for you? The software is for whoever decides that online participation will help create added value to the company. It is a natural springboard for local businesses that want to gain exposure on national or international scale. It is also one of the least expensive ways to promote one’s business. Finally, it is perhaps the best way to gain legitimacy as potential customers first might want to learn about the business first; they will often base their choices on the quality of the website. Intuit Website Services software not only helps you create a professional looking website, but also publish and maintain it, as well as provide all the necessary tools to facilitate promotion of your business and conducting transactions.

If you decided that setting up a website is something you want to embark on, Intuit can lead you throughout the entire process. Although building a website might sound daunting and intimidating, technological progress in recent years has allowed for using templates in website creation, and the process is much like making a PowerPoint presentation where you drag-and-drop objects or text. The first step is choosing a design you like. Intuit Website Services offers hundreds of ready designs for you to pick from. They are categorized by a type of business so you are able to find designs related to your field. Each design comes with subcategories such as “About us” or “Products/Services” and these subcategories come with content. You can expend and modify that content so it represents your business, nevertheless it makes for a great starting point and gives you ideas of how to structure and what to include on your website. If you own a niche business and don’t find a template in any of the categories, you can pick any template you like and make the appropriate modifications. Often times just by changing pictures on the welcome screen will give a visitor the idea of what you are about. This leads to the customization phase of the website development, which requires tweaking the details to better represent your business.

As already mentioned, if you can’t find a template that adequately represents what you do, you can pick a layout that you like and insert your own pictures to introduce your business. Intuit Website Services has its own gallery of more than 250,000 pictures for you to select from in case you need them. This phase is probably the most exciting one because you have a chance to introduce different elements to your website, move them around, and create a unique product. Some other important changes you can make include: changing website colors, font type and size, add or eliminate images and links, insert your logo and slogan.

The website customization does not end there. You can make your website even more dynamic with the following features:

  • Include links to social networking portals such as Facebook or Twitter in order to gain presence in the fast growing cyber meeting destinations.
  • Insert an animation, audio, or YouTube video making a presentation of your product, service, skill, or introducing your company.
  • Create a blog within your website to update your customers on what’s new in your organization.
  • Include forms to collect customer information, guestbooks for comments, even poll the visitors, or insert PayPal Shopping Cart to conduct online sales directly from your website.

Creating a website does not require any programming skills, a simple website can be created in a matter or hours, depending how elaborate you want to make it. You create it by selecting areas on the screen and deciding how to customize them. If you like a picture provided by Intuit then keep it, otherwise insert your own just by dragging it into a section where the original picture is located. In the same fashion you add a logo to your website. To describe what your business is about, click on the area with text and replace the information that came with a template with your own description. One cautionary note, this product will give you tools to put your website on line in short period of time but might not necessarily be the appropriate for building more elaborate websites. If you’re looking for something straightforward, this is it though.

Intuit Website Services offers three different options to get you started. You will decide which one is the most appropriate for you based on your business needs. Don’t forget that in order to upload your website you need a domain name, which can also be acquired through Intuit (it is included in one of the packages offered). Among other things, the packages include:


  • Different amount of storage, bandwidth, and pages available to you.
  • Selling on line – apart from receiving PayPal payments you can also process credit card transactions.
  • Include web listing and local listing and collect your website traffic information – reports will tell you more about your customers, where they are from, and what do they seem to like about your website; you will also be more visible on Google or Yahoo maps and and
  • Personalized domain names and email addresses with your domain name.

According to TopTenReviews, Intuit Website Creator is “ideal for all prospective users.” Even though the software does not have a spell-check, automatic re-sampling of images, or automatic page naming, it overcomes those shortcoming with the ease of use, abundance of templates to pick from, and intuitive interface. All those features combined earned 2011 Gold Award as a best product in its class and receiving “Excellent” ratings in the following categories: Templates, Features Set, Graphic Imaging Tools, Ease of Use, and Help/Support.