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Don’t leave your sensitive data to chance. Iolo DriveScrubber will clean your hard drive from all data so that it can never be found again (especially useful if you’re trashing your old equipment). But before you buy a copy, check out all of our Iolo DriveScrubber coupon codes and promotions now available. Besides the available coupons, we also have the links to official upgrade discounts found at




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Our review of iolo DriveScrubber:

Iolo DriveScrubber software ensures complete removal of data without a possibility to recover it. With the current life cycle of computers, people have tendency to upgrade and change them every 2 or 3 years. You will most likely transfer all the current information onto the new computer and then delete that data from the old one and perhaps even format it. The problem resides in the fact that even though data was deleted or formatted, it is still on the drive. Its space was simply marked as available and until it is filled with new data, it can be recovered. If you plan to sell or donate your old computer, you should consider getting software capable of permanently eliminating old information before it falls into unwanted hands.

So to get started, say you want to make sure to permanently erase certain data. Once you initiate iolo DriveScrubber you will have to decide between wiping out the entire content of a drive leaving it “like new”, cleaning free space without affecting the existing files, or creating a boot disk. The last option permits erasing content without running the operating system although a new feature of the software allows for wiping drive without using the boot disk. You can further decide on the type of drive you want to wipe, and the options include system drive, secondary hard drive, or removable/external drive or device. If you have several drives, simply select the ones you want to clean. A wizard walks you through the entire process and the software takes care of the rest. Once the process is over, not only you ensure a complete deletion but also recover space on the drive. You can also opt for a deep clean (DOD 5220.22-M), which will most likely take hours to complete but this it the ultimate drive cleaning the software has to offer.

The software is able to wipe out an operating system but keep in mind you will need a bootable disk. Luckily the program contains a CD-ROM creator to perform that action. It is able to wipe data from a wide variety of flash drives or memory cards and drive types such as USB, ATA, SATA, SCSI, RAID, and Firewire.

Iolo DriveScrubber received mixed reviews. was quite pleased with the obtained results and gave the product 8 out of 10 points. The reviewer complained about very few options available, but the fact that the product installs and works smoothly was enough to give it a solid score. Other common opinions are that the product simply works ( and erased data cannot be recovered. The harshest critics of the product were users who did not recommend this program. Finally, users gave the product 3 out of 5 stars mostly for the ease and flexibility of use, mentioning that the wiping process can be stopped, paused, and resumed.