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Our review of iolo Search and Recover:

Iolo Search and Recover is a handy utility software that helps you find and recover deleted files, pictures and movies, songs and sounds, and emails. It helps not only to recover information from internal or external devices but also damaged and formatted drives.

Installation of iolo Search and Recover is simple and quick. You can just follow the wizard that gets you up and running in minutes. Equally simple and straight forward is the interface. First decision you have to make is what to recover and by clicking on Start, the software takes you to the next screen. Let’s pretend you accidentally erased an important file. The first step is to select the drives or devices you want iolo Search and Recover to scan. You can pick a single drive but if you’re not sure about the original location of the erased file, just select all the drives. The software then suggests using its SmartScan technology for superior results. The other option is the StrongScan technology (sector-level search that provides more results), which should be used if you have more time as it makes the entire process lengthy.

When recovering pictures and movies, the software gives you a choice of either a camera or another location (disk drive, USB, etc). This allows you to hook up a digital camera and extract deleted pictures directly from it. Similar to that is the recovery of songs and sounds. Here the primary option is a music player along with a hard drive or a flash memory. Email recovery is somewhat limited to certain E-mail programs. That list includes Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape, and Qualcomm Eudora. Finally, Total Recovery permits selecting files on the entire disk, drive, or folder. You can then choose a destination folder where those recovered files should go. If a file you are trying to recover was in several sub-folders, you can ask iolo Search and Recovery to maintain that original sub-folder structure within your new destination folder.

Once the scan is complete, the software tells you how many deleted files were found on the selected disk, drive, or folder, and how many were recovered. You can then view those files or perform another recovery.

Additionally, the key features and benefits highlighted by iolo are:

  • Program recovers data to CD or DVD.
  • Option to recover data directly from the CD without jeopardizing files that were accidentally removed.
  • The software offers a function of permanently deleting files from your computer or external devices without possibility of those files being recovered.
  • Back up data by creating copies of your drives.
  • Create virtual drives for faster drive speeds.
  • Extended Outlook recovery – Not only recovers emails but also notes, tasks, contacts, etc.

Although very good, this product is not without flaws. Independent tests performed by and showed that some files cannot be recovered. Even stranger, the software was not able to restore files that were undamaged. For those reasons, the reviewers gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars and 3 out of 5 stars respectively.

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