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With the all new Kaspersky Mobile Security 9, you now have full protection on your smart phone. You lose your phone, then it wipes clean automatically. Block unwanted numbers and callers. Hide your contacts, calls and text messages in privacy mode. And now, you can save up to 20% with our Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 coupon codes and promotions. We also have the links to the free trials and post any bulk rate activation codes whenever available.





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Try Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 with the available free trial at Kaspersky.com. No credit card is needed to activate the trial but they will ask you to provide a valid email address before you can download it. It supports Andriod, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry smart phones. Not available for iPhone.


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Our review of Kaspersky Mobile Security:

As of July 2011 there were over 80 million smart phone users just in the US and estimates by Nielsen were that number would climb to well over 100 million by the end of 2011. That is obviously an impressive number that will only be growing. One of the side effects of the popularity of this form of communication, multitasking, and interacting with others is that it attracts online criminals. Just like computers, smart phones are vulnerable to viruses, malware, and stolen personal identity. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 provides users with antivirus, data encryption, phishing protection, parental control, firewall, and theft security to thwart the attempts to inflict any kind of damage on you. For those who download apps and have incorporated the phone into daily routine, this might be one app worth getting.

Kaspersky offers a clear and simple to follow interface that provides you with quick access to exactly what you need. Once you install and launch the program, the main screen displays one-touch access to antivirus, privacy protection, anti-theft, call and text message filter, and additional options.

Choosing antivirus portion of the app will take you to additional settings. The program informs you whether or not your virus database is up to date or not. You can run an update or schedule one regularly. Kaspersky also offers direct access to real-time protection, and protection and scan settings. When you run a scan for viruses and Kaspersky detects a threat, it will either let you disinfect those threats or delete them if disinfection fails. You can further decide which files to scan (full scan, folder, memory, or messages) and set up an automatic scan.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 can also protect your device in the following fields:

  • Anti-theft protection – Lost or a stolen phone is not anomaly anymore, the phones are getting smaller and we take them everywhere. I don’t know the odds of losing one but I want to know that if I do, my information is still secure. In order to do that Kaspersky can wipe all the info from it, hide contacts, or disable access to it and perform those functions even if the SIM card was switched (in that case it can block the phone). It can also help you track it down with GPS Find or Google Maps.
  • Anti-spam protection – Concerned about receiving unwanted calls or text messages, now you can have those blocked as settings let you have more control who can reach you or not; the same is true for protection form spam while surfing the web.
  • Privacy protection – Gives you options on who gets to see and what on your phone; if others might have access to your phone you can specify what they see; you can also keep calls and text messages from selected numbers hidden and only available to you.
  • Advanced data encryption – Information you keep in folders is password protected and encrypted.
  • Parental control – Determine to which numbers your kids are not allowed to call/text; Google Maps feature allows you to find your kids (gives you coordinates) for the peace of mind

Before purchasing Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 consult on their website whether or not all the mentioned features are available on the platform you’re using. Unfortunately the product is not available on iPhone and it also carries some restrictions on Android and Blackberry platform. All the above options are available on Symbian and Windows Mobile run phones.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is the recipient of the 2012 Silver Award from TopTenReviews.com. It landed the second place in the Mobile Security Software group mostly thanks to effectiveness in protection it promotes and the ease of use. One shortfall was the limited availability on some platforms but it was called one of the most complete software to protect your mobile device.