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If you can never remember all your different passwords, then there is an all new solution for you. Kaspersky Password Manager is a virtual vault for all your passwords, generates more secure ones for you, fills our web forms, and authenticates websites to thwart phishing attacks. But before you buy a copy; be sure to use one of our Kaspersky Password Manager coupon codes and promotions listed below to help you save 10% on your order.



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Get a free 30-day trial of Kaspersky Password Manager. If you’ve never tried Kaspersky Password Manager then you can download and try it for free for 30 days. They will ask you to provide an email address and name. After the trial it will automatically expire unless you decide to buy the full version.


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Our review of Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager is another product from the leader in the Internet security. The product offers a virtual vault for all your passwords, generates more secure ones for you, fills our web forms, and authenticates websites to thwart phishing attacks.

The reason for the product in the first place is the growing number of passwords we handle now. We become members in social media, purchase goods, pay bills, and manage our finances online. Those types of activities might have very distinct requirements for what constitutes a good and secure password. That easy to remember 1-2-3-4 might not be good enough for your online banking or filing taxes on line. Suddenly numbers, capital letters, or special symbols are required to make a good password. Kaspersky’s new product helps not only remember all your passwords, it also generates new ones for you that are among the most difficult to crack.

In order to streamline your daily activities, Kaspersky Password Manager asks you to remember only one password, called master password that you create during the installation process. That password unlocks the vault to all your passwords. I like the fact that you can create it with a virtual keyboard, this way you steer away from potential keyloggers. Once in the vault, you will have to enter all your passwords for the accounts you use. You can also add an account to the vault by going to a website, entering your user name and password and Kaspersky will automatically ask you if you like to add it to your list. When you open a new account you can Kaspersky create a password for you. Here the program lets you decide password’s strength, whether or not use capital letters, numbers, special symbols, or exclude similar symbols. You can also use any of the mentioned group by itself, i.e. your password can consist only of numbers and it can be up to 99 characters long. To further organize your passwords in the vault, you can group them based on activity, such as email, finance, shopping, etc. Next time you want to use, say your Amazon account, select the key icon in dock (representing Password Manager) and click on accounts. It will list Amazon right there, unless it’s grouped. Then pick the identity you assigned to that page (you might have more than one) and the program takes you directly to Amazon’s website and signs in for you.

Kaspersky Password Manager includes one more authentication method, this one though is optional. In the access panel, you can specify that a UBS or a cell phone is necessary to access the vault. To make sure no one has access to it when you are away, once you take your USB or cell phone with you, the vault will lock automatically. You can also decide on automatic locking while you’re away either by having the vault lock after specified time away from the computer, or trigger the lockout by the screen saver.

The software lets you create a portable version of the manager to take all your passwords with you while working on other computers. A wizard will help you make a portable copy on a flash drive. Then you can take it with you and once your job is done, the vault locks automatically.

Kaspersky Password Manager is considered one of the best products in its category on the market. PCmag.com called it a “Very Good” and gave it a score of 4 out of 5. Equally enthusiastic about the product was TopTenReviews.com, which named it its third choice. The product was praised for its features and security but it also might be a bit challenging for the novice users. Even with those apparent difficulties, Kaspersky Password Manager is worth trying because benefits of security far outweigh headaches related to breach and theft of your personal information.