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If you happened to get a new computer or are thinking about purchasing one, Laplink PCmover is one of the best software programs to help you you transfer all you files, pictures, internet favorites, and even computer settings from one computer to another.  But no need to pay full price as we have some of the best deals to help you save up to 42% on your order.  See below for all our favorite Laplink PCmover coupons and promotions for both the Professional & Home versions.  We are also watching for any version updates an update our deals when they become available.



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Our Review of Laplink PCmover:

If you happened to get a new computer or are thinking about purchasing one, Laplink PCmover can be a very handy partner as it transfers all you programs, files, pictures, Internet favorites, and even computer settings from one computer to another. This way, you put the transfer in place and once it’s complete, you can use your new equipment as before without spending hours installing the software and setting up numerous preferences.

So how do you get it done? There are three steps to make the transfer. First, install Laplink PCmover on the old and the new computer. Second, connect the two computers, and finally, transfer all the desired content. You install the software on the new computer first and once you run the software, it will scan for any necessary updates. You then choose any of the following migration methods: network, Lapling Ethernet cable (sold separately), or USB cable. You can also decide for the upgrade of Windows 7 or use File Storage Device option that allows for data migration using CDs, DVDs, or external hard drive. The program will guide you to create a file on the old computer that you will later upload on the new one and complete the migration. The final step in preparation of the new computer for migration is to create the list of applications (with help of Laplink PCmover) and the computer is now ready to be connected to the old one. Choose the same migration method on old computer as on the new one, and you are now ready for the transfer. Once the process starts, the software displays the progress and the estimated time to complete the process. You can monitor the transfer or focus on something else. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

There are some additional options when it comes to transfer. You can change a destination of particular drives being transferred. If you new computer has a bigger hard drive, perhaps you can squeeze two drives from the old computer into a single drive on the new one. It is not necessary to transfer everything from your old device. You can run a list with all the folders on the old computer and select only the ones that you are interested in. Similarly, you can decide not to transfer certain file type and exclude them from the operation. The software helps you to create a list of these file types.

The entire process of transferring data is guided by a wizard, which makes this apparently difficult task quite speedy and easy. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with how your new computer operates after the transfer, you can have Laplink PCmover undo the migration and your computer will return to the previous state. The migrations process can cause some programs to get disabled, nevertheless as you restart your PC, you will see StartUp This window that lists all those applications. You can enable them, maintain them disabled, or remove them altogether. Occasionally there might be some challenges to how the newly migrated programs operate. For example, you will have to reinstall you antivirus software on the new computer. You might also have to transfer license for music files in order to play them. Because of the licensing issues, some programs might need to be reinstalled on the new computer.

Laplink PCmover was selected as the best product in the PC Migration Software by and given Gold Award 2011 and the perfect 4 star rating. It scored “Excellent” in all four categories: Features, Ease of Use, Transfer Tools, and Help and Support. Although a migration might not be perfect and require some manual tweaking, no software is perfect and the fact that Laplink PCmover is very easy to use and provides for fast migration process makes this product the best in its class.