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Our review of Laplink PCsync

I have been using three different computers each containing personal files and folders. Staying busy and on the go means having to keep some information on my home desktop, some other stuff on my laptop, and even few documents on a desktop at work. If you can somehow relate to this situation, I don’t have to explain how frustrating synchronizing of all this information can get. I’ve done it several time and never found it “fun.” The biggest headache though is caused by the files containing the same information that are not updated at the same time. Luckily, Laplink PCsync is able to migrate information between two or more computers using standard USB cables or wirelessly. It is also an easy solution to back up your information on a separate drive and merge documents.

Laplink PCsync menu is very straightforward. Synchronization portion lets you decide whether to run a manual or prescheduled sync. Manual sync allows for the immediate start, but you can also decide on more ongoing process. The program offers plethora of options how to set it up which is as simple as clicking on days and times you want synchronization to occur. At any time you can edit the scheduled settings and even access a log of finished actions.

When you’re ready to synchronize two computers, the easiest solution is to select all the content. To get started you have to decide the direction of the sync. You can either have changes in all the selected folders copied to each other, changes in folders in column A (representing a drive/computer) copied to folders in column B or the other way around. Laplink gives you additional options here and you can choose the folders you want to have synchronized. Another useful tool is a filter that allows you to only include certain type of files. You can decide to synchronize a folder with pictures and during the sync process include all image files with extensions such as .JPG; .GIF; .TIF, etc. Other types of files included in the filter are: movies, music, Microsoft Access/Excel/Word/PowerPoint, text, or you can add some other category. Yet most likely the easiest solution to sync is to drag and drop folders between the two windows indicating two computers and have those selected folders of files updated.
Once you launch the sync a new screen opens and indicates which files or folders need synchronization. Running the sync will display those folders and files selected that are being synchronized (and their respective location on both computers), progress, and conflicts detected. When the sync if finished, a job summary lists any files that were overwritten, deleted, or renamed.

To make synchronization faster and more efficient, Laplink PCsyns uses two technologies: SmartXchange and SpeedSync. SmartXChange calls for establishing synchronization rules (by you) that are later consulted and followed should a conflict arise. These rules have to do with overwriting, naming, deleting, direction of sync, etc. If there is no rule to solve a conflict, synchronization might be skipped and it will be indicated in the sync summary. SmartXChange also creates a snapshot of changes made to files and folders and those snapshots are saved for future references. In order to save time during the sync process, SpeedSync will determine what portion of each file is new (since last sync) and will update only that information rather that the entire file. When syncing a few files this feature might not be noticeable but syncing drives with hundreds of gigabytes of data make a big difference.

Overall, Laplink PCsync obtained a warm reception among reviewers. It was ranked No. 4 among sync software by This product is easy to use and offers many sync methods, including USB flash drive, external drive, CD/DVD, network, and the Internet. Although its library of support and documentation as well as features offered could be move extensive, it is a great product for a simple uncomplicated synchronization. A similar opinion was expressed by the reviewers at who called it “Very Good.” Contributing to this favorable opinion was intuitive user interface and the fact that you can synchronize between Macs and PCs.