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Getting rid of your old computer without deleting your old files and documents is a no brainer. But what you delete can actually be easily recovered by whoever gets a hold on your computer if you do not wipe your entire drive permanently. With the help of Laplink SafeErase, you can easily delete your entire hard drive without worrying that anyone will be able to talk your personal data. Plus, with our Laplink SafeErase coupon codes and promotions, you can save up to 30% on your order. See below for some of our favorite offers from



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Our review of Laplink SafeErase

Getting rid of your old computer due to donation or sale should be a no brainer. On the surface it’s just like any other transaction, transfer the ownership and case closed. Unfortunately it’s somewhat more complicated with the computers. Every time you delete something, that information can still be recovered because it’s not really deleted until it’s overwritten by new information. When you delete a file from your computer, it is no longer visible to you but it still exists on a disk. There’s many software out there that help recover deleted data and to counter that, product such as Laplink SafeErase permanently eliminates it.

There might be several reasons you can think of as to why spend extra dollars to make sure that information is gone for good. The one that comes up most often is security of personal information. You might have saved bank statements, copies of important documents, pictures, Internet activity history, or some other delicate information that you don’t want a new owner to come in position of. Laplink SafeErase offers several types of deletion methods to make sure the computer can be safely passed on to a new owner.

Like most Laplink products, installation and subsequent operation of its products is very intuitive. SafeErase has a wizard with step-by-step instructions. User interface is simple, offering few options. Since it is data deletion software, all the options revolve around that theme, you just have to decide what it being deleted. Your options include deleting program settings and files (files or folders, temporary Internet files, temporary Windows files, or free disk space) or hard disks and computer (hard disk and partitions, or entire computer). Once you select a particular option, you will be able to narrow down your selection in a pop up window (Windows Explorer type). Currently SafeErase offers six deletion methods, they are:

  • 35 Cycles which is the highest security methods and set as default; this method will require the longest amount of time because the 35 cycles are used in a random order; if you don’t require the highest security method, it can be edited before deletion job.
  • 7 Cycles considered high security based on Department of Defense (DoD) operating manual employing two sets of DoD 5220.22-M E cycles and a random value.
  • 6 Cycles medium security according to the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI).
  • 3 runs for low security based on DoD 5220.22-M.
  • 1 Cycle – although the lowest security, it is the fastest yet still secure elimination of data.
  • Overwrite with zeros – as the name indicates, previous information is replaced with zeros

Some of the program new functions include support for a multi-core processors, overwriting data with zeros, reports of deletion jobs, ability to edit deletion profiles as needed, and different options for clearing of free space and temporary files.

Thanks to its methods to erase data, price, and easiness to use, Laplink SafeErase is a very popular product on the market. It is offered from individual through 5, 10, to 25-pack license, with coupon codes and discount offers often available.