Laplink Switch & Sync Coupon Codes & Promotions 2012

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Our review of Laplink Switch & Sync

Upgrading your old computer is an exciting feat, it usually means larger display, faster processor, bigger disk space, and ability to run larger and more sophisticated software. Once the emotions come down, you face the first big challenge: transferring your information from the old one to your new machine. The second challenge, just as big as the previous one is if you changed the platforms and upgraded your computer from PC to Mac. In order to get the configurations, folders, and files in place, Laplink Switch & Sync does just that for you and later handles synchronization of files, folders, calendar items, emails, and contacts between the two computers.

Even though it sounds like a daunting task, especially for less experienced users, the software leads you through the entire process with the help of wizards. After installing and connecting the two computers you will be presented with two options: Switch and Sync. Assuming that you are upgrading to a new computer and want to migrate information, you will first go with Switch. At that point, the software should identify your new computer on the network, select it and with the help of the wizard complete the data transfer. The easiest way to get it all done it by choosing standard (recommended) option in Switch & Sync, which simply transfers everything indiscriminately. Advanced option lets you filter what actually is transferred. If you only want to transfer you music or Microsoft Word files, you can have the software do that. The time it takes to transfer information to your new computer is hard to determine as it depends on how much information you want to transfer and the speed of transfer.

That’s not the only useful feature of this product. The other one is Sync. Once you start using your new computer chances are that all new information will be kept on it. Or perhaps you will continue using both. However you go about that, having the same information on both computers without specialized software to synchronize it is quite difficult and time consuming. Sync allows for Laplink to evaluate the information on both computers and update the files or folders. This process is also quite simple and done with the help of wizards. Information can be synchronized between the two computers or just updated on the one or the other. With the use of SmartXChange, Laplink follows the set of rules on what to do with information if there is a conflict. SpeedSync can make the entire process even faster by only updating the information since last synchronization. As you get more comfortable with the software, you can access advanced options that let you filter the information being synced between the two computers in the same fashion as you decided what information in transferred in the first place. To make this task even easier, set up automatic sync and maintain all information updated as often as you desire. You can also decide what to transfer by manually dragging and dropping any files or folders in the appropriate windows (it is set up the same as Explorer option in Windows identifying all folders and files).

The product’s friendly user interface (which is different for Mac, perhaps even more basic) makes the entire experience more palatable and is one of the reasons it has been recommended. One site rated the product 3.5 out of 5 calling it “competent” but disliked the fact that it misses some more advanced options. For it’s efforts in synchronizing information between computers, rated it “Very Good” and recommended it for simplicity in dealing with this task.