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Nextiva is one of the most popular voice over IP services (VoIP), with its inTALK product offering small businesses unlimited business calling and some other handy features. But before you sign up, see all our Nextiva inTALK coupon codes, discounts and promotions listed below.


Get a FREE Phone Adapter with any unlimited annual plan. Plus, if you select the annual plan you will save about $40.00 vs. paying month-to-month. This is a limited time offer that will be valid through to the end of the month. See site for full offer details.


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Our review of Nextiva inTALK

Nextiva provides a free adapter to make the calls and keep in mind that you do not use your computer to make calls. You can retain your current business number or opt to get a new one. The only other major decision regarding the product is a type of plan you select. Currently, Nextiva offers Annual or Monthly plan, with Annual plan offering slightly better pricing and the free adapter. One thing to be aware of is that the overall cost of the product might vary depending on international calling. Nextiva inTALK offers unlimited local and long distance connections (US, Canada, and Puerto Rico) but any other calls made outside those areas will be charged additionally. You can see the company website for those rates, which are still quite competitive when compared to the local landline carriers.

Besides of the features mentioned above, both plans (monthly and annual) offer the following: online account manager, out of area number, voicemail (regular, to email, or visual), adjustable ring length, called ID, call waiting with caller ID, call hold, 3-way conference, speed dial, contact list, simultaneous ring, find me follow me, do not disturb, call history, call screening, click 2 call, and E911. Some of the handy features like Find Me Follow Me allow you to select several numbers to which a call will be forwarded if you are not available. Click 2 Call lets you choose the numbers to call on your control panel with a mouse. Finally, you can set up your voice messages in 3 different ways, depending on the circumstances. If you travel or spend time working outside the office, having the voicemails emailed to you provides a great benefit.

Although the product might not be widely known, you can refer to Nextiva’s website for some testimonials from the business owners who switched to inTALK service. Some opinions underscore cost savings, great quality, and not missing calls while on the go.