Nikon D5100 16.2MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera – Review

The all new Nikon D5100 16.2MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera (which happens to be currently be on sale at Amazon) is a great option for your all-purpose DSLR. It let’s you take 4 frames per second of continuous shooting and provides with 11-point autofocus to get the most out of the experience of being a photographer.

The main reason behind upgrading from point-and-shoot to a DSLR camera is taking better pictures. Naturally, you still need to be able to capture a great moment but Nikon D5100 will most definitely help you take care of the quality of a picture taken. It shoot 16 megapixels photos with CMOS sensor, provides numerous control options (Landscape, Monocrome, Neutral, Portrait, Standard, Vivid, or Custom), build-in flash, and good ISO range, expandable to 25,600. The pictures you take assure full colors, details, and reasonably low imperfections with higher ISO settings.

Recording videos is yet another feature of Nikon 5100. It is capable of recording up to 20 minutes is 5 different formats. With a stereo microphone and full-time autofocus, the camera makes very high-quality videos. You can also apply many of the camera modes to make movies (and pictures) more interesting and unique. Those special effects include: Selective Color, Night Vision, High Key, Miniature Effect, and Sketch Color. Both, special effects and recording are easily available. Recording is triggered by the button placed next to the LCD screen, and special effects are accessible through the mode dial on top of the camera. Simply turn the mode dial to Effects and decide which special effect you’d like to apply. Keep in mind that this is a digital camera so don’t make a buying decision solely on fact that it has video options because there are better products for that. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a reason to tip the scale in favor of this camera, the video recording is that reason.

One physical quality I enjoy so much about this camera is the Vari-angle LCD Monitor. I found myself in many situations that required taking pictures with my arms straight up and unfortunately you don’t get much control over angles or direction. One solution is snapping several pictures hoping you were aiming right on one of them, but this trial and error method is not full proof. The camera provides the other solution. Its LCD screen pulls out and can be maneuvered in such way that allows comfortable viewing of the screen no matter of the camera position. This helps a lot with those overhead or ground level pictures, and simply gives you as a photographer many more options when it comes to point of view.

LCD monitor is 3.0” installed in Nikon D5100 is a high resolution one, packed with 921,000 pixels, that comes handy when editing pictures on your camera. Although it’s probably best to touch up the pictures on a computer, the camera allows you to edit D-lighting, color’s balance, outline, or sketch, correct for red eye, control for distortion, resize, straighten, compare side-by-side, or trim a picture, process RAW pictures, and apply several effects. Some of those effects include Fisheye, Filter, Miniature, and Monochrome.

Nikon D5100 received 76% overall score from, which praised the equipment for its viewfinder and image quality, especially in RAW. Also contributing to the score were metering and focus accuracy and ISO performance. The reviewer recommended this camera for day-to-day picture taking and video recording due to its “effective and easy-to-use” features. The product was not recommended for shooting pictures of fast paced action. Nikon D5100 received “Very Good” score from and and 2011 Silver Award (second place in its category) from Among some of the superlatives of the camera the reviewers mentioned ease of use, design, excellent picture and video quality, camera effects, and great ISO helping in low-light conditions. As for the negatives, somewhat slow continuous autofocus in Live View and lack of some advanced features from more expensive, higher-end models. Despite those shortcomings, the camera has been positively received and is recommended based on its features, quality, and price.