Norton 360 Coupon Codes & Renewal Discounts

Norton 360, one of the most popular and best selling software security solutions from Symantec, has been discontinued. However you can still find some deals available from some of Norton’s top resellers.  See below for some of the most popular Norton 360 coupon codes (including Norton 360 premier coupon codes), Norton 360 discounts, and other promotions for US, Canada, UK, and worldwide. We will also update this page with any available mail-in rebates, upgrade/renewal deals and student discounts whenever available.  As we always do here on, as soon as the 2016 Norton versions are released by Symantec and the beta available, we will post all the coupon codes here.



Get up to 35% off on Norton 360 on now at Amazon. It’s your last chance to get a copy of Norton 360 as Symantec has begun moving all customers to their Security for 2015. Most orders also qualify for free shipping. The sale price varies depending of the number of licenses you need, the seller, and which version you choose.


Our review of Norton 360 5.0:

According to Symantec, as of today, nearly 79% of email messages is spam. That number reached 96% in July 2010; majority of spam is financial fraud in form of phishing, loan or gambling scams, or premium rate fraud. Whereas using a computer has become easier, protecting it form the outside threats is becoming more complicated due to many new malicious inventions hitting the Internet every day. Symantec has just released Norton 360 5.0 that responds to all these new threats before they get to your computer.

New in Norton 360 5.0 is the Norton Control Center. It’s your command center, which gives you access to the following:

  • Activity map
  • Online family
  • Online backup
  • Safe web

Activity map will display current world map where the cyber crime is occurring. If you live in one of these areas, perhaps it’s a good idea to have your Norton version up to date and run scans on regular basis.
Online Family leads to Parental Controls, which is an option to have a better control over your children online activity. It has a very user–friendly interface and it is not only designed to watch what your children do online but most of all protect and educate them. You can put limits on the age appropriate content and when they can access it, teach your kids about the web etiquette as well as what is dangerous and not recommended. You can access their search history and you become their guide before they look for answers from other sources. Parental Control gives you a hand in helping them become smarter users.

What is becoming a standard option in Norton 360 is Backup and Restore functions. I find Backup particularly useful as it allows you to upload up to 2GB (expandable to 25GB for a fee) of data to a secure online storage. If you travel a lot just think of the benefits of having access to the materials you need anywhere you go. It is also a good protection in case you accidentally erase some documents or your computer is damaged. To prevent a damage done to your computer by the outside threats, Norton 360 investigates the origin of the files you receive and download, and flags them if they come from questionable sources. There is also an automatic backup so that in case of a loss of data (think of your dream vacation pictures or videos) Norton helps to recover these files. This is an alternative to an online backup or perhaps another option to keep your information secure.

Safe Web provides a website ranking based on how safe they are. This comes particularly handy when trying to access unknown or foreign websites for the first time. You can also see a list of top websites that Norton considers most dangerous.

One more thing worth mentioning is that Norton Update Center gives you an opportunity to stay updated on the latest version of the product. Viruses and other threats are created daily so you know you own the best and up to date software available. Last year gave Norton 360 Version 4.0 Editors’ Choice Award. Building on the past success and looking for improvement by addressing customer feedback, Norton 360 5.0 is sure to provide you with excellent overall protection available.