Panda Global Protection 2012 Coupon Codes, Discounts & Promotions

If you’re looking to get an entire computer security package without having to run multiple programs or leaving you venerable with limited antivirus coverage, then Panda’s Global Protection is the solution for you. But forget about having to pay full price as we now have the best Panda Global Protection 2012 coupon codes, discounts and promotions available this month. You’ll also find the links to get the official free trial downloads as well as any available upgrade discounts when they come around. As soon as Panda Global Protection 2013 is released in October or November, be sure to come back to get your deals on your upgrade.




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Existing Panda customers can save up to 50% off with the available renewals and upgrade discounts. If you currently own an older or recently expired version of Panda computer security software, then you may qualify for the upgrade discount. No coupon is required, but be sure to have your current license number (activation key) handy as the discount amount is based on your existing license version. See site for full details.


Try Panda Global Protection 2012 for free with the available free trial download. If you are a new customer and haven’t tried Panda Global Protection before, then you can get the free trial download and test it out for a full 30 days before you buy. After the 30 days you will have the option to activate the license or you can simply uninstall the trial version.


Our review of Panda Global Protection 2012

Panda Global Protection 2012 is a suite that covers all security and maintenance issues you might encounter while accessing the Internet. This complete package provides everything from antivirus and malware protection, firewall, to parental control and maintenance of your computer’s security. Although not as intuitive as other programs, its design and interface are inviting and simple enough to feel comfortable in no time.

When you launch Panda Global Protection, the main screen you’re presented with divides into: Status, Scan, Reports, Quarantine, and Services. Although Scan section is arguably the most vital to your computer, the most informative section is Status. A quick glimpse will give you an idea whether or not your computer is protected. A shield that is displayed on the main page changes color depending on the security status. Green indicates that no actions are required, but a different color might suggest a necessary update or potential security breach. Either way, once you click on it, Panda will suggest the appropriate action to correct the problem.

Panda Global Protection 2012 guards your computer in the following categories:

  • Antivirus- detects and eliminates viruses, Trojans, spyware, dialers, keyloggers, and other malware; at its core is Collective Intelligence that allows Panda for better collection of new and potential threats and faster update of its malware database.
  • Firewall – solid firewall protecting you while accessing public networks; security level can be automatic or you can adjust it manually; create a list of computers that can or cannot access a particular network.
  • Identity protection – you can adjust settings to fit your requirements and there are quite a few options to choose from. You can adjust presets to increase sensitivity to fraudulent websites or detect and protect from dialing up to unauthorized phone numbers.
  • Vulnerabilities – the program performs a scan to find weaknesses in your computer that might stem from outdated operating system; it lists where the potential problems are and even provides links to websites where you can download the necessary updates.
  • Anti-spam filter – another tool that helps keep you inbox with less junk mail and trying to remove potential phishing emails.
  • Parental control – improved but still common protection from undesired content or access to certain websites; it provides you with some options to tweak the filtering criteria.

Panda Global Protection 2012 also helps organize and maintain of the computer through the following activities:

  • Automatic backup copy – decide what information to back up and choose a location, the process is automatic and you can even have your documents, photos, videos, or music saved online.
  • Online backup – gives you up to 2BG of online space to store your data. Then decide where to save it and for how long; in case something goes wrong you have a file to restore and get you back on your feet.
  • Optimization – if you decide to clean up your computer the program allows you to decide what files and when (automatic cleanup) to remove; you can also defragment your disk and organize your information and speed up the computer; some of the actions you can take include: delete browser cookies, history, and temporary files, empty trash bag, remove log and temporary files.

On the bottom of the screen you can find direct links to network management, USB vaccine, safe browser, and virtual keyboard. Network management will look for the computers that are currently connected to your network and evaluate their protection status. If some of them aren’t up to date with their security settings, you simply choose a particular computer and update Panda. Vaccination allows disabling autorun file and protects your computer’s USB ports. You can vaccinate USB drives and your computer and remove vaccine if you please. Safe browser adds another layer of protection by opening your browser of choice in Panda Safe Browser. This forces all malware to first get through Panda before you are even exposed to the potential threat. Finally, virtual keyboard prevents hackers from stealing your passwords and other personal information that you enter while using the Internet.

Panda Global Protection 2012/2013 operates from the cloud, therefore its effect on your computer resources is less noticeable than when using traditional antivirus software. Because the database of malware is kept in the cloud, your computer is no longer burdened by it. Additionally, with new viruses and other threats coming online daily, your computer specs don’t have to be up to date to handle vast information. It is now stored in the cloud, updated constantly, and handled by the remote hardware. This is a great benefit as you can continue using your computer longer and never worry about software updates (setting up automatic updates).

Even though Panda Global Protection 2012 is an easy to use and reasonably priced security suite, it was met with lukewarm reviews. Let’s list what’s good about this product: very efficient in detecting malware, easy on resources, USB vaccine. On the flip side, not so efficient in removing malware, firewall and spam filter are not optimal, and somewhat limited parental control as compared to what other products offer. gave it “Fair” grade and 2.5 out of 5, users gave it 3 out of 5 stars, and ranked it number 9 out of 10 products reviewed with a score of 3 out of 4.

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