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Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac has just been announced and is completely redesigned to be fully compatible with the OS X Yosemite.  But don’t think about paying retail price as we are tracking the latest coupons and discounts on Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac to help you save up to 50% on your purchase. See below for all of our most popular Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac coupon codes and promotions. If you are upgrading your old copy of Parallels Desktop or have a student ID, you may also find special upgrade and student discount pricing as well. As soon as Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac is released, rumored to come in  September 2015, we’ll post all available promotions here on  Before you check-out, see our discounts available on VMware Fusion 6.


Save 25% when you upgrade to Parallels Desktop 10! This offer cuts the price down to $49.99 if you qualify for the upgrade. It’s valid for those that have a qualifying copy of an older Parallels Desktop software product up to two versions back. See for full details and upgrade qualifications.


Save on Parallels Desktop 10, plus get free ground shipping and no sales tax changes (in most states) now on sale at Amazon. The sale price does not require any additional promo codes to activate this offer. Amazon updates their prices on a daily basis and they may vary across versions, with the best deals on the older ones, so please check for today’s sale price. Be sure to select “ships from and sold by” to get free shipping on your order.


Get $30.00 off when you switch to Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac. As an incentive for you to switch over to Parallels from VMware, you can get $30.00 off instantly if currently have a VMware license key. Just enter the code where it asks you to validate your VMware Fusion license key to see the promo price (like this one). This is by far one of our favorite deals.


Students save 50% off the full version of Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac with the available student discount. With this promotion, you’re getting 50% off the full retail price. All you need is to be an active student with a valid “.edu” email account from a registered college or university in the United States or Canada to qualify. No coupon code required.


Download the free Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac trial. lets you try Desktop 10 for Mac (including the “Switch to Mac Edition”) for up to two weeks for free.  Now you can avoid the cracks, torrents, and keygen generators for your change to test out the official Parallels Desktop 10 for free.  After the trial period, either upgrade to a paid version using one of our coupon deals or uninstall.


Save up to 20% (about £12.00) on Parallels Desktop 10 at Plus, you can qualify for free shipping in the United Kingdom.  Find also Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac Edition’s on sale as well – Both Full and upgrade versions.  Discounts tend to change at Amazon UK daily so please see site for price and offer conditions.


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More about Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac:

Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is a big release compared to the now outdated 8th version.  Now you get full 64-bit power that dramatically improves performance (especially with 3D graphics), laptop battery life, and boot-up speed.  Now when you need to run Microsoft Windows 8, XP, or Vista on your Apple Mac computer, you can now do so without having to reboot you computer.

If you’re into gaming and need to run demanding applications, you now have enhanced 3D graphics with full DirectX 9.0c/9Ex and Shader Model 3 support. The new speed is incredible; 80% faster than Parallels Desktop 8 with 3D graphics run in the Coherence, Full Screen, and Window modes.  Desktop 8 boots Windows and 3D graphics more than 2 times faster than Fusion 3.1. You also get enhanced DirectX 9 support for and improved gaming experience, Mac OS X v10.6.4 Snow Leopard OpenGL support, and new surround sound 5.1 playback.

Best of all, besides getting a killer deal by using one of our Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac coupon codes, getting started and using your virtual machine is easier than ever before.  This is because the new version now includes more Mac-like appearances in the user interface and USB connections. Now it confirms to Mac OS style and even has a Crystal mode extension for switching between the Coherence, Full Screen, and Window modes.  Now, whether you are a hard-core Mac enthusiast or are moving to a Mac for the first time, the transition is now incredibly easy.

Parallels is also a perfect compliment to Quickbooks so no need to worry that the box says that Quickbooks can only run on a PC.  Parallels software lets you manage customer, vendor, company expenses and all your favorite features of Quickbooks on you Apple Mac computer. The same goes for other software from Intuit – Including Quicken.

If you like this Parallels product, then see our other discounts and promotion codes available for Parallels Desktop for Upgrading to Windows 8 or check out our YouTube page for more!


Coming to for the newest Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac coupon codes and promotions is one of the best ways to save on your online order.  However, to be certain that you can find the best promo code, we recommend you follow a few simple steps.

First, anytime a physical coupon code will be needed to activate a special hidden price or employee discount, we will highlight the code that will need to be used.  Please insure that anytime you copy our codes that all capital letters, spaces, and numbers stay completely intact.  Once copied, you will need to enter the coupon into the special promotional code section located in the checkout cart once you choose the version Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac that you wish to purchase.  After this is completed, the discounted price should be reflected in your order. If this is not the case, please double check that the promo code was properly copied and entered at  If for some reason the code does not work, it’ possible that it has expired (please email us if this is the situation so that we may investigate).

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Second, you’ll notice that a majority of our Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac coupon codes are automatically activated once you follow the provided links.  Usually because these offers are already so heavily discounted you will not be able to apply any additional discounts onto of the listed sale price. This is usually the case when buying at Amazon, Costco, Staples, Fry’s Electronics, or Newegg. At other times, the offers will require you meet special terms before you can complete your order.  This is the case when redeeming Desktop 10 for Mac students discounts and upgrade offers. For the most part, you don’t need to any printable coupon or mail-in rebates to grab the best deals on Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac.


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