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PC Tools 2013 software versions are expected to be released in October!


PC Tools is known for releasing their updated software suites around October each year.  We don’t expect any changes this time around and will be listing all the new PC Tools Performance Tool Kit 2013 coupon codes and renewal/upgrade promotions as soon as the new version is released. We will also be updating all other PCTools.com coupon codes and promotions for the 2013 versions of Registry Mechanic, Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus, and Internet Security.

If you are still looking for a good deal on the 2012 version of PC Tools Performance Tool Kit then now is the best time to save over 50% off the retail price.


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Our review of PC Tools Performance Tool Kit:

PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2012 software is designed to infuse some life back into your computer. As you might have experienced, daily computer use fills it with files and programs you might not care about and those same files slow down your computer. New updates to existing software, downloads of software to preview pictures, watch videos, and scores of other add-ons slowly adds up over time, and unless you maintain and clean up your computer on regular basis, keeping it perform optimally can be a daunting task. Right now thanks to PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2011 you don’t have to be a computer wiz to keep it clean and make it operate faster and more efficient.

PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2013 focuses on the improvement of the following areas:

  • File recovery: This is one of the most critical feature hopefully not used very often but priceless if needed.  If you accidentally deleted a file, it can still be recovered provided it hasn’t been overwritten.  The file recovery searches for the lost content that is still on a hard drive and if part of that content was already overwritten, it can still recover whatever is left over.
  • System optimization: It mainly noticeable during boot up process; this feature checks the registry for fixes and monitors CPU, memory, disk space trying to create the best possible set of features to make your computer perform optimally.
  • New hard drive tools: Allows you to fragment the drive to create a faster access to certain files, it also checks for any errors
  • Registry: One of the most important tools to make your computer operate smoothly; inadvertently removed programs or files can cause Windows to crash and render some software unusable, this feature searches for any breaches in your Windows Registry, repairs them and even saves the fixes for your reference; you can also decide what areas of registry to scan.
  • Privacy protection: Browsing the web leaves a trail behind you that is stored in numerous temporary files and a web browser can protect that information only to a certain point; this feature eliminates any sensitive information you wouldn’t want to be stolen, cleaning the temporary files, recovering space on the hard drive, speeding up your computer, and minimizing your web footprint.  One of the first steps when you launch PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2012 is to scan your computer so you know its overall health. Upon completion, the software displays any problems it encountered, segregates them into categories (registry, temporary files, deep scan, custom controls, etc), and ranks them based on the priority. You have a choice of selecting, which files you want to have fixed, or repair all of them at once. That process only requires you to click on “Repair” button and PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2012 handles the rest for you.

The user interface also makes the experience with the software very satisfying. PC Tools has created a product that is instinctive to use and clearly labeled. System Health gauge will indicate the overall state in which it finds the computer at the moment and you can improve it by looking into the following areas: Optimize, Maintain, Recover, Options, and Help. PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2012 will not tell you what to do to make your computer work better. In general, you can simply scan the computer and fix the problems that were found. More experienced users can look into each of the mentioned categories that offer further details for focus on. To make things a little bit easier, options in each of the available areas have a short description, which should better direct you into the action you need to perform.

PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2012 offers a complete product that helps to tune up all the important parts of your computer. The scan can be scheduled or you can request a condition of your computer (from “Maintain” area) and decide on running a scan. What I think is important about this product is the fact that it gets you into the habit of periodically checking on health of your computer. Even if you just run a general scan, it makes your computer faster and more efficient every time.

PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2011/2012 performed quite well according to PCMag.com. It received a “Very Good” rating with a score of 4 out of 5. Among its best qualities, the reviewer mentioned better performance after the scan and completed repairs, easy to use, real-time monitoring of system performance, and plenty of flexibility in adjusting different areas of the system. On the negative side, the fact that some of the competing products can improve the system even more, at least by comparing some of the metrics. Overall, the product was called a  “collection of a very solid tune-up utilities that gets the job done.”

Somewhat less hooked on the product was TopTenReviews, which ranked it #11 among 15 competing products. PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2012 still earned a score of 3 out of 4 and excelled in “Ease of Use” and received a good score in Optimization and Help and Support. Its weakest performance came from Repair/Recovery and a low overall position comparing to other products come from lack of more advanced functions. It is a product that’s evolving and has improved upon previous version and is a “user-friendly option for anyone who’s experiencing the frustration of dealing with a computer that’s performing sluggishly.”



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