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QuickBooks Contractor 2013 in now on sale!  But forget about paying full retail price as we put together some of the best coupons and special offer codes for the newest version of QuickBooks Contractor 2013.  See below for the top rated discount offers to help you get up to $160.00 off the full version. With QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2013, you get all the features of Pro, plus advanced tools that are specifically tailored to the contracting industry (general contractors and subcontractors rejoice).  Many of our Contractor coupon codes are available to those that are upgrading from other Quickbooks versions as well.  As soon as the new QuickBooks Contractor 2014 is released in late September 2013, we’ll be adding the best deals to uCouponCode.com.


FREE QUICKBOOKS 2013 UPGRADE and save $80.00 instantly with this QuickBooks Contractor instant deal at Intuit.com. This coupon is automatically applied to your order when you follow the discount link.  No additional promo codes are needed at order checkout at Intuit.com to take advantage of the $80.00 off sale price. Then once the 2013 version is released, just follow these instructions to get your 2013 version for free. This promotion is set to expire on September 30.


Save $160.00 instantly on QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2012 now on sale at Amazon. This is also an instant savings that is reflected by following our special offer code link. You can also get free shipping and pay no sales tax in most states depending on where and how you ship your order to (you will see $0 listed in your shopping basket if you qualify for no tax or free ground shipping). Just keep in mind that Amazon’s prices change daily and may vary.


Save $40.00 on your QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2012 upgrades. To receive the special upgrade discount price, you will need to provide your current QuickBooks 15-digit product license number before you complete the order checkout. This offer is only available at intuit.com.


Receive a risk-free 60 day money-back guarantee on QuickBooks Contractor 2012. Intuit.com does not offer any QuickBooks Contractor free trial downloads, but instead they give you a full satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can request a full refund on your order.


Save up to $53.00 CAD on QuickBooks Contractor 2012 on sale at Amazon Canada. There are several versions to choose from that are now on sale, just make sure it says that it is shipped and sold by Amazon.ca.  Most regions can also qualify for free ground shipping. No additional coupons are needed to take advantage of this discounted sale price.


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Our review of QuickBooks Accountant 2013:

The new QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2013 is specially made with customized features for the contracting industry. Contractor 2013 is an accounting software package designed to help run a company with many useful features for individuals in this line of business. The product is based on QuickBooks premiere package that facilitates operating every stage of a business process. With all the features found in Quickbooks Pro 2013, use the Contractor version to make ‘Job Costs by Vendor’ and ‘Cost to Complete Job’ reports, and analyze your profitability for both large and small jobs. If you are new to Quickbooks then don’t worry – It’s easy to use.  If you get stuck, then use the built-in learning center to guide you through.


QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2013 is pretty easy easy to use and with just a few hours of poking around you will get a grasp of how it works and links transactions together. The software offers much more and as you get to use it more you can discover all the options it has built it. It is a very suitable small business program at reasonable cost that manages money coming in and out. With every new client and job, it gets more overwhelming to remember details of the transactions and the software can lead you from creating an initial estimate, converting it to invoice, tracking time when the payment is due, reminding clients of payments and finally receiving the payment. In a similar fashion you can manage your cash flow more effectively by budgeting and forecasting to be more aware of major cash outlays.

You can set up the software to receive any type of payment and link it to your bank account (you can have several accounts if necessary) and the credit card payments are posted in your account the next business day. Keep in mind that your bank will charge you for credit card or wire transfer transactions and they can easily add up. Nevertheless these features allow you to provide numerous payment options to your clients.

If you like to keep a tight control over what’s going on in your business, you will appreciate QuickBooks reporting tools. Starting from very general snapshot comparing your company performance between two periods of time, to creating reports related to all major aspects of business: your clients, suppliers, employees, inventories, etc. Unfortunately QuickBooks is not powerful enough to help make those reports more presentable, but it’s not the objective of the program in the first place. If you need to present the reports in more professional way and really craft them to your requirements, all QuickBooks generated reports can be exported into Excel that will allow you to make them more aesthetic.

What characterizes QuickBooks Premiere Contractor 2013 and separates it from other versions is the generation of reports intended to better run a construction business. You might find the following features helpful in your daily activities:

  • Create “jobs by vendor” report – if you manage more that one project at the time at purchase supplies from a particular vendor, it can get challenging to sort out what cost attribute to each project; with this function, you select a project you’re currently working on and QuickBooks lists all the vendors from which you bought supplies; this allows you to define the exact cost of each of the projects.
  • Create job estimates and track change orders – estimates often change and QuickBooks Contractor helps you track those changes as it records them on the estimate
  • Run “cost to complete job” report – stay on top of your expenses by monitoring them and comparing to the estimated cost; this tool will help you to see how much more you’ll need to spend to complete a project and whether or not you costs are in line with the estimates (pinpoint areas where you’re overspending)
  • Analyze profitability – by better controlling costs you will be able to determine which jobs are more profitable and focus on them; less profitable areas might prompt you to find alternative suppliers and try to cut costs there
  • Bill clients progressively by job phase – constructions projects are often lengthy and billing your clients based on the percentage of completion of a project can help you to service your obligations to your employees and suppliers
  • Track expenses that are not assigned to jobs – a quick report will identify expenses that have not been linked to a particular project, simply select an incurred cost and choose the job it belongs to

All the additional features might add to your learning curve but they offer a very compelling product. QuickBooks has been known for it’s user friendly interface, which will make learning easy and hopefully provide you with a software adequate for your construction business needs.


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