QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Coupon Codes & Discounts (POS)

All new of 2013!  QuickBooks Point of Sale software solutions are the most popular turn-key packages to manage your store front.  And although it’s one of the best selling cash register and inventory and sales packages out there, we were already able to find some great deals to help you save up to 25% off on your order. See below for the most popular QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 coupon codes and promotions that are now available at Intuit.com and their authorized resellers.  Besides our promo codes for QuickBooks Point of Sale, we also list any mail-in rebates or limited time discounts when we come across them.  As soon as the Quickbooks POS 2014 edition is released by Intuit (expected to be in January 2014), we will list all coupons and promos here on uCouponCode.com.


Save up from 10% to 25% off on QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 now on sale at Amazon. Amazon carries the complete bundle package which includes the QuickBooks POS software, bar code scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer with key. You can also find the upgrade version if you qualify. Most orders qualify for free standard shipping and no sales tax (in most states). Discounts may vary across versions.


Get a free quote and recommendation from an Intuit Point of Sale adviser. No commitment is requited so after review your requirements and recommendations with the adviser, you can still buy your POS software from an authorized reseller that has the best price. Intuit.com also offers an “Intuit-HP Retail” solution that includes a full computer system for your inventory management and the QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Bundle for basic storefront needs.


Save up to $100 on QuickBooks Retail 2013 software now on sale. If you already have the necessary hardware (cash register, price scanner, credit card processor, etc.) you can order just the necessary software.  This page lists the deals that we now have on the new QuickBooks Retail 2013 suite.


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An overview of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) 2013:

Point of Sale software was designed for small retail business owners to process transactions and give computers capabilities of a cash register. It helps control inventory, manage your employees and customer information, and provides critical business statistics to make a better use of all the information businesses collects along the way. QuickBooks Point Of Sale software is integrated with QuickBooks accounting software and allows for easy transfer of data so you don’t have to retype any information and have your accounting up-to-date.

QuickBooks Point Of Sale software permits you to eliminate a regular cash register and replace it with a computer. The best possible scenario is to purchase hardware together with software: cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code scanner, and credit card reader. You can set it up and start using it immediately without any disruptions to your business.

So why purchase the QuickBooks Point Of Sale over a cash register? The software will help you spot some important trends related to your business i.e. best and worst selling items, most common returns, sales per department and over time, purchases from different vendors. You can access all this vital information in customer center and respond faster to your customer needs. You can create numerous reports related to your employees, customers, and the items you handle. All this can help you plan purchases ahead of time; for example, you notice that certain items sell better in a particular time of a year. With that information you can find and classify new vendors perhaps getting a better pricing on those products, and be proactive with your sales by contacting your customers that bought these goods in past. You can even create a rewards program for you customers (Pro version). This is not only helpful, but also critical and makes marketing fun and easier.

Point Of Sale gives you not only a long-term but also a short-term advantage. As it records sales, it updates you inventory automatically giving you time to stock up on hot-selling products and not disappoint your clientele. You can set up the software for automatic purchase orders (Pro version) so in a case of high demand for a particular item you will be on top of you distribution channel. Finally, by knowing exactly what you have and what you need you can manage your cash flow more efficiently without stockpiling the products you might not immediately need.

If your business has several locations, you can manage them from a single office. QuickBooks Point Of Sales allows you to manage up to 20 stores and compile information from all of them into a single file (think of the accounting benefits). This will allow you to compare the performance of each store and see whether or not a particular item sells better at some particular stores. If that’s a case, the software can account for the inventory transferees between the stores.

PCMag.com writes that even though there are some less expensive choices of Point Of Sale software, the benefits of QuickBooks POS such as the ease of use and integration, outweigh its price. TechRepublic has a similar opinion and adds reliability and automatic backups of information as a major benefit of the program. Finally, TopTenReviews listed Hardware as it’s major weaknesses and Help and Support received the highest grades.


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