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The new Quickbooks 2016 versions have just been released we have the deals for you! You can now get up to $150.00 off QuickBooks Premier by using one of the coupon codes or discount offers listed below.  Benefit from the substantial savings on the leading professional bookkeeping and accounting software solutions from Intuit.  And as soon as the new QuickBooks Premier 2016 special offer codes will be released by Intuit.com, we will post all of the best available deals here on uCouponCode.com.


Get $80.00 off QuickBooks Premier with this instant coupon. This instant savings is reflected in your shopping cart when you follow our link. You should see the retail price of $399.95 cut down to $319.96. This offer runs through the end of this month and only at intuit.com.


Upgrade your older version of QuickBooks and save off $80.00 off the full retail price when you get Premier 2015. The same deal that’s available for new customers has been extended to existing customers as well.  Follow the coupon link to apply the discount.


Get up to 25% off QuickBooks Premier at Amazon. Amazon is an authorized reseller of Intuit products and one of the mot popular places to get a good deal on QuickBooks. If you choose the download version, not only do you avoid any shipping charges, but you can install it this immediately.  Amazon’s prices tend to vary daily and across the versions/years chosen.

Receive a risk-free 60 day guarantee on all 2016 QuickBooks Premier versions purchased from Intuit.com. Although Intuit does not offer QuickBooks Premier 2016 free trials, you are covered with a full refund warranty for up to 60 days from the date purchased if you are not completely satisfied with your order. This is an ongoing guarantee that does not expire.

Receive 10% off (about £54.00) on QuickBooks Premier 2016 UK Edition with coupon. Plus get free standard shipping within the United Kingdom.  This QuickBooks voucher codes is automatically activated when you follow the provided link.  This voucher code is subject to change without notice (expiration date is unknown).


Get up to 40% off on QuickBooks Premier 2016 UK Edition on sale at Amazon.co.uk. Plus get free standard shipping within the United Kingdom.  Amazon is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks software retailer so you know that you are getting one of the best prices in the UK on an authentic version. No additional UK voucher codes are required to activate this discounted price.

Save as much as 10% (CAD $50.00) on QuickBooks Premier 2016 Canadian Edition. You can also qualify for free ground shipping within most parts of Canada.  You must follow the provided link to activate this automatic promo code.  The expiration date of this promotion is unknown – See Quickbooks.ca for full offer and discount details.


Get up to 25% off on QuickBooks Premier 2016 Canadian Edition on sale at Amazon.ca. Most orders also qualify for free ground shipping within Canada.  Amazon is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks software retailer in Canada so you know that you are getting one of the best deals on an authentic version. No additional Canadian voucher codes are required to activate this discounted price.

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More details about QuickBooks Premier 2016:

QuickBooks Premier 2016 is an expanded version of QuickBooks Pro. It will assist you in running your business by organizing your customers and vendors, products, offers easy to understand cost and revenue control. You will have easy access to your inventory and other company metrics. It is a very solid software that helps your business operate smoothly.

It includes all the benefits of QuickBooks Pro plus the following features:

  • Customized sales and profitability reports – one of the biggest strengths of this program, create reports analyzing sales trends and focus on products and services you achieve the biggest profit margins.
  • Track changes made to orders and estimates which are recorded on the document.
  • Bill clients progressively depending on the percentage of completion or phase of a job; very useful when a project take long time to complete.
  • Track your balance sheet by class – this is particularly useful if you have different locations or assets are split between product lines.
  • Create “cost to complete job” reports – excellent control feature that allows you to spot when the cost are getting out of hand and address these situations immediately.
  • Track time and expenses by different categories and decide who to charge for goods and services provided

Some features that are new to QuickBooks Premier 2014 are:

  • Greater control and understanding of balance sheet by analyzing it by categories; you might have funds divided between locations or departments, this tool allows you look at the overall amount that belongs to a particular category.
  • Customer snapshot that displays important customer information on a single page.
  • Save time with batch invoicing by creating a single invoice that will be sent to all your customers that order the same product or service; save more time by creating a billing group of customers who purchase a particular product or service periodically
  • Search box that covers the entire QuickBooks.
  • Collection center helps to create a single payment reminder that can be sent to several clients; QuickBooks even attaches a copy of invoice.
  • Vendor balance is a snapshot of your vendors, review recent transactions, see notes.
  • Webmail allows you to contact vendors and clients directly form QuickBooks using your Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail account, no need for Outlook

With QuickBooks Premier 2016 you also have an option to Premier Plus Subscription. This is a paid service whose benefits include access to important company information from your smartphone and ability to create invoices (helpful if you travel or attend conventions and workshops). Once you send an invoice from your phone, it automatically syncs with your QuickBooks so your business data is up to date. All you company data is backed up so in case of computer failure or some other unforeseen circumstances you don’t lose everything. You decide how often to schedule an automatic backup and your company information is encrypted and store online. You also have the ability to attach any document related to a transaction. Those documents might include: invoices, receipts, or contracts for immediate access to them.

PCMag calls QuickBooks Premier “very good” and gives it 4.5 out of 5.0 rating. Even though it mentions weak Inventory and Preferences tools, the remaining options more than make up for those deficiencies and it says it “should be considered first” while deciding on what software to run your business on. Regarding preferences, PCMag.com argues that many problems that beginners run into could be easily resolved by adjusting preferences. Rather than that, QuickBooks helps the first time users get through the set up with wizards and tutorials. Transaction processing in QuickBooks is comparable with other products but it has the upper edge when it comes to interface and centralizing operations. The interface is not too cluttered and displays icons you will use most often. The rest of the functions are easily accessible from a drop down menu, or the customized toolbar.

Also new in the 2016 edition are over 150 industry tailored reports that can be fully customized to your business. Run “Cost to Complete Job” reports to better manage profit margins and ROI. Document and track change orders from your customers in just a few clicks. You can also keep track of your biggest clients or highest margin product line so you’ll know which products to promote and keep in stock, and which to scale back from your line.

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Although QuickBooks Premier is about half the price of QuickBooks Pro, it’s a good upgrade if you need to create business plans or forecast sales and expenses.  With our coupon codes above, you can usually find a pretty good deal on both the full and upgrade versions of QuickBooks Premier 2016.

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You’ll notice that many if our offers for QuickBooks Premier 2016 do not require you to enter a physical coupon code at you add your order into the shopping cart.  This is because the following the coupon code provided will automatically apply the site-wide discount strike-through pricing.  This includes products that do not offer discounts such and student discount versions and upgrade offers.  Other offers may require you to cut and copy the code.  Just be sure you enter into the “special offer code” area (as indicated below) exactly how it appears.  Otherwise, you may not be able to take advantage of the special promotional pricing.

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Although we do our best to update this page anytime QuickBooks Premier deals change, sometimes these promotional codes can expire without warning.  Please contact us if you happen to see an invalid or expired offer posted here.  As soon as 2017 versions are released, we will be sure to post the new vouchers here on uCouponCode.com.

Using online coupons and promo codes has become one of the most popular ways to save money in the recent economic downturn.  Just about every online store, including Intuit.com, has updated their shopping carts to include a “enter coupon code” section for entering a code. This has really only been to the benefit of the consumer. When searching for other QuickBooks Premier discounts or voucher codes (both for PC and Mac editions), we highly recommend you take a moment and try make a quick search using our website search box for all our available special offer codes.

As soon as we have promos for Intuit Quickbooks Premier 2016 editions, we will post any available promo code offers here on uCouponCode.  Other offers from Intuit include: