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QuickBooks Professional Services 2014 is the ultimate tool to help you track time and expenses by employee, client, project, class or service. But before you rush out to your local Costco or Best Buy to get a copy, see below our favorite QuickBooks Professional Services 2014 promo codes and discount offers available directly from Intuit.com that can help you save up to $150 instantly on your order.  We also have a review posted below and have just added some great upgrade discounts as well (if you have any older qualifying version).  As we always do here at uCouponCode.com, as soon as the new QuickBooks Professional Services 2015 version is released (expected to come in late September 2014), we will post all the available offers here on uCouponCode.com.



Save $80.00 on QuickBooks Professional Services 2014 or any of the Premier versions with this instant coupon. This is an instant discount that is applied automatically when you follow our coupon discount link. No additional codes are needed to be entered at order checkout to take advantage of this special sale price.


Get up to $100.00 on QuickBooks Professional Services now on sale at Amazon. Most 2014 QuickBooks versions, are also eligible for free shipping (or digital download) and no sales tax in most States. Amazon is the number one distributor of QuickBooks and all Intuit software and usually has most versions on sale to up to $100.00 off the full retail price. The price and discount level will vary across the available versions on sale.


Upgrade discount available on QuickBooks Professional Services 2014. The discount will vary depending on the version and year that you currently have installed on your computer. You can usually stack this upgrade promotion along with any other available Quickbooks coupons. You will need to be able to locate your current QuickBooks 15-digit product license to complete your purchase.


All QuickBooks Professional Services 2014 orders include a risk-free 60 day money-back guarantee. This Intuit.com guarantee applies to most 2014 QuickBooks software programs instead of offering limited-time free trial downloads. Now there is no need to download potentially harmful QuickBooks keygens, torrent, or cracks just to test out the new 2014 version.


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Our review of QuickBooks Professional Services 2014:

Built on the same solid foundations as the previous versions, QuickBooks Professional Services 2014 will assist you to manage your sales and expenses, track who owes you money, and when the payments are due. It will handle all these details to allow you to focus more on what is the most important part of your business, your customers.

Those who are new to QuickBooks might be skeptical or afraid they may not be able to handle the software but the truth is that Intuit has created lots of tools to help you succeed. There are numerous tutorial videos that will allow you to better understand the power and features offered by QuickBooks. New in QuickBooks Professional Services 2014 is one-hour free session with an expert that will address all your specific questions. There is also the Intuit Community where QuickBook users share their expertise on anything related to the software. QuickBooks has also very efficient, step-by-step help menu built in so when you run into troubles, you can access that option and have all the steps displayed while you’re solving the problem. Just type a key word for problem you’re trying to resolve, and you’ll get a list of possible answers.

As a QuickBook user I value the statistical tools that it offers in order to study projects or client profitability. They allow you to easily compare actual costs and revenues to see whether or not a particular project made money or not. You can also compare all the mentioned information to the initial estimates of your project and if there are discrepancies decide where the inefficiencies tend to occur, where can you be more efficient and improve.

One of the new features in QuickBooks Professional Services 2014 is custom billing. Do you have an employee, vendor, or a client performing different jobs or services?  If the answer is yes, you can now pay them different rates according to the work performed. This will allow you to better account for goods or services that have different costs. You can also direct you most efficient people to activities that tend to generate the biggest revenues. Another feature that I like helps you identify and not overlook any expenses incurred. Easily create a report of billed expenses and decide who is responsible for paying them. You can narrow your report by expenses during particular periods of time.

With the QuickBooks Risk-Free Guarantee try the product for free and if you’re not satisfied then you may qualify for a full refund. As soon as the new 2015 editions of QuickBooks are released by Intuit (rumored to be in October 2014), we will post all the latest deals here on uCouponCode.com.


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