Rosetta Stone French Discount Codes & Coupons

You can finally learn French the easy way before your next trip to Paris or Saint Tropez. With five different lesson plans, Rosetta Stone French makes reading, writing, speaking, and understanding French a piece of cake (now with iPhone or iPad capability). But before you get your copy, see below for our favorite 2012 Rosetta Stone French coupon codes and discounts now available at some of the top resellers. We update this page anytime any new offers are released so be sure to come back if you can’t find the deal or promotion that you are looking for today.




Save up to 50% on Rosetta Stone Spanish versions now on sale at eBay. Software is software whether it’s new or used so why not get a deal on eBay? There are a number of sellers that now have Rosetta Stone Spanish levels 1 through 5 on sale for up to 50% off the listed retail price. Just be sure to take a look at the sellers review and feedback before bidding. Prices and discounts can vary across sellers or versions.


Get up to 20% off and get free shipping with no sales tax charge (in most states) on new Rosetta Stone now at Amazon. Even Amazon that is known for some of the best deals on software doesn’t usually have discounts on Rosetta Stone. However, they have free shipping on most orders and don’t charge sales tax in most states (which can save you up to 9% over purchasing at your local store). See site for details and sale prices.


Our review of Rosetta Stone language software – French:

Ever thought of going to France? With airline tickets more and more affordable, you now have other things to worry about, such as where, when, and the language? Fortunately there is an ample choice for those studying foreign language these days and Rosetta Stone software is one of the most prolific choices on the market.

Rosetta Stone French edition is a very comprehensive and intuitive product helping to work and hone your speaking, writing, listening, pronunciation, and comprehension abilities. The software is very easy to use, one of its biggest strengths mentioned by most of the reviewers. At any given moment, you can see your progress and how you scored on a particular section. You can easily find where your deficiencies come from and focus more on those areas.

One of the advantages of the product is that you can work on different aspect of a foreign language at your own speed and if you still find certain topics challenging, you can sigh up for a session with a native speaker. Each session is run by a teacher and usually includes another student. The teacher asks questions related to a particular lesson and alternates asking questions to the participants of the session. Depending on the level, the teacher might stimulate a conversation between the two students and correct errors.

One shortcoming of the program is the lack of focus on grammar and explanation of rules. You learn it by association of words and sentences but without any explanation. At the end you might know if something is said correctly or not but you won’t be able to say why. It is up to you to study this aspect on your own and apply the grammar rules to what you learn. Even though Rosetta Stone French edition might not answer all your questions regarding the language, it helps to overcome the biggest problem most students face as they study languages: speaking. The software helps you open up and get over the speaking hump.

Top Ten Reviews ranked the software # 4 in the 2012 Best Learn Language category and mentioned the ease of use as one of its biggest pros. On the flip side, you won’t find any cultural information in the software and will have to go somewhere else to understand that aspect better. The weakest category according to the reviewer is Word Tools that scored only 1.5 out of 4 for the lack of built-in dictionary and translator. This is related to the teaching techniques of Rosetta Stone (no notes or memorization required, just association of words with pictures) and for students who look for more intuitive learning, this product is “exactly what you want.”

One last feature that makes this product very compelling is the abundance of ways in which you can learn and practice with others. Whether it’s on-line games or engaging in communication with other fellow students or teachers, this product has something for every taste in its arsenal.