Rosetta Stone German – Coupon Codes, Discounts & Promotions

If you don’t speak German or could never learn it well using the other so-called “language” programs out there, then Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe is your best choice to learn once and for all! It doesn’t come cheap, so that’s why we are now monitoring the web for some of the best promotions and coupon codes for Rosetta Stone. It’s not easy to get a deal on their software as they are super tight on any sort of discounts, but you should be able to at least save on shipping and possibly avoid the sale tax charges (depending on where you buy from).



Save up to 50% on used versions of Rosetta Stone German on sale at eBay. Software is software whether it’s brand new or whether you buy it from someone that’s already completed the course. As Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular programs to learn German, you’ll find a number of different copies on sale on eBay. Just be sure to check the sellers feedback and reviews before you bid. Final prices will vary.


Get free shipping and, in most cases, pay no sales tax on orders from Amazon. Amazon is an authorized reseller of Rosetta Stone and like all resellers NEVER offer any of the versions for a discount or coupon. However, all orders qualify for free shipping and if you’re lucky and you’re shipping your order to one of the many states that Amazon does not collect sales tax in, then you can save here to. Usually these two combined can save you up to $50.00 vs. ordering elsewhere.


Our review of Rosetta Stone language software – German:

It’s hard to determine what has had the biggest impact on people’s desire to study foreign languages: the Internet, affordability of travel, or the need to uncover family roots. Regardless of what the answer is, people want to study languages and it is behind so many product offerings form numerous companies. It is difficult and onerous to comb through so many options, but one that comes up on the radar a lot is Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone German edition is a fitting product for those who want to see the results fast and be able to say words and expressions after just a few sessions. The product is designed to help you learn the language the same way children learn it, naturally and intuitively, by repetition, and without the need of memorization or translation. You learn by association of words with pictures and there is little focus on grammar and language rules, the emphasis is on speaking. You are supposed to experience the language and learn it while enjoying it. You first learn a single word, then some adjectives that describe it. This random and uncorrelated group of words then turns to sentences and later to conversations, just like when you were a kid. One more advantage of learning the language Rosetta Stone way is that you not only learn how to speak the language but more importantly how to think in the new language. Those of you who had some experience learning new language know that people first tend to translate everything literally and many times the translation makes no sense. It is only logical if the correct sentence structure is followed and that’s what Rosetta Stone is striving to achieve. The learning process is designed around those structures and called Dynamic Immersion.

Rosetta Stone German edition has earned 4th spot on for German learning software and received “Very Good” score. Besides from scoring “Excellent” on ease of use and help and support, the product received very high marks for its features, fundamentals, and effectiveness. In order to improve the effectiveness of Rosetta Stone German edition, “this program would be best used with a second program” that emphasizes on grammar. The reviewer finished by saying that this product is a very good choice for learning new vocabulary and reviewing the language skills you might have acquired before, but perhaps isn’t the best choice for those looking to master the language.

Some reviews express doubt in the usefulness of Rosetta Stone, especially its methods, claiming that because of the lack of cultural insights the teaching is completely out of concept and focuses on few useful words. This is only partially true as it’s impossible to determine what vocabulary you will find useful in the future. Additionally, one of the most important parts of learning a foreign language is actually speaking it and Rosetta Stone does a great job at helping individuals with it. No single program or method is perfect and Rosetta Stone requires additional studying of concepts that you consider important or necessary. As someone who has studied foreign languages, I can say that once you start speaking everything else comes easier.

Although Rosetta Stone is one of the costliest language software on the market, you have to take it into perspective and compare its price to taking a course at school. The cost of a semester course at a local college or university plus books can easily overshadow what a one or a bundle of Rosetta Stone courses cost.