Rosetta Stone Spanish Discount Codes & Coupons

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to Rosetta Stone Spanish language software.  But you don’t need to pay full price to get an a good deal on your copy.  See below for all our favorite Rosetta Stone coupons and discounts for all the levels, from 1 through 5.  We also list some of the best deals at Amazon and other resellers, including any promotions for students or teachers wherever available. This page is updated daily for offers for both Mac and PC, but if you happen to run across a coupon before we do, then let us know in the comment section below.



Save up to 20% on Rosetta Stone Spanish editions now on sale at Amazon.  In Amazon’s marketplace, you can find several resellers offering the Spanish edition of Rosetta Stone software on sale for up to 20% off the listed retail price. Some orders will also qualify for free standard shipping and/or may not be charges State sales tax (this depends on the reseller that you buy from and where you ship to).


Save up to 50% on Rosetta Stone Spanish level sets 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 now on eBay.  Why pay full price for a new box when you can buy the license used from someone who completed the course and no longer needs it. Prices tend to vary from the different sellers and across the bundles or versions. Be sure to check the seller ratings and reputation before bidding.


Save up to $200 on Rosetta Stone packages now on sale at  Similar to Amazon, carries a number of different sets (v5, v4 or v3). Select from the complete package or just the beginners versions. They also offer free or discounted shipping on most items. No coupon code is needed to take advantage of the sale or discounted price.


Our review of Rosetta Stone language software – Spanish:

Rosetta Stone language software is among the most successful programs available on the market helping you to learn a foreign language. It is built on the idea that practice makes perfect and that the best way of learning a new language is by speaking. Not everybody learns the same, some people respond better to visual, hearing, or writing aids and for this reason Rosetta Stone prepared games and learning opportunities based on those concepts. This also helps to break a monotony of studying a language in the same fashion, engaging and developing all senses and areas of knowing the language.

The world has become a smaller place in the past decades is a sense that it’s easier than ever to travel and interact with foreign cultures. There are constant migrations often caused by work opportunities leading to more diverse populations. One obvious motivator to learn Spanish is that there are some 50 million Spanish speakers in the US, according to Census Bureau 2012, and almost 8 million who are now learning the language. Aside from that, the language is spoken is the greatest number of countries.

Rosetta Stone Spanish edition doesn’t stress grammar as much as it does speaking and pronunciation, reading, writing, and listening comprehension helping you to see results relatively fast. The most basic element of a lesson is learning vocabulary and expressions and connecting them with appropriate pictures. Learning is supposed to be intuitive where you don’t just sit and try to memorize vocabulary; it is more active and effortless. As you progress, the words are combined into expressions, that later form dialogs, until you feel confident enough to use them on your own.

Rosetta Studio is a feature that allows practicing new skills with a native speaker. Some topics are more challenging than the others and nothing helps you get over the bump as practice that’s why once you complete a class you can schedule a session with one of Rosetta Stone’s many native speakers. You will practice a material closely related to what you learned most recently. Any mistake you make can be immediately corrected so you don’t develop a habit of repeating them, and you will be exposed to correct pronunciation throughout the. Each session, lasting 60 minutes, may be individual or with another student, depending on how many people sign up.

Another tool to help you speak Spanish is on-line games. It’s important not to lose contact with the language so Rosetta Stone provides plethora of games to keep you speaking, reading, and writing. You can choose from memory games where you see a picture and you have to match it with the appropriate description read to you. You also hear a description of a stack of pictures and you have to choose the correct one. Another game that helps you writing skills requires you to type answers to questions based on a hypothetical agenda.

Once you complete the appropriate course, you can continue learning by joining the online community of other students and native speakers. You can participate in forums and chat with others, preserving the skills you acquired. One more feature worth mentioning is a phone app, which allows you to study even if you’re away or traveling.

Rosetta Stone Spanish edition received a “Very Good” score from the editor of PCMag who underscored the ease of use of the program. There are very few instructions, mainly because they are not necessary. The software is designed so that you don’t have to spend time guessing what to do next but to learn the language. It works just as good on a mobile device and the online tech support is “strong.” On the negative side, the editor mentioned the cost of the software comparing to competition and the lack of cultural insight, you only learn the language without the context.

Bear in mind that learning languages is a marathon, not a sprint. Even though Rosetta Stone gives you great tools to succeed, it still require you hard work and study of grammar to help you better express your ideas.